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HotHomemade homemade

HotHomemade Review

~ Pros ~

Lots of unique amateur XXX

~ Cons ~

❌ Very wack site design

❌ Site options are so meh

❌ Some videos won’t play

❌ Ads

❌ No advanced search

❌ Unclear update frequency


In the mood for some spicy homemade poon? Well, Hothomemade has a good batch of that cooking in their oven and is more than willing to distribute this for free to all overcummers who need a good reason to put their Vaseline to use!

HotHomemade is an amateur site with nothing but homemade XXX that in contrast to professionally-shot XXX often looks little better than the inside of a pig’s asshole! But if authentic smut has no problem getting your cock erect, then check out this HotHomemade.com review and look out for a hot cunt to die for!

Hot And Spicy Amateur Snatch Served Medium Rare!

    Guess the logo of this homemade XXX site. Go on, guess. The logo is nothing but an image of a red and spicy chili pepper, of the kind that sets your mouth afire and turns your pee to steam! Stuff chili peppers like these up your ass and a fart from you will turn the entire sky pink!

Now, do remember that Hothomemade.com is an amateur XXX site that in all probability is run by amateurs. With that in mind, you can join me in making up excuses as to why Hothomemade has such a terrible site setup and color.

Like I am almost sure the site admin here went out on his way to create the most terrible-looking site possible, maliciously gave it a hideous orange color and mostly stuck the few site features into inconvenient places. For sure, if you know where this site admin lives and can share that information with me, I will pay you a thousand dollars and get my money’s worth by sticking a bushel worth of chili peppers up the rectum of the admin in question!

So, at the top of the HotHomemade page are content thumbnails advertising a few amateur XXX sites like Sex Mummy and YourAmateurPorn. A small selection of featured videos comes next, followed by videos being watched and a collection of XXX categories. This is followed by a small collection of new videos, with the amateur XXX site thumbnail ads found at the top inexplicably duplicated again, to be followed by a different collection of new homemade XXX videos. Honestly, the site setup makes zero sense and I find it hard to believe that someone sat down and decided to make their porn site this way.

Apart from having possibly the worst homemade XXX site set up on the planet, HotHomemade also has little in the way of site features. There are Videos, Top Videos, and Categories tabs on the top left, with a search bar at the top right. This search bar is basic though and the search bar along with the tabs comprise the entirety of the site features.

Hovering your cursor over the Top Videos tab lets you select from Most Discussed, Popular, and Top Rated, while the Categories tab has a nice and alphabetical list of XXX categories. The number of videos in each category is not indicated, however.

Homemade Sluts Need The Biggest Dicks!

    Got a big dick? There’s bound to be a home-bound chick around you who needs that sharp bit of steel stuffed in her honeypot and jammed to the balls into her asshole! Ask around and you are bound to get what you seek!

Now, Hothomemade.com has nearly 600 hundred pages of videos. There does not seem to have been new content uploads in a while here. But without a means of sorting content by the date, I cannot conclusively say that content uploads have ceased on HotHomemade. Videos average below 10 minutes in length and content quality ranges from HD to 240p.

And oh, for some reason, there are videos on the site marked Access Restricted that cannot be played. It is not like they are reserved for members, since the site lacks login and sign-up options of any kind. So, I have no idea why the admins would restrict access to some videos when they could simply delete them from the site.

Sample titles include the following: Two Teens and a Big Dick, Chinese Girl Fucked, Amateur Mom Takes Big Cock, Ethnic Teens Ride Cock, MILF Outdoor Fuck By A Young Man, Old Granny Fucking With A Young Guy, Sex Party and Close Up Female Orgasm. The Amateur Mom video is in HD and from xHamster too. It is a 6-minute video of a plump and hot amateur MILF with nice tits and a deep cunt being fingered, fed with cock, and fucked in the missionary style, cowgirl style, reverse cowgirl style, and doggy style. She had a big bottom, plus her tits kept jiggling as she was being plumbed and I kept wanting to bite them in half or something!

The Chinese Girl Fucked video on the other hand ran for 24 minutes. Shown was a young and thin girl lying on a bed while being fingered. Later she was handed a cock to suck and got bent over for a doggy-style fuck. I can tell you for free that her arch game is wack and a BBC needs to wriggle into her asshole for her to see the need to improve her arch skills!

So, playback options here are limited to setting video quality. There is a download option, but clicking on it will always take you to Megaxh. And yeah, it does seem like a lot of the HotHomemade collection was either borrowed or taken from Megaxh and whether the two sites have a working relationship or not is something I leave to my dear mother-in-law to find out once she’s done whooping my ass with my favorite dildo!

What I Think Of HotHomemade

The way I see it, being boiled alive in a huge vat by a cannibalistic African tribe with a love for peppered human meat might well be much preferable to visiting HotHomemade again! The site looks terrible, has unique but unremarkable content, and denies access to some of these for no clear reason.

It makes zero sense for anyone to ever visit HotHomemade, no matter how hot they think they are. So, I am not recommending this site and would be grateful if they could remove the word “hot” from their name and replace it with “bleh”!

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