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HoodAmateurs Review

~ Pros ~


Loads of sweet amateur content

No ads

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Site design is lackluster

❌ Not many categories

❌Poor video quality

❌Videos are mostly not full-length


    Plenty of things happen in the hood. Like parties and barbecues all day, plus weekend sex parties where boxes of condoms and plenty of skanky pussies get annihilated!

    Yeah, plenty of things happen in the hood and if you intend on focusing on the more X-rated stuff, a site like Hood Amateurs just might be what the sex doctor ordered. Hood Amateurs is about as famous as a 15-inch cock and is a free porn site where you can get ahold of loads of user-submitted amateur videos of all the ghetto sex your cock cares to cum onto….  Here’s my Hood Amateurs review. Read it for some fucking ghetto loving!

The Hood Is An Erotic Place

    Is sex all that happens in the hood? You can quickly get that impression just by spending a couple of minutes on Hood Amateurs. Luckily no one seems to be complaining, if only because so many pussies are getting mightily clobbered and rammed massively on screen!

    The site design is everything but alluring. Yeah, it is functional with about as much eye-candy as you would find in a thimble. Grey is the homepage background color and the top left of the page is where you look to see the site logo. This logo consists of an ebony booty being filmed with a camera phone, plus a shot a ghetto I wouldn’t live in for all the free pussies in the world!

    On the far right of the page are the login and registration tabs, plus the language options. The latter is useless though, as it only lets you choose between American and UK English. A search bar is at the same location and can be used to search for images, photos, forum topics, users, and XXX stars. Nice!

    Now, these are the main tabs: Home, Videos, Categories, Upload, Webcam Hoes, Contact Us, Tranny Porn, Gay Porn, and Upload. Yeah, there are two Upload tabs on the homepage. Perhaps the site admins are seeing double or something! The Upload tabs appear to be disabled at the moment though.

    Clicking anything but the first 4 tans take you off-site, which is not a surprise. The Categories tab was however a big surprise. Rather than a page filled with many different categories, I got one that had image thumbnails of 6 XXX categories. Yes, 6. That’s an abomination if I say so!

    The 6 XXX categories on Hood Amateurs consists of Black BBW Amateur Porn, Free Black Amateur Porn, Black Amateur Head Blowjobs Neck, Free Black Porn, Black Amateur Tranny Porn, and Interracial Amateur Porn. Apart from having an image thumbnail, all these XXX categories have the number of videos in them listed. Free Black Amateur porn is the best-stuffed category, with almost 15K videos on show.

The Cunt In The Hood!

    Image thumbnails of folks having sex fill the Hood Amateurs homepage, just like in most other XXX sites. The Featured collection comes first, followed by the Most Recent. The smut here runs to 543 pages, stretching back to nearly a decade ago. Videos tend to be short though and full-length ones are few and far between.

    Each video thumbnail on the site comes with details like when it was uploaded, the title, rating, runtime, and the number of views. Hovering your cursor on any video thumbnail will trigger a preview.

    Content updates on the site appear to be reasonably regular. The most recent content was posted a couple of days before I did the review. Sample titles in the Most Recent section included Throwing That Ass Back, The Freaky Stepdaughter, Back Shots In A Hotel Room, Riding The Nut Out Of My Dick To Celebrate Jamaica, and Fat Ass Booty Neighbor.

    I watched a few videos and wasn’t all that impressed. For one, video quality is sub-par. Videos are usually in 360p resolution, though this can be downgraded to 240p if you are low on data. That’s terrible for 2020. Secondly, as I have already noted, videos are rarely full-length. So, if you intend to visit the site be sure to keep your expectations low and remember that it is a site for amateur content posted by amateurs.

    On the plus side, videos load really fast and you can even like a video regardless of if you are a member.

What I Think

    Hood Amateurs was a surprise. Given its rep on the streets, I expected it to be bigger, better, and sweeter than it actually was, and the reality is more than a little disconcerting. Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend the site. It feels dated and joyless and I think you would be better off watching high-quality amateur smut elsewhere.

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