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HentaiXXXVids Review

~ Pros ~


Nice site design

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Unsecured

❌ Ads

❌ Bleh site features

❌ User options are so wack

❌ Tiring to use

❌ Inconsistent in its mediocrity


    HentaiXXXVids might be as in-your-face as they like, but the fact remains that this site is insecure and y’all better be careful on it. Let them fuck you up, and dare come around my place with your lawyer and one of us will be going home without teeth! Seriously though, far too many porn sites for my liking are unsecured and constitute a threat to user data and security. It doesn’t take much to secure a site and because of that, I would say that unsecured sites are not serious about doing business and need to be boycotted.

    Rant over, here’s my HentaiXXXVids.com review. And you can jerk off with it so long as you invite me to help you out with your ball-draining task!

A Solid Hentai Kick To The Nuts!

    HentaiXXXVids might be an unsecured motherfucker, but there is no denying that its got a pretty-looking homepage. This makes use of deep gray as the background color, with the scene being lit up by varied category image thumbnails. And no, there is nothing like a Light mode here, so you gotta embrace the darkness or fuck off!

    Like a hundred category XXX thumbnails are featured on the homepage and the number of content in each is shown. You get old favorites like School, Mom, Anal, and 3D, as well as newfangled categories like Simpsons, Yiff, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Street Fighter.

    There’s a small range of site features and user options here and these are concentrated at the top right of the HentaiXXXVids.com homepage. These options are Hentai Series, Webcams, and Hentai Games tabs, plus a basic search bar. Also provided is a language menu with 14 languages on tap, English included.

    Now, the Hentai Games tab has a pull-down menu and you can click on this to access 4 games: Pussy Saga, Game of Whores, Slut Simulator, and Hentai Crush. These games are however neither available or playable on HentaiXXXVids and I can’t see the point of featuring them. Unless of course, the admin at HentaiXXXVids is getting a small kickback for advertising these games. But why do that using the main tabs?

    So, wanna click the Webcams tab? Do that and a new page will open up where you can see image thumbnails of fine cam chicks. Clicking on the many image thumbnails found in the Webcams tab will not get you the content of the slut whose image you are seeing. Rather, HentaiXXXVids will load up a random porn site for you, or just load a fresh HentaiXXXVids page for you to console yourself with. That sucks dog balls in summer!

    Last but not least is the Hentai Series tab. This has an unknown number of what is described as the best hentai series. Sometimes these series are viewable right on HentaiXXXVids and other times you are taken to a porn site you were not expecting to either view these series or search for them. That’s so inefficient.

All Praises To The Lord Of Hentai Snatch!

    Whew! Ain’t feeling too good right now and if there’s a lord of hentai snatch, that loser better send a real, live cunt my way or I will get the pope to place an everlasting curse on him!

    Now, as you all must have been suspecting, HentaiXXXVids is in the main a porn aggregator site and one of the best-looking, but worst-performing of such sites that I have come across in recent times. Apart from the lack of user options and site features, you can’t even properly explore the collection of hentai porn on the site itself and everything is a shitty mess.

    Take the category image thumbnails on the homepage for example. On other sites that I know of, when you click on these thumbnails, a new page will load up and this will be filled with content from that specific category. I however tried to replicate this on HentaiXXXVids, but without much success.

    Yeah, most of the XXX categories on the site are empty and you can only go through them on other porn sites. That plus the fact that till you click on a category image thumbnail you can never know if you can explore the contents of that XXX category on HentaiXXXVids itself or will be obliged to do so on other sites frankly does not make sense and ticks me off big time. Also, every click on anything here triggers the opening of a new page on which either HentaiXXXVids or another porn site loads and if you don’t watch out, your PC will soon be clogged up with such stuff.

    Anyway, MLP is one of the few categories whose content can be explored on HentaiXXXVids. Sample titles in this category include the following: Pinkie Pie Spreads Happiness, Breaking In The New Unicorn, and Rainbow Dash Getting Banged. Apart from MLP, the Japanese category thumbnail here works and when I clicked on it I was able to check out the porn there and watch a few Japanese XXX videos. The stuff in the Japanese XXX section is a mix of hentai and porn videos, with titles like Japanese Daughter, Beautiful Asian Girl, Sleeping Asian Teen Fucked By Mature Guy, and Hentai XXX Forced.

What I Think Of HentaiXXXVids

    I am already regretting hearing about HentaiXXXVids at all and the time I wasted checking it out would have paid better dividends if I had invested it in teaching my wagging appendage some new tricks that will make the ladies scream my name and proclaim me the king of my block! Yeah, pussy shifting and slit stretching is something a fella like yours truly has dedicated his life to and you better believe it with every nodding inch at your disposal!

    Now, HentaiXXXVids is mostly a porn aggregator site but it does host an infinitesimal amount of content. Regardless of what it actually is, it is an insecure and tiresome mess and there’s a far better chance of Jennifer Lopez divorcing her new husband to marry my toothless and smelly grandpa than there is of my recommending it!

HentaiXXXVids, HentaiXXXVids

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