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HentaiStream Review

~ Pros ~

Tons of videos to choose from

Good quality hentai

A lot of genres to watch

~ Cons ~

❌Too many buttons on the homepage

❌Too many spammy and distracting ads


    I bet you won't mind swimming in a stream full of hentai as long as you get to jerk off and cum as much as you want. Well, that's my imagination getting the better of me once again. When it comes to porn, I can hardly get my head to think straight. But what's the fun in thinking straight when I'll rather think in my usual perverted way while my cock stays happy and hard. Well, in a pool of hentai is where I choose to swim.

    So my choice pool for today is Tube.hentaistream.com. I hope I don't come out starving because I intend to dive in deep. In my view, a good hentai website should be deep enough to swim in for days. I don't mind drowning if my balls are drained by the content on a pussy-blessed site. So hang in there and chill on my Tube.hentaistream review.

Animated Vaginas

    The vagina has to be the most loved thing in the world. If you think I'm wrong, I honestly don't care. To me I'll choose a vagina without having to think twice. With Hentai, you get to see what the perverts that make them feel an animated vagina should look like. From the banner at the top of the homepage, it is clear that this isn't a kids cartoon site. This is a site for dick-in-hand and ready-to-masturbate pervert adults that want to see all kinds of erotic fucked up shit. And as usual I'm all up for that. Japanese girls with colored hairs and huge tits that could shake the earth can be seen on this yellow and red banner.

    I'm not too comfortable with the number of buttons on display here. 15 separate buttons with their own functions are in display on the top banner alone. I understand that they all have different functions, and the site designer feels these buttons will help in navigating the site. But I still feel having two porn games buttons, a button for hentai news separate from a porn news button and some other buttons here aren't too necessary. Too many buttons on a page will confuse rather than assist the fuck starved and looking to jerk off-site users.

    Fortunately, the homepage isn't crammed with too many thumbnails. It basically contains a collection of featured hentai series and the latest episode updates. Unless you have been following a series, you might not understand the episodes displayed here. So I'll prefer you check out the hentai series list to find yourself a decent series to follow. You can also click on

    the anime porn reviews button on the top banner to read the reviews of some of the content here before making your pick. Hentai porn on this site are not one-off, they are mostly series. But if you want to stroke your genitals to just anything exciting video without following its story, then you could fuck the storylines and select any of the thumbnails here.

    By the left side of the page is a search box, but close to it is a list of buttons with a button for hentai trailers among them. This will help you sort your homepage thumbnails according to trailers. Wàtching short trailers will help you select which hentai series to follow to have your perverted senses satisfied.

    These Innocent Looking Bitches Are In Fact Guilty

You begin a Hentai series, and you see how innocent-looking these girls are. Innocent till they start to fuck. Animations but not really cartoons. Like I mentioned earlier, this website is filled with series with each episode about 20 minutes long. One thing I love about hentai is the fact that there is a story behind every fuck scene. Unlike many porn scenes where the actors just meet and fuck themselves the savage combat style. In Hentai, there is a story. So first, you get to know the characters then finally, you watch them fuck themselves to stupor while playing with your reproductive biology.

    There are a lot of options to choose from here, and the quality is very good. I have been a long-time anime fan, so I could relate to many of the stories here. Adding a good dose of freaky to anime makes it even more exciting to watch. You also have a lot of genres to choose from. Some are mild and moderate with how naughty they are but on some, you will see some of the most freaky shit you have ever watched. Trust me when I say these hentai animators have very dirty imaginations. For a moment, I wondered how the fuck they even think about some of these crazy sex content. But well I don't care how they do it. All I'm interested in is the fact that my cock and I enjoy these scenes.

What I Think

    The numerous buttons on the homepage can be a little overwhelming. On your first visit, you will find yourself clicking so many of them only to return back to the homepage almost immediately. The good thing is these buttons are labeled correctly, even though there are cases of two buttons having the same label. That notwithstanding, the page is neat and filled with good content. There are also lots of genres to choose from, with a whole lot of series and interesting sex scenes to help disvirgin you the one-millionth time.

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