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HentaiStream Review

~ Pros ~

hentaistream, HentaiStreamLots of free Hentai porn videos

hentaistream, HentaiStreamVideos can be downloaded

hentaistream, HentaiStreamThere are many Hentai porn categories

hentaistream, HentaiStreamHas an active community

hentaistream, HentaiStream Little monitoring on videos posted here

~ Cons ~ 

hentaistream, HentaiStreamSite has some annoying ads

hentaistream, HentaiStreamSome contents are limited to premium users

hentaistream, HentaiStreamSome videos are hosted on insecure sites


    We all love free things and for those of you who can’t do without free hentai porn, HentaiStream is willing to provide all the hentai porn you need to rub your XXX organs raw and leave your home six-feet deep in cum juices!

    Hentai Stream is slick and over a decade old. It is also focused on adult manga action and could be a wet dream come alive for some! … Here’s our review of it.

Hentai Streams All Day Long!

    This review begins with the Hentai Stream homepage and a pretty one it is! There are site statistics at the very top left, plus Bookmarks, Register and Login tabs at the top right. Other tabs direct you to porn sites, genres, series, and the most viewed episodes.

    The Genre tab has a list of genres arranged alphabetically and is very comprehensive. Some of the listed genres include RPG, Breasts, Orgy, Art, Angst, and Anime.

    The Most Viewed Episodes tab directs you right to episodes with the most views. Unfortunately, most of these are titled in Japanese. There is a Hentai Series list and this too is comprehensive.

All Aboard The Homepage

    We do like the look of the homepage and its colorful nature. It is crammed with video thumbnails under the Latest Episodes category list. Updates appear to happen daily, which is to be expected.

    You can sort the video thumbnails on the homepage by the newest, last updated, ecchi anime and trailers. To the right is a search bar and beneath it is a listing of Hentai Streams premium partners like X CamsClub, WHentai, and Whorecraft.

    Some of the material at Hentai Stream is from full series like Princess 69, Bible Black and Prison Battleship and these can be checked out to the fullest and for free too. There are more than a thousand Japanese hentai productions on this platform, which means Hentai lovers could spend months here happily viewing and cumming like Niagara Falls!

    Some of the episode titles here are in Japanese. We previewed a few with English names like Overflow Episode 8, Melty’s Quest Episode 1, Lovely Heart Episode 2, and Rune’s Pharmacy Episode 4.

    Each video has plenty of tags and genres and you can see the date it was added and by whom. What is more, video downloads are allowed, regardless of if you are a member or not. Both members and non-members can leave comments and rate the content too. The provided video player is basic and the video quality cannot be tweaked.

What We Think

    Hentai Stream is well arranged and awesomely free to all. This is a top recommendation any day of the week to all hentai fans, though we do wish there were fewer ads and better premium content.