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~ Pros ~

Easy to operate and navigate

Good quality comics

Nice background theme

Large library

Some are censored and some are not

~ Cons ~

❌ Too many pop-up Ads

❌ Mangas go from right to left, which might be a bit weird for Westerners


    Now that the world is overrun by all types of perverts, nymphos, and freaks who just can’t get enough of adult content to Fab their souls out to. All kinds of adult sites are springing to life and now we aren’t just going after the videos anymore but also adult comics.

    I’ve got a hentai adult comic site today that I’ll be reviewing called hentairead.com, this site is all about hentai content to be read as the name suggests. And because I gotta look out for my perverts out there, I have to make sure this site is up to your cumming standards.

    Heres my hentairead review below

First scan of hentairead

    Hentairead is a free adult comic site that specializes in hentai content. The site has a black with blue background theme and is very colorful from all the hentai comic thumbnails. It’s pretty easy to navigate through the site and have a feel of it yourself.

    One really has to appreciate this simple adult website’s layout, doesn’t look like you’re about to solve rocket science when you’re just a simple horny pervert looking for anywhere to beat their meat.

    At the top of the homepage, you’ll see the title bar in blue, containing the site name at the top left, then you have the search icon at the top right. If you click on the search icon an advanced search option will appear such as release date, categories, artist, characters, and more

    Still at the title bar, beside the search icon is the mode-changing icon which you can use to make the homepage either dark or bright, I always recommend dark mode to set the fapping mode just right. Then at the topmost right corner after the mode icon, you’ll have the menu option icon. Clicking on the menu icon will open numerous options.

    Then on the menu option you can select the category of adult comics you want to read, there isn’t a lot on the menu options so I’m heading back to the homepage to see if the got more interesting content here.

Colourful thumbnails to hypnotize any pervy sage

    Back on the homepage, the comic thumbnails are arranged based on release date, you can see the number of views and likes that each comic has. Going through the thumbnails they look really colorful, although some are black & white like how the real mangas are, but that isn’t for me tho I wanna see all the vibrant colors and all the juices pouring out of the hentai sluts in the highest possible quality.

    Going down to the bottom of the landing page, I noticed that this site has a healthy amount of Hentai sex comics. The huge collection will make any serial fapper as happy as they can be, as they can unleash their load to loads of different comics.

    The site has a good loading time and once you click on the thumbnail the comic loads in mini seconds and is ready for you to get down to business, the business which is using your imagination and your hands to fap your joy stick to Royal oblivion.

Ads that stay out of the way

    Although this site had lots of Ads but they are not in the way of the comic viewing, they can either be above or below the viewing screen so you can have your joyride jerking off without any Ads sucking the life from your boner. Ad block doesn’t really do much these days for me cause any site I’m on Ads still barrage through my Ad block and pop up in my face I guess without the Ad block it’ll be only Ads we get to see and none of the contents.

    The site operators here didn’t really divide their mangas into categories and basically, the comics are made for a straight audience, there are no gay mangas here just dudes with multiple sluts or a dude and a slut, just what a lonely fapper at home needs.

    The artwork from the different brands here are really good, these perverted artists know how to really make sexy art that’s gonna get you horny as hell from the first page, this manga girls are hot as fuck, and their titties are usually huge with nipples more pointy than Pinocchio nose, I know you nerds know what am talking about.

    There are censored and uncensored mangas on this site, well if you’re into Hentai and anime culture you’ll know that Japan has strict laws on censorship, most of the uncensored mangas are done outside of Japan as a way around the law.


    This is a very nice site for those hentai and adult manga lovers, the site had a huge load of sex mangas to read from and it’s easy to navigate the site without overloading your brain with all kinds of annoying pop-up ads cockblocking your fapping experience. Hentairead definitely gets a recommendation from me but their mangas aren’t really into extreme fetish, if you’re into the extreme stuff you might wanna check another adult site.

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