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HentaiPulse Review

~ Pros ~

Simple and easy-to-use site

Lots of hentai to watch

Good collection of extreme content

New episodes are uploaded frequently

Contains English subtitled content

~ Cons ~

❌The site looks a little outdated.


    Many anime fans are beginning to turn to Hentai when they feel like jerking off. For those wondering what Hentai means, Hentai is animated Japanese pornography. They are the adult version of animes. I believe what fascinates people most about Hentai is the freedom writers have to express themselves. With Hentais, there is no boundary. Every fucked up human imagination of sex can easily be depicted in Hentai.

    This is animated porn without any form of limits. Come see dicks as big as yam tubers being swallowed by busty sluts. No matter how hard I try to describe it, only from watching an actual hentai can one really understand the level of pornographic creativity?
Today I'll be reviewing a website where you can find Hentai. But how good are the hentai on Hentaipulse.com. Let's find out together in my Hentaipulse review.

Cartoons But Not For Kids

    There has always been a general misconception that animations are for kids. If you are not too observant, you can easily mistake the contents of this website to be kids' cartoon. The graphics look exactly like animes, but then in animes, nobody sucks dick. Once a Japanese-themed animation contains adult pornographic depictions, it is a Hentai. I should warn you what you will find on this site might look like normal cartoons but you don't want the kids watching this.

    The website is largely white in color with hentai thumbnails displayed on it. The first gallery here showcases the latest hentai uploaded to the site. As you scroll down, you will see the most popular hentai collection for the month and upcoming hentai previews. The homepage of the site is very neat and user-friendly. Everyone should be able to navigate this site easily as things are positioned in easy-to-spot places. The list of the latest subtitled releases and latest raw releases occupy the bottom sections of the page.

    At the top of the page are six icons to help make your stay on the site less stressful. From the structure of the website I wouldn't expect you to experience any difficult,y but with these icons, everything is made a whole lot easier. To choose a specific type of video, click on the genre icon equally found here at the top. Clicking on genre takes you to a page displaying all the available types of hentai here in alphabetical order. Options here include anal, android, binaural, bestiality, bukkake, creampie, cannibalism, and a whole lot of freaky shit. Remember that like every animation, Hentai allows for way more creativity than human acting.

Stretched Beyond The Normal

    I watched a few Hentai on this site, and I must confess I was surprised by just how fucked up they can be. Hentais take the word freaky to a whole new level. The creators of hentai must really have very deep dark desires that can only be expressed through animations. I'm very certain that humans cannot fuck the way some hentai characters do. Some genres contain porn with the kind of brutality I have never seen before. Genres like demons, humiliation, Opai, Paizuri, and others contain some top-level kind of freak shit. I would advise you not to check out the scar category. You don't want to see what awaits you there.

    Many of the Hentais here are in series. In order to have a clue what a series is all about, like movie trailers, Hentaipulse.com provides you with previews. An episode of hentai here is about 15 to 30 minutes long. With 1 to 2 minutes you can tell if a particular series is worth following. Hentais are more than just porn, like animes, they usually have a storyline but they go beyond to include porn scenes.

    You also have the chance to play hentai games on this site. Simply click on the games icon at the top of the page to choose from the available catalog of games. For me, I prefer watching hentai to playing games, so I spent very little time with the games. Watching hentai and getting shocked at the brutality took most of my attention while on the site.

What I Think

    It's quite easy for someone who has no idea what hentai means to mistake them for animes. In a sense, they are animes, but the presence of giant cocks, huge tits, fucking scenes, and cum shots take away all the innocence from these animations. Well, as an anime lover, I can tell you that the quality of hentai here is good. Some of the sex scenes here are unrealistic, but that's what animations are meant to do.

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