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HentaiFreak Review

~ Pros ~

No ads

84 pages of full-length HD and full-HD hentai

Direct downloads

~ Cons ~

❌ Meh site design

❌ 84 pages isn’t much

❌ Wack-to-average user options and site features


    Being a freak these days is not as easy as it used to be. You gotta be on the lookout for stuck-up folks who wanna cancel the hairy bits out of you, plus you have to keep a watchful eye out for killjoys and mother-fucking motherfuckers like ThePornDude who can’t mind their business. Wanna put your freaky side on display tonight? Well then, go do your thing, but watch your 6 and don’t take any shit from anyone, regardless of if they are walking on 2 legs or 3!

    At least there’s somewhere freaks appear to be getting it on without limits and that somewhere seems to be HentaiFreak. Here’s my HentaiFreak.org review. Read it and weep, o ye freaks on parole and shaven booty freaks on the ass-shaking down low!

The Fresh Prince of Freaks That Reeks Of Dicks and Slits on Fleek!

    HentaiFreak.org is supposed to be the home of freaks. But if you are looking to be impressed by the site design, it is a sure bet that you are gonna walk away disappointed enough to volunteer your body for medical research of the sexual kind and have BBCs lining up around the block to go on deeply penetrating missions!

    Now, the design here is standard, with black being the background color. There are red elements here and there and the whole thing is okay, but it is not stylish or classy enough to stand out from the pack, or even come close.

    One-third of the screen real estate is filled with content thumbnails. Another third of the screen is blank, while the rest has an exhaustive About Us. Fuck blank screens I say!

    At the top left is a basic search bar, plus a long list of categories. Supported categories include 1080p, years 2018 to 2023, and the normal stuff like anal, big ass, chubby, facial, and lactation.

    Just above the content page are some options that let you sort stuff by date, name, and year, plus the number of views and comments. You can also sort by exclusive releases.

    Home, Categories, Series, Hentai Sex, Hentai Sites, Live Sex, Sex Stimulator, Hentai Porn Games and Hentai Games comprise the main tabs. As expected, a lot of these are just there for show, and clicking on them will take you to live cam sites and porn sites. Only the first 3 tabs do what they say, with Series hosting an alphabetical set of hentai series and the Categories tab having an alphabetical collection of categories, with the number of content in each category being shown. Nice, but not freaky enough!

Freaks Get The Best Licks!

    Like A Mom Episode 1, Overflow Episode 1, Euphoria Episode 1, Taboo Charming Mother Episode 3, Toshi Densetsu Series Episode 3, Shoujo Ramune Episode1, Mistreated Bride Episode 1, My Brother’s Wife Episode 1, and Oni Chichi Episode 1 were among the most viewed samples on HentaiFreak.org at the time of this review. The Oni Chichi video was first aired over a decade ago. It had a nearly 30-minute runtime and was all about a stepfather who can’t stop fucking the tender bits out of his barely legal stepdaughters and their friends. But then his success is mostly because he has an aphrodisiac spray of some sort that turns females into raging nymphos who are crazy enough to ride a real live elephant dick!

    Like A Mom was quite interesting, to say the least. Imagine a father whose wife died a while back and who is bringing a quartet of ladies for the son to feel out and fuck, with the best of these ladies going on to become the new wife of the dad. Sure that’s fucked up to the tender roots, but you gotta admire the ingenuity of brains that can come up with scripts like this. Like A Mom had a runtime of slightly over 29 minutes and best of all, it is not censored. And I do wish someone would give me a quarter of gorgeous girls and tell me to fuck the everlasting mothering instincts into them!

    Euphoria Episode 6 is the hentai video here with the greatest number of comments. It is about 6 females and a male locked up underground and the only way to escape is by fucking chicks without their consent and brutally enough to make their liver go ding-a-ling! The whole thing is presided over by a sadistic lady and her many goons and this is not the kind of hentai everyone would be glad to watch.

    Now, direct downloads are supported on HentaiFreak and there doesn't seem to be a download limit. That said, while there is a Download button, it seemed to be out of order during this review. To download anything, you gotta check just above the video description and click the button that showcases the video quality of what you are currently watching. That will take you to a new page where you can download content, adjust the playback speed, or activate the picture-in-picture effect. The whole thing is a bit stressful.

    The stuff featured on this site is invariably in HD or full HD. No playback issues were experienced during this review and comments are allowed on videos.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Hentai Freak

    There aren't a shit ton hentai sites that let you download anything you wanna and without even requiring you to sign your ass up first. That makes Hentai Freak a bit special, and then there's the fact that the stuff here is a bit small but of high quality.

    This place is of course not the most polished hentai XXX center I have been to. But if you are determined not to let anything bother you and just wanna access all the quality hentai porn you can get, then this freaky place starts to make a lot of sense.

    I sadly can't recommend HentaiFreak, but it is still a nice place to hang out and be your freaky self.

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