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HentaiEra Review

~ Pros ~

Free hentai comics

User friendly site layout

Lots of tags

Huge variety of characters

Lots of updates

~ Cons ~

❌ Presence of pop ups and re-directing ads

❌ No downloads

❌ Tag repitition


    Let’s not say perverts run the world but if you have access to the internet and can surf the web obviously while looking for porn, you can say we are in the hentai era with all this Japanese smut flying around. You can even say that most of the Gen z grew up jerking off to different anime characters they watched growing up. Trust me all those big boobs in anime aren’t there for nothing. Hentaiera.com is an adult comic site enforcing the hentai reign.

    There are erotic Mangas, x-rated Image collections, doujinshi, and western porn comics, they all look so promising but I never judge a book by its cover so I’ll be going into the pages of these adult comics and hopefully when I’m done they’ll be full of “sticky pages”. Here’s my hentaiera review below.

Getting my cock in between them hentai pages

    There’s no limit to what can be done when it comes to hentai comics, you have furry ladyboys fucking like wild rabbits, teenage schoolgirls with tits bigger than basketballs scissoring a dildo, uncontrollable futanari pouring her milk and cum all over a slut and it even gets wilder. Seeing all this in their library is getting me hot though and I might just have to get my lube ready.

    The site seems young but their collection is definitely old, from the homepage you can see that there are about twenty five thousand pages of contents available, That’s about hundreds of thousands of fappable comics on display here. You could literally be cumming into a big trash can and it’ll fill up before you run out of comics here.

    After having a fast scan over the landing page, it seems hentaiera focused all it’s energy on amassing a HUGE LOAD of comics but then ran out of energy when it came to their sites layout and design. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s horrible but it’s pretty much very basic like it’s just on the average score.

Furries, futanaris, ladyboys and a buffet of other fuck machines

    Their thumbnail layout is quite smiliar to other hentai sites, as I said earlier they didn’t do anything special with this. The thumbnails are arranged in twos and has a black background theme which makes the brightly colored thumbnails stand out like a peacock. Hentaiera doesn’t bother with all the fancy new site pop ups and other weird designs to make a site more futuristic.

    They still operate in the good old fashion sense. once you see a thumbnail you like, you just click on it then you’ll be taken to a viewing window where you can flip through the different pages of the comic with the next/back button and have your fun. And below the comic you can see other comics that are in the same category as the one you are reading.

    Now you know how it works and that’s the clean part. let’s now get to the dirty part and that’s the contents on this site. Hentaiera has one of the most strangely perverted libraries I’ve seen. let’s dive into all that smut.

    From the beginning of the homepage I can see 3 dogs with dicks and tentacles fucking one slut in all her holes as she’s also jerking them off, then theres an orgy with the mystery inc gang but they are all fat with extremely huge boobs lactating, two ladyboys flurries fucking each other in the ass and this is just a bit on the front page.

This perversion just doesn’t end..

    There are thousands of freaky tags of different hentai genres on hentaiera. The tags are so much they have to be divided into pages, as a nutjob looking to bust nuts I went through most of the tags but after some pages discovered that some tags are repeated or just mean the same thing. I would recommend going through the tags by popularity and not by default alphabetical order.

    Some of the popular tags that can get you started on your masturbation journey are Impregnation, futanari, ladyboys, schoolgirl, deflowering, anal, big boobs, incest, furry, tentacles and so on. There are more than thirty five thousand contents in the tentacles section and more than forty four thousand contents in the furry section. This is just to give you an idea how vast their collections are. Once you’re done with them you’ll be a professor of perversion.

    Hentaiera might sound like it’s just a site for hentai comics alone but that’s not the case they got some very perverted western comics too, like dexter and DeeDee having incest sex with mojojo fucking the power puff girls and some other weird combinations. When you’re getting on this site leave your morals behind and be ready for anything.

How the PornGuy concludes on hentaiera

    Not a lot of people will prefer to read adult comics when they can download porn videos without any stress, it’s not like this is the 16th century when they had to jerk off to sculptures of Medusa and Athena or maybe a newspaper with a lady in it. But for those who know the appeal of adult comics, hentaiera is a good place to find your wildest artwork fantasies and even fantasies you couldn’t imagine but will somehow get you glued your screen and your hands glued to your genitals.

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