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HentaiCity Review

~ Pros ~

Free downloads

Shit ton of content

Regular updates

~ Cons ~

❌ Site lacks polish

❌ Basic Search only

❌ Average user options and site features


    Most cities have everything needed to live a good life, from a crime rate that keeps you on your toes and stops you from getting too damn lackadaisical, to fine wenches who can’t spread their legs fast enough for good dicks and like it when the slit between their legs is all hot, scaly and itchy from excessive fuckathons! Good food, great wine, excellent massage parlors, and the kind of good hotels that don’t care that your date is screaming her guts out at 1 am, because you are throwing your spear of destiny deep into her guts and using that to get her brain cells dribbling out of her snatch and asshole are also among the desired qualities of any self-respecting city!

    What am I getting at? Well, just like cities got a lot of everything, Hentai City got a lot of everything too, from hentai videos to comics that are hardcore enough to put a cock into fabulous dripping mode! Here is my Hentaicity.com review. Read this and weep when cumming to my city up yonder!

It’s Packed, It’s Shit!

    Hentai City sure comes content-packed. But it is not the sleekest and sweetest-looking hentai site. Actually, it looks like shit and except for the many content thumbnails, is as colorless as the booty of a fella who has spent the last 4 years cooped up in his attic, and scared to death at the thought of the local thots coming over and giving him savage liberation fuckings that might turn him into a hippie who’s into making love to mother earth on the daily!

    Like I was saying, Hentaicity.com is anything but attractive. The site design might have made some sense in the early years of this century, but right now it is a little bit of an eyesore and it needs a complete redesign that should make liberal use of eye-catching colors.

    But other than lacking colors and design elements that grab you by the balls and force a nut down your gullet, this place looks solid enough. It follows the standard format, with the homepage being filled with popular and recent content, plus category and character thumbnails. Some of the popular characters here include the likes of Overwatch, Justice League, Resident Evil, Dead or Alive, and Fallout, and over on the right of the homepage is a selection of categories, plus options to sort content by popularity, recentness, number of views, longest and rating.

    The main user options are right atop the homepage and they take the form of a basic search bar, plus some main tabs. You get Videos, Pics, Categories, Characters, Channels, and Members, plus sign-up and login links. Getting a membership card on Hentaicity.com is free and gets you entitled to free classes by Johnny Sins, at which you will be taught the rudiments of fucking them bitches out of their numbskulls and straight into the wide avenues of bowlegged city! Just joking, fellas! Yeah, signing up is free and means you can upload stuff, bookmark stuff, and download content too.

    Another benefit of membership here is that when you click on the Members tab, you can add anyone you like as a friend and chit-chat with the fucker. Site members can be sorted by age, rating country, region, and that kind of stuff and there are like 237 pages of them.

    Anyway, there are 22 channels here, ranging from Affect 3D and Dirty Tempest to Grand Cupido and The Terrible Fairy, and less than 50 characters in the Characters tab. The rest of the tabs do what they promise, though the Pics tabs has a mix of manga and pictures, rather than the latter only, and yeah, that’s hella confusing.

The Cumming City To Beat Them All!

    Street Fighter Cammy Gets Rough Black Dicking At The Arcade, Gay Cuntboy Is Fucked By Everyone, Ashley Graham Thanks Leon Kennedy With Her Plump Pussy, Cyberpunk Rebecca Gets Fucked and Facialed By David, Mercy Teaches DVA How To Suck Cock at Beach and Doree Gets Her Tight Pussy Spread By Big Beast Cock were among the newest videos on Hentaicity.com at the time of this review. The Doree thing had a runtime of 11:31 and an 85% approval rating. It looked a bit like a video game, with the chick here being drilled by a dog-faced beast with a very muscled body and a cock that reached to his knees. Doree does have a very fab body and her titties are some of the bounciest and fullest ever. And yeah, her cunt is virtually bottomless and she could sit on a telegraph pole all fancy if she wanted!

    So, to access the comics here, you gotta look them up in the search bar or check out the categories section. Exactly why the comics do not have a tab of their own is something that I sure as shit ain’t in the mood to think over and under!

    Another way to access comics on Hentaicity is to just take yourself to the Pics tab. It has comics like Thicc Booty MILF Gets Stuck In Door, First Married Woman Complete Series, We Fuck Like Rabbits Just Cause It Feels So Good, Angry Mother Becomes A Slave To Her Sons’ Cock After One Dirty Fuck and Hentai Maid and Her Friend Have A Bald Naughty Threesome. The latter is a collection of images that were uploaded in August 2019. But Angry Mother is a comic with 21 pages that’s about a fella who came home drunk one day and fucked the itty bitty fuck out of his mama. She ended up liking it very much and the two get it on anytime the husband leaves for work.

    Now, no issues were experienced during hentai playback here, with content load-up and play happening speedily and flawlessly. Videos are also mainly available in HD. One-click downloads are available for videos, but mangas and images will require your right-clicking and saving into your PC or mobile.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Hentaicity

    The gross lack of polish here is the biggest drawback. But I think that Hentaicity makes it easy to ignore that.

    If you are after quality content and wanna leave the eye-candy visuals to the likes of Pornhub and XVideos, then Hentaicity makes all the sense in the world and is worth bookmarking.

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