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Heavy-R Review

~ Pros ~

Within the top 100 most popular porn sites in the world

The worlds #1 site for the most bizarre porn videos

There is search filters to find whatever fucked up shit your into

Bizarre, cool, discussing, fail, fight, funny, shocking, sexy etc

Almost 200,000 videos in library

Most popular tags all at the top, makes it easy to start browsing

Members can type comments under each video, nice to interact

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Annoying ass pop ups and ad's 


    Back in the days, Heavy-R was a porn site that focused on extreme sex scenes and degradation. It has mellowed some these days, with its content being more general. Sure, there are still some extreme porn scenes here and plenty poop and pee vids, but that is not what this site is all about anymore.

    Do join us as we explore the new Heavy-R.

Heavy To The R!

    Heavy-R does seem to take its smut seriously. The site boasts that it has more than 140K members who have uploaded nearly 183K videos, most of which are truly nasty stuff, but we will come to that in a bit.

    The Heavy-R.com homepage looks average and not befitting to a site of such great stature. It could be better looking, classier and more efficiently designed and we don’t know why it isn’t.

    A search bar is at the top middle corner of the homepage, next to Sign In, Log In and Upload tabs. Registration is free here and required if you are going to be doing more than looking at the content.

    Also featured are Home, Browse Videos, Porn Pics, Categories, Live Sex tabs, plus tabs that direct you to porn games and sites. A little way below these are tabs to some of the most popular porn categories, like Poop Shemale, Torture, Creampie, DPM and Fisting. You can click on any of these if you are not feeling up to the heavy task of clicking the main Categories tab.

Homepage Blues

    The left of the homepage is where the favorite content of the day are listed. The right is where the most recent uploads are, plus some featured pics. One such pic was titled Seawater Enema, another was Octopus on Vagina, while yet another was titled Dick With Flies. All are a little disturbing, so don’t see these and similar pics if you don’t have a strong stomach.

    All the video content on the homepage can be previewed with the aid of a mouse cursor. Also displayed are their title, rating, comments, views, uploader name and run time.

    One of these vids had a title that said Corona Virus Porn Video. It showed a couple having sex while wearing yellow environmental and biological protection suits. Videos can be played in HD and downloaded.

    We were filling a little spunky, and so clicked the main categories tab in search of big fun. We found it in the Torture category. This had simulated torture scenes, some of which are very convincing. Titles include shit like Delicious Anal Sex, Locked Blonde Suffers, Busty Slave In Hogtie, Hook In Tits, Cattleprod Rape and Training Young Slave.

    There’s also an Anal Prolapse, Anorexic, Fisting, Insertion, Panty Pooping, Scat, Wasted, Fight, Fail, Shocking, Traffic Accidents, Aftermath categories, though we were not brave enough to click on these. You could, but you might not be able to sleep at night afterward. No joke.

What We Think

    Well, the site design could use some deep improvement and there are too many ads. We love that there’s so much free content available for view and that there are enough categories to cater for any taste. Overall, Heavy-R is a heavyweight we cannot help but acknowledge.

heavy-r, Heavy-R

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