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HeavyFetish Review

~ Pros ~

Good homepage

Loads and different Categories Available

The Ads are not annoying

~ Cons ~

❌ You might get lost in the pussy


    How crazy can it get? Oh, wait I gotta rephrase that question… at what line does it get for a lady to love anal fisting? 100% sure there are guys who love it because it is fascinating, an act shrouded in mystery… perhaps BDSM was a blessing in disguise? We were blessed to have such a grande sexual act in circulation and we are just rubbing our dicks and pussies of it—an unsolved mystery.

    Enough of the conspiracies, let’s nail the pussy in a doggy style and get into today’s agenda—I will be taking you through the heavyfetish review, discussing some of the cools and crazies, and topping things off with my own verdict and what I think about heavyfetish.com.

Heavy Ass and Bazookas

    I’m sitting here, typing this long-ass article for y’all to have some enlightenment—I have loFI plugged in and the manhood jewels tucked in nicely to avoid unnecessary head raises and mind fucks. Why’s that? Because things I have been seeing on heavyfetish seem to have something to do with making the balls as hard as steel, well, that is why you are here right?

    I’m gonna be taking this slow as I jam to these sax loFI beats, we will take things from the homepage to the categories page and down to the videos section. Leaving no skirts unturned and no pussy untouched… get your things strapped and sit down for a quick lullaby for your favorite dude.

    The heavyfetish homepage is like one of those porn sites with a good homepage that takes you to anywhere you wanna be, I’m talking about la la land by the way. The homepage is basic but good, at first I thought I was on pornhub, the use of colors, and how the results are shown on the front page. Heavyfetish shows the newly added videos by default but you can use the navigation to sort by top-rated videos as well as the most viewed videos.

    I have seen porn sites with crazy porn categories, but never have I seen one like heavyfetish, I am not praising it in the literal sense but you might take this as a compliment if this is your kind thing… there are categories DAP, drowning porn, midget porn, pregnant porn, foot fetish porn, and the list goes on and on—I thought I was done getting surprised until I scrolled up to the page and found disable porn, what the actual fuck lmao.

    Oh and if navigating through these crazy categories on heavyfetish might be too much of a headache for you, just make use of the “tags” option from the header. Pretty neat and less intimidating compared to the categories page—for context, no sane human should even spend a minute on that categories page.

Fisting without pulling a punch

    There are all sorts and forms of BDSM, of course, you know this—which is the same with the heavyfetish video catalogs, there are loads of BDSM porn videos available to watch without even breaking a sweat. Look my eyes have seen enough just trying to bring you this piece, there’s a chick with a hand in her pussy, why’s everyone fisting but no one’s winning the belt. No wonder most porn sites out there prefer keeping the BDSM sex videos out of reach to some people.

    Watching a porn video on heavy fetish isn’t even stressful at all—no popups or popunder ads, none of those sneaky Brazzers ads… well on my side at least. But there are ads, it’s just so good that you won't even notice or feel intimidated by it… good gracious, I never believed a day will come where I will be glorifying ads, but it is what it is. Instead of having ads that make you lose some boney energy as soon as you open a video to watch… gotta give heavyfetish the credit for keeping the tables clean.

All for the Booty, the Booty for all

    Is this even a bad thing? Most people out here fall victim to getting carried away by suggestions and recommendations, they keep opening a new video before even finishing the current one playing—not necessarily a bad thing but trust me, this is one way to lose your drive and boner energy.

    The shit evaporates like vodka on a sunny day, and then you are left with a desire to get that boner back from the abyss, well, as long as you don’t disappoint the participants of the fuck session—and if this is a self-satisfaction kind of thing, watching too much of these videos might make you lose interest, so time yourself efficiently. Because the heavyfetish video page is loaded with lots of recommendations, it’s nice to have them there but then again, it can sometimes lead you astray—a double-edged sword to me.

What do I think about Heavyfetish?

    When I first heard about heavyfetish, I thought it was a porn site for the different types of fetishes and fantasies but little did I know it is focused on a particular category—BDSM. Kudos to the team for picking a detailed struggle and sticking with it till the end. That said, I think heavy fetish is a good site for some good mild and extreme BDSM porn videos, especially if you are they type to get immersed in those things.

    Just don’t try some of these shits on the missus, but who am I to tell you what to do? Knock yourself out buddy!

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