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HDPornComics Review

~ Pros ~

  No Ad's


Plenty of content sorting options

~ Cons ~

❌ Site design could be better

❌ Not that many content

❌ Content not as long as would be desired

❌ Downloads not supported


    Not everyone likes comics and that’s OK. Comic fans are however growing by the day, as are the websites to which they look for cumming entertainment and brain-melting orgasms! HD Porn Comics is one of the websites out there catering to the tastes and needs of comic fans, whatever that might be, and today I will be taking a good, hard, long look at it.

    Whether you like comics or not, the law requires that you tune in to this HD Porn Comics review. Fail to do that and you are bound to be cursed with an asshole that itches like mad for the rest of your days!

Black Is The Name!

    HD Porn Comics has a black/grey website background color that I am not too excited to see. The site looks well set up, but the dreary background color makes it about as welcoming as a knock on the head with a claw tooth hammer! Oh well!

    There’s nowhere to log in or register here, but there’s a search bar at the top right corner of the page. Also featured in that location are sorting options that permit content sorting by tags, the number of likes, views or images, and comments. Main tabs also offer consent sorting options and lets you sort by genre, language, and more. With all these in place, you are highly likely to see whatever you are looking for, even if it is the tiny penis of the orange one in the White House!

HD Porn Aplenty!

    HD Porn Comics has quite a few content on the homepage. These are not arranged in categories though and are of bigger size than what I am used to. Each has a title, list the number of views gained so far, and the number of images contained within. Also indicated is the approximate time all content was uploaded, with around 9 comics uploaded within the last 24 hours I was online for this HD Porn Comics review.

    All content that I could see can be ranked and have clickable tags. The name of the artist is listed, but there’s no description no matter how brief. Viewing is done by clicking on any content, with the whole thing playing in slideshow format. Double tapping on any particular comic will zoom it so that you can see what you want to without squinting like you got pecked by an ornery goose!

    Content titles on the homepage include the following: The Hypno Games Comic Porn, Magic Mishap Comic Porn, The Bachelorette Comic Porn, and Magnifier One Comic Porn. The latter is all about a couple of horny and geeky workers in a computer lab, who kept getting bigger and bigger while fucking each other, aided by military tech they were not supposed to have. I could almost swear that at one time, the guy came to have a dick that was taller, bigger, and heavier than an actual oak tree! Thankfully, he wasn’t using this heavy artillery to boink ladies he grabs from the street, reserving his outsized member for his coworker. Good for them!

    Anyway, you won’t find any videos in HD Porn Comics, nor can stuff be downloaded. That’s a downer, but not really a deal-breaker. Content quality is OK, but not earth-shaking, and is for the most part, too short to be very entertaining. Also, there are around 890 pages full of porn comics here, which is good, but not spectacular.

What I Think

    Frankly, HD Porn Comics is just there. There’s nothing at all remarkable about the site or its content and there’s really nothing to draw folks for a second visit. The site is easy to use but bland as sin and does not have very many porn comics. Yes, stuff there is of good quality, but you can say that too for porn comics on other sites.

    Overall, from this HD Porn Comics review, we can conclude that HD Porn Comics simply doesn’t have the kind of mojo needed to make you a regular visitor. Sure it is OK for occasional visits, but bookmarking a comic site like this will take a literal act of God!

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