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HarlotHub Review

~ Pros ~

✅   Lots of escorts from almost every country

✅   A cam site is readily available in house

~ Cons ~ 

❌  Boring site design

❌  Not much in the way of sorting options

❌  Kinda confusing to use


    For sure you don’t go to a place like Harlot Hub to praise the lord! Of course, you might be able to speak in tongues once an escort there gets your cock in between her teeth, bites off the cap, and sucks you down her throat and into her stomach! Yes, Harlot Hub is an escort site, a place to go in search of for escorts on just about every continent.

    I will be reviewing this site today since escorts are your thing and poking holes in random pussies and assholes are something you cannot do without. Here’s my Harlot Hub review, read it, and may your cock weep like a pro!

Harlots Aplenty On The Site!

    I will start this review with an overview of the homepage. As homepages go, this is kind of bare-bones, though pretty enough. The background color is black, interspersed with bars of red. There’s not much flash here, but the site is easy to read and attractive enough.

    At the top right of the page are links inviting you to login in, meet and fuck and meet sugar babes. These are dead ends that merely distract you, so leave them well alone.

    Remember the red bars I told you about? Well, these are used to showcase every country that Harlot Hub is active in and there’s a lot of them. Top of the list is the US, followed by Canada and ending in Latin America and the Caribbean. Just about every country and the continent is represented here save for Antarctica and anyway, there’s nothing to fuck in Antarctica except for some frozen penguins!

    You can dive to the bottom of the page if you want to check out the Terms and Conditions, or want to contact the staff and scream into their ear about your cock length.

The Harlots In The Munchkin!

    Well, the world sure does have a fair number of harlots, at least so says the escort profiles on Harlot Hub! With the US being the first country on the homepage, I decided to begin my review by clicking on the city of Florida. This brought up a long list of towns in that state and then I clicked on Tampa just because I felt like.

    Next up was a page asking me to choose from Female Escorts, TS/TG Shemale escorts, Body Rubs, Strip Clubs, Cam Girls, Meet & Fuck, and Sugar Babes. The last two options are useless, but if you click the Cam Girl option you get Floridian cam girls whose profiles are on Harlot Hub. The top two options are worth focusing on, listing escorts of all kinds.

    For some reason, the same couple of escort images and profiles shows up at all times and on the top of the escort listing no less, regardless of whatever country and escort type you choose. These escorts have broken links and I am not prepared to hazard their utility.

    Apart from these two bad girls, other escort profiles on all country and city lists have images of the escort concerned, their phone number, age, location, and a brief description. I must say, some of these escorts look like a million dollars and if there was I way I could fuck them through my computer screen I sure would have a million years ago!

    All escort profiles also have options for prospective clients to get in touch with their preferred escorts via phone, email, and Whatsapp, which is a nice touch, though I was unable to make this work. Also, most escort profiles look real, but I cannot swear to that on every bible in your collection!

What I Think

    Well, this ends my Harlot Hub review. Frankly, Harlot Hub sure does have a nice ring to its name, but overall is just there. The site design lacks the pizzazz to make you drool and there’s nothing much in the way of sorting options. But with almost every country in the world represented this is not an escort site to ignore.

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