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HAnime Review

~ Pros ~

It’s user-friendly

It’s free although there’s a premium feature available

High-quality videos

Large library

Has mobile app

~ Cons ~

❌ Too many Ads


    A lot of serial wankers out there have transcended the realm of just using regular human porn videos to bust nuts. Now they gotta take it a step further and Jizz to anime or hentai girls with bouncing tits getting fucked with octo-dicks.

    That’s why the site I’ll be reviewing today is called Hanime.tv, the name leaves no room for mix-ups, it’s hentai and anime porn all the way. Now, this hentai porn site that’s landed on my review lap, I’m gonna be holding it open and dipping my fists into every corner of the site to see if their hentai sluts are worth a cumshot. Here’s my hanime review below.

First fist into the hanime website

    Hanime is a free streaming adult site that only provides anime and hentai porn videos for all the anime wankers and masturbators out there, it also has paid subscriptions for its premium content to get the very best of what the site has to offer.

    I have a huge liking for anime and manga series although I prefer seeing a real-life pussy getting torn up, I’m sometimes in the mood for seeing some hentai sluts with their crying faces getting fucked till cum is leaking out of every hole in their body.

    Moving on to the site’s homepage, the site has a plain black background theme with a watermark wallpaper of some sexy anime hoes with boobs as big as a watermelon hugging each other getting ready for a good dicking down.

    The homepage is user-friendly and easy to navigate by any new surfer on the site, nobody ever likes battling a complicated site when you just wanna relax your nerves and blow hot cum into the air.

    At the top of the page, the site’s name is in a central position, then you have the menu button by the far left. Clicking on the menu button will open up a world of so many options.

    From the options, you can see trending videos on the site and they are ranked in order of popularity. if you don’t have a preference and wanna watch what other perverts are watching this could be a good place to start.

Opening up the world of hanime

    I checked out some of the trending videos and I would say this site’s perverts have some good taste, although in some videos they still blur the dicks out but the level of freaky shit going on there can definitely get you horny as fuck, and hearing those Japanese moans should get hot cum flying out of you faster than Usain bolt in a 100-meter dash.

    When you click on any of the video thumbnails you’ll be directed to a viewing page where you can stream the video. On the viewing page, you’ll see the title of the video, the number of views it has, with the number of likes and dislikes it has. You can also see the brand that uploaded the video and how many more uploads they have on the site. You could have a particular brand that creates the kind of freaky content you’re into and stick to their work.

    And of course, when you’re at the bottom of the viewing page you’ll see the comment section where fellow anime perverts can yap on about all kinds of anime porn banter till they drown in their own cum, you have to be a registered member on the site to be able to leave comments too on different videos.

    Now I’m done with the viewing page and its pleasures, we’re back to the homepage and getting a feel of the other options on the menu column. After trending videos, you can check out videos randomly maybe you could see something that could surprise or shock the jizz out of you.

Extra features at your tip

    Next up, you have images, not all sites come with this feature but it’s a nice touch if you just need a few pictures to get your cum juices flowing and bust a nut all in your lunch break and still find time to go for food and some side gossip.

    Then we get the sites detective the search button, it’s used to locate and filter your preferences to get videos of your liking, you can filter the videos by picking recent, old, most viewed, least viewed, most likes, alphabetical order, etc. you can also search for videos by brand name and production. well, these are for the real hentai addicts.

    The Also have a mobile app for the site to make your experience more smooth and streamlined but no matter what they promise this site is just overrun by countless pop-up Ads, any click or just loading of any content pop-up ads will just be in your face ready to choke your horny levels out. Still, in the menu column, you can find where to sign in or create an account to get a premium experience and you can also contact the site operators from there if you have any complaints.

    Back on the homepage, you’ll be teased with all sorts of thumbnails that’ll make you want to open every video if you’re a truly horny wanker.

    Scrolling through the homepage the videos are arranged as they are on the menu column, you’ll see them according to release date, trending, random, most viewed, and all that.

    There really isn’t much again on the homepage besides the thumbnails but the site has a large library of videos to choose from to do your wanking.


    This site gets a thumbs up from the pornguy even though it’s infected with a bunch of pop-up Ads but it still has some quality anime content to show. And the videos are of high resolution which really brings out the colorful nature of hentai. It’s a good site definitely worth looking at.

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