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r/Grool Review

~ Pros ~

High quality porn

A large and interactive community

Free and open to all community

~ Cons ~

❌ None


    There is something really sexy about a slut spreading her legs apart for you to see her core clearly. As you might have already guessed, I like to fuck with the lights on. I want to see everything clearly. Not groping soft flesh in the dark. Like come on bitch, keep the fucking lights on! But turn things up a notch and the better thing I love to do is make a girl cum. And no I'm not talking about squirt, I'm talking making her grool.

    Wondering what grool is? Grooling is the female version of cumming. In order words, female ejaculation. Enough of all the annoying biology lectures, making it sound all technical and shit. We are all here to have fun watching sluts touch themselves while we jerk off. In essence, we touch ourselves watching sluts touch themselves. LOL. Tell me of a more kinky way to relax on a cold lonely night. You can take your time, I'll wait.

    While I wait for you to come up with an answer to my very simple question, I'll take the time to review r/grool. Grool is a Reddit community dedicated to grool content only. Everything here has to feature a slut spread wide open cummin hard. That definitely should turn you on. Watching someone orgasm is definitely orgasmic.

Reddit Grool For The Gentle Juices

    If you notice, I didn't say gushing out. Gushing out is squirting but this isn't a squirt subreddit. It's all about grools. That gentle liquid that flows out of pussy when she climaxes. I'll give you a little tip here, once she climaxes and starts to grool, put your fucking mouth in-between her thighs and eat the living day light out of how. She's gonna give you her heart after that, that's only if you are interested. But until you find a slut willing to spread out for you to watch her grool, you can easily make do with the grool subreddit. I'm sure you have never seen so many beautiful pussies dripping juice all in one place in your entire life. Having gone through a few of the videos I can boldly say that pussy is so beautiful. Especially when you get to see it up close and wet. I should probably fuck my screen.

A Community Of Pussy Lovers

    Looking at close up shots of pussy reminds me of beautiful flowers. I feel I won't totally be wrong if I described pussy as flowers. Pink succulent flowers that raise sleepy cocks. This subreddit has quite the membership. Over 1.3 million anonymous perverts are members of this community with at least a thousand active at any given moment. I always knew people loved to follow pussy around, but these numbers make me realize just how popular the pink flower really is. Yes there is a massive membership but they are governed by certain rules and moderators that ensure compliance. On a personal note, I can withstand any rule you toss my way as long as I get to see pussy free of charge. It's even more enticing when you watch sexy sluts fap till they grool yummy delicious juice.

Easy To Find Your Way Around r/Grool

    One good thing about a functional dick is that it has a mind of its own. Once it sees something it likes, it stands at attention like a newly recruited soldier in the presence of a general. Similarly on Grool you don't need any special guide, you can easily find your way around to where all the pussies are. Keep scrolling as there are no special navigation features. The user interface on Grool is quite straightforward. During your time in the subreddit, follow the pussy. Let the pussy guide you and you can't go wrong.

    As the pussy guides you, don't forget to jerk off your rod till you nut. What's porn if you can't cum to it?? You can also share content on the Subreddit but they must adhere to the preset rules of the community. Everything shared must be about grooling. Also try not to be rude to other community members. Be polite, cordial and I shouldn't fucking be teaching you all this. Has endless wanking fried your brain cells? I wouldn't be too surprised if it has. But being the bad influence that I am, I would encourage you not to stop wanking now. Visit grool subreddit, watch high quality videos of beautiful sluts touching their cunts and wank your disobedient cock.

What I Think About Grool

    You just have to love the simplicity of the design and how easy it is to navigate the interface. Good quality porn is always welcomed and on r/grool the quality of videos here is impressive. I'm convinced that any visitor to the subreddit will definitely be convinced to be a member. Nobody can say no to a good pussy, especially a pussy that grools.

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