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    Love to Jerk off to a couple of naked whores who enjoy fingering and touching themselves? You enjoy stretching your imagination yeah? This could be a search no more request from me. And that’s because Reddit Gettingherselfoff or simply r/Gettingherselfoff could be the place for you, I’ll tell you for free, this is one spot where you get to see some sexy ass, big-boobed, hot women from all demographics.

    All you have to do is take your pants down, lay back, relax, and stroke your pole to what I’m about to serve, All shades of women masturbating and playing with themselves, yeah you heard me right, this is the home of women running wild with sex toys, and by sex toys I mean Dildos, oils vibrators, the list goes on and on. Unbelievable right? But it is what it is, and it is a fact, for fucks sake.

    In here, you get to watch these sluts rub their skin, slowly rub their clits in and out, and moan to it, making you wanna burst out of your pipe, I know right? Your dick just tweaked, No better confirmation as to how much you really want to see this, I know you can’t wait, but that’s not where the fun ends,

    You get to watch these bitches dip their fingers into their bottomless honey pits slowly, and you get to watch it drips afterward. What do you think? A finger or two, how about three or even four? Guess there’s only one way to find out.

    Imagine all that slime on your rigid, Already stiffened Cock. My oh My! The chills and ripples it sends down your spines. Her legs spread wide open. It’s a fucking tsunami down there. All that pussy juice cooking up, and in one split second it’s fucking raining pussy juice, she moaning her life out, that’s how you know she needs a cock badly, and who’s cock is it gonna be… Yours? Well, the choice is yours. She gets a dildo, one of her sex toys, watch her legs shake and quake, watch her quiver while the dido slowly goes in and out. She a bad bitch and you know it, exactly how you like them, and believe me when I say, I know how you like them. Nasty, Slutty and dirty. I bet you I got that right!

    Now let’s not forget the part where she slowly caresses her body. She wants to be shagged to pieces, she wants to be played with. You could see it in her eyes, and you could listen to her body, you could tell by the way she moves, you could tell by how she grinds on the dildo. Hahaha!! fellow pervert.

    What better content to pole-stroke to if not this right here cause she just cannot get enough and then goes in for the VIBRATOR. What happens next? Don’t ask me.

GUESS that’s left for you to find out for yourself.

    Reddit Gettingherselfoff And The Bitches That Plow Themselves
Gettingherselfoff is a community on Reddit that posts GIFs of girls getting wild with different dildoes/ sex toys (i.e masturbating) trying to get off. This community is committed to appreciating sluts with big pussies enjoying themselves in the wild all alone.

    Reddit gettingherselfoff was created September 27, 2013 for masturbators like you who enjoys taking it deep with huge cocks. They currently have over 1million members with over 700k of them online, probably on a daily to get updated on the daily posts. The community is a very active space with posts being verified by moderators before their contents are accepted tor posting on the community.

Fuck To All But These On r/Gettingherselfoff

    Every similar community has rules to abide by. These subreddit rules foster smoother engagement and orderliness in the community. Failure to comply might have you kicked out of the space as soon as possible.

    There are no guys allowed in contents; Only females drilling their cunts with dildoes of varying shapes and sizes. Absolutely no face hiding; The posters face must be completely visible. You will sure be banned if you attempt to break this rule. But if you are not a face hider, you can be unbanned by sending a link that shows your face and follow other rules.

    Solo only; If she has help, it’s not masturbation. Anal is not against the rules but it must accompanied by actual masturbation.
GIFs must be at least five seconds long; You must try to extend your GIFs to be above five minutes long. Any alteration, will be unaccepted.

What I Think Of Gettingherselfoff

    Gettingherselfoff is quite an exciting community. I sure recommend it for lots of you that are eagerly in search of solo masturbation videos where babes use different sizes of dildoes and sex toys to drill their pussies to nuts. Just sit back, grab your oil or vibrators, and get started with this community. I bet you’re gonna jerk off to these arousing contents till eternity!

GettingHerSelfOff, GettingHerSelfOff

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