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GayBoysTube Review

~ Pros ~

Jacked to the sweet butthole with content

Daily and very regular updates

Direct video downloads

No ads

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Shitty site design

❌ Shitty site features

❌ Video quality is generally piss-poor


    I have been moaning for eons in the wilderness, stressing and obsessing over porn sites having proper and descriptive names and I am more than happy to report that GayBoysTube has an A-class site name. Plus its collection, as the name suggests, is filled with young lads who are hornier than anyone has the right to be and regardless of who might get savagely butt-hurt are in the mood to do something about that! Yeah, old men are scarce on GayBoysTube and every fucking gay boy on the planet seems to have a video or two to their name!

    Here’s my GayBoysTube.com review. Read it, weep and be gay, because great joy cometh out of hard horse dicks!

Welcome To The Gay Life!

    GayBoysTube.com sure does have a punchy name. The site design is however a different kettle of fish. Or ass!

    The site homepage feels like it was put together on a budget by a fella who still lives with his mom, regularly begs for an allowance and sniffs his sister’s panties whenever he can! This is easily one of the most colorless and average-looking porn sites my poor eyeballs has had the misfortune to encounter and that’s a pity because cleaning up and creating a hella nice website is not all that expensive or time-consuming.

    So, most of the site homepage is filled with a selection of the most recent content and these often have titles that do not make complete sense in English. Category thumbnails can be found near the bottom of the homepage, with Ass Play, Asian, Medical, Oral, Amateur, Fun, Bareback, and Frat Guys being among the supported XXX categories.

    Main site features take the form of a Filter menu at the top right that can be used to dive into the most recent, being watched, top rated, longest, most commented, most viewed, and top favorite content. The site logo is at the top left, with the main tabs on the right and these are Videos, Gay Cams, Photos, Blogs, Live Guys Categories, Community, and Deepfakes. There’s also a basic search bar, an Upload button, and sign-in and login options.

    Account creation is free and will take you less than 30 seconds. The main upside to registering is that you can upload videos and images, make friends, and rate content, plus write and comment on site blogs.

    Now, the Deepfakes tab is a direct ad link. Ignore it. The Community tab, on the other hand, is where you go to check out the newest, most popular, and current online members.

    Just like the Deepfakes tab, the Live Guys tab is a direct ad link and should be ignored. The Blogs tab is more worth your time though, but the stuff there is written and posted by members and can sound a little nutty if you know what I mean. There are 1,009 pages of blogs on GayBoysTube that date to over a decade ago. And if you are dreaming about relaxing by the fireplace to read these blogs, you should know that a lot of them consist of posted images with little to no accompanying words.

    As for the rest of the tabs, the Photos tab has 5,471 pages of content dating back to 11 years ago and there are sorting options for these. Image quality even on the oldest photos is quite good. The GayCams tab, on the other hand, is just a direct ad link, but 12,075 pages of content await you once you click the Videos tab.

A Sliver Of Gay and A River Of Joy!

    One thing it is impossible to ignore is the sheer scale of what’s on GayBoysTube.com. Sure the site looks about as appealing as an image of your bent-over granny when she’s dressed in nothing but her birthday suit. But, there’s enough stuff here to make XVideos and Pornhub jealous enough to fart silver bullets, and content is constantly and endlessly refreshed. So, once you take your eyes away from the terrible site design and dig deeper, you, like me, might be able to appreciate the scale of the cumming and entertainment possibilities this site makes possible.

    Anyway, a few of the top favorite gay XXX videos at the time of this review are as follows: Teen Blowjob In Car, Hot Bareback Boys, Cute Boy Fucked, Two Hot Twinks Fucking Hard, Straight Boy Big Cock, Wanking On The Train and Teen Boys Fuck and Cum. The latter had a runtime of 4:23 minutes and the video quality has to be less than 280p, which makes it almost unwatchable. Despite that, it had 2.2 million views at the time of this review. In the video, two boys who so young they are almost underage fuck and wank and one of them looks like a younger version of Leonardo Dicaprio!

    Quality-wise, the Straight Boy Big Cock was better. I would assess it to be of 480p quality and the runtime was over 21 minutes. Strangely though, this video detailed the sexual adventures of a young boy and girl who met on the basketball court, and there’s no gay stuff to be seen. Exactly what a straight video like this is doing on a gay porn site is something that I am sure Lil Nas X would be more than happy to explain!

    Now, video playback options on GayBoysTube are very limited, with videos having average runtimes of over 10 minutes. Direct video downloads are enabled right out of the gate too. While direct download options are not available with photo galleries, you can right-click and save your preferred images any time and any day. Plus photos can be zoomed and I don’t have to explain what that means.

What I Think Of GayBoysTube

    As the cum-sainted comrade Stalin used to say, quantity has a quality all its own. So, if you are looking to drown yourself in gay and sissy boy stuff and don’t care much that the site the stuff is on does not look all that peachy and does not have the best quality content, then GayBoysTube looks like a perfect match for an erect gentleman like yourself!

    Bookmark this fucker you suckers, before you go bonkers and make your way to Yonkers with your penis for a compass!

GayBoysTube, GayBoysTube

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