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Fyptt Review

~ Pros ~

Clean and simple site

Good content upload frequency

  Site is both free and extremely easy to use

 Reasonably content-packed

 No ads

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Very average site features and site design

❌ Average content quality

❌ No advanced search


     What is in a name? A cunt by any other name would smell about the same, correct? In that case, there’s no use worrying yourself over what Fyptt stands for. The site is the kind of place where famous stars and sluts on TikTok have their nudes leaked so that horny fellas like yourself can have a good reason to slap Vaseline on their dick and milk this cum-filled organ for all they are worth!

     Here’s my Fyptt.to review. Read it and weep like you got a leaky cunt in your pocket!

TikTok Cunts Come Sweet As Sin

    They say Jesus died for you. It would be terribly bad to let that sacrifice be in vain by not sinning constantly! And yeah, sinning is sweet, especially if it is with a nubile chick with pointy tits and a cunt that lets you know it is mighty glad to see you and is eager to take a pounding from your artillery cock!

But this ain’t a church and I am about the horniest and nastiest preacher ever born! So let’s leave sin and sinning all alone and talk about how Fyptt looks, smells, and tastes.

Now, the Fyptt homepage is not half bad. There’s a black background, plus oversized image thumbnails on most of it. The page design is overly simple, rather than the very flashy and attention-calling construction I was expecting and it does the job. The number of site features is pitiful though, which suggests that Fyptt is being run by an amateur who has more hard cock than brainpower!

Tabs are found at the top right of the page and these are Home, Categories, and FuckNow, with a direct link to ThePornDude underneath these. And what would I give to have that PornDude guy underneath me in a secluded location, getting bred by yours truly in a manner that would make him unable to sit up or walk for weeks!

Anyway, the FuckNow tab takes you to SearchingForSingles, so leave it well alone. The Categories tab comes with a pull-down menu and has categories like Nudes, Boobs, NSFW, Ass, and Thots, while ThePornDude link takes you to the page of that dedicated perv who must not be named!

The site also features a search bar at the extreme right of the homepage. This does not have any advanced search functions and is as simple as a missionary-loving son-of-a-gun who can only comes when he fucks his wife in the cunt she never shaves! There’s an About Us at the bottom of the homepage that tells you how the site works and how it is the best thing for putting your right hand to work. Just above the About Us is a Load More option that when clicked fills the site with more content.

TikTok Goes The Thot

     Thots are everywhere these days, shaking their fannies and boobies in selfie after selfie and posting enough thirst traps to make it unnecessary for them to disrobe completely, since by now you have a pretty good idea of what they look like nude and how loudly your cock can make them scream! These sluts sure are bold and the stuff they post on social media these days are all shades of ultra-wankable.

Now, remember the oversized image thumbnails I told y’all about? Well, they are by far the feature I like best on Fyptt.to and make a change from the tiny ones on the XXX sites I have lately been reviewing. These big-as-fuckety-fuck thumbnails have a title and date and from the latter, it is easy to see that new stuff is uploaded here every 4 days or so, which is not as bad as it sounds. Content previews are not supported though, which means hovering your cursor on these thumbnails will get you zilch.

Here are some sample titles that are sure to get your tits and cock in the mood to wrestle with the nearest recalcitrant pussy in your neighborhood- Big Tits Wilma Flintstone Cosplay On Nude TikTok With A Vibrator In Her Pussy, Girl Wants The Whole World To See Her Cute Pierced Titties On NSFW TikTok, Thicc Big Tits TikTok Slut Gets Fucked With A Cum On Her Ass and Latina Petite Dancing Naked On TikTok While Making Up. And yeah, titles here tend to be longer than they should be, almost like it is a zoological specimen that is being described!

I of course checked out the content on Fyptt. See, the thing is that while they are incredibly erotic, they can also be incredibly short- about as short as a GIF. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise anyway, since they were taken from TikTok and TikTok videos are on a normal shorter than the attention span of a horny fella in the presence of a prime pussy fit for a king that’s been broadcasting an alert for all hard cocks in the vicinity to swarm in and pile in!

However, there are videos a minute or two long, but you won’t know till you click on them. That is because video image thumbnails do not list the video duration till you have pressed the play button.

Raise Your Hand If You Want To Talk To Her TikTok Pussy was one of the first that drew me in. In this 7 seconds long video, a girl wearing a sweater and nothing else is shown raising her legs and gyrating forward, so that you can see that her pussy is the exquisitely trimmed and soft type that needs endless loving from cocks of the ultra-hard and merciless type!

The Wilma Flintstone video I mentioned earlier among the sample titles turned out to be better than I expected. It was just 58 seconds long and the girl doing the cosplaying turned out to be nicely thicc and pretty. She’s also one hella dancer/stripper and the eroticism of it all was amplified by the fact that her cosplay outfit was so short that her fat cunt was clearly on display as she moved and shook her body. And oh, she does have an excellent bubble butt, plus a big pair of all-natural knockers.

Fyptt course has leaks in spades. One was titled Nice Pussy Slip From Below On TikTok. In this 20 seconds long video, a chick is walking with a friend in the woods, and as she is setting up her camera, her legs part enough for you to see the got no drawers on. And yeah, that pussy is the kind I like to finger all night!

I dunno what the standard content quality is here, but it certainly is not full HD. Comments are allowed, and you will use your email for that, but content ratings are not supported. The embedded video player is very basic, allowing you to stop and start playback, set video speed and watch videos in theater or fullscreen mode. I do like the fact that videos all have clickable category tags that can be used to find related content.

What I Think of Fyptt

     Well, Fyptt is not for everyone, but it does have an allure of its own. It surely is worth a look, if only so that you can see famous, infamous and unknown TikTok thots in their birthday suits! Plus going there lets you witness how the world is getting overrun with social media thots who are adamant that we wet dream about fucking them to coma!

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