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fuskator porn site

Fuskator Review

~ Pros ~

Have about 7 million porn images in over 300,000 galleries

Regularly updated

Tons of categories of porn

Very functional porn search feature

Really slick rating system outta 5 stars

~ Cons ~

❌ It’s a pictures-only porn site

❌ Has no original content

❌ There is no commenting on photo's


    Now and then we get an urge to see what a pornstar or the girl-next-door type looks like without her clothes. Normally, we try to sate this urge by paying some girls and babes in town to take off their clothes, take pics and send these to us. Or we visit the local strip bars.

    That was until we stumbled on sites like Fuskator.com which has limitless numbers of images showing pros and amateurs nude and nasty as god made them. Now, read our review of this XXX site and learn some heady stuff that might help your cumming game!

Fuskator Is Absolutely Fucktastic!

    The homepage here has the kind of content that could make your eyes swell or fall out of its socket! We are talking about images showing perfect boobs and bottoms, plus shaven cunts that look too edible for words!

    There is a login option at the extreme far right of the homepage, plus a couple of search bars, one of which makes it possible to fetch URLs. The login option does not, however, appear to be active, while the URL fetching search bar makes it possible for you or anyone else to upload content to the site.

    If the default homepage view does not appeal to you, there are options to randomize it. You can also set your preferences and shuffle content according to their date of submission, quality, rating, and tags.

    Each image gallery on the homepage shows the number of ratings out of 5.0 it has had, the number of hits it has accumulated so far and the number of images are in that gallery. On most of these image thumbnails, you can play a slideshow just by hovering your mouse cursor on your selected thumbnail.

    Accompanying each image are tags like Playboy Casting Calls, Mixed Set and Asshole. A click on these tags will show other related content you can explore all you like.

    New content is religiously added. To see these, just refresh your browser and you might be lucky to catch sight of an actual goddess who has made it her mission in life to keep her legs open so that you can see what prime pussy looks like!

What We Like

    Fuskator.com boasts a name we can barely say without grinning like naughty schoolboys, plus more content than your eyes can watch in a thousand years. Ads are minimal and we can say we like what we see, which mostly consists of hot chicks and babes bending over so we can have a proper look-see and fingering their itty-bitty parts.

    If slutty photos – 3 terabytes worth- are what you are after, rest assured that is what Fuskator does best. We sure would recommend it.

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