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❌ Rarely active


    Nothing beats the feeling of having a good time with a couple of friends. Be it at parties, in the club, at an open event, outdoor, or even inside the bedroom. When you have friends you can get freaky with from time to time, you can never be bored. Matter of fact, there’s no better outlet for that boredom than getting funky with each other. There’s also a lot of things we do with friends in secret that we would rather no one else knew about.

    And that’s the good thing about friends, you are never really alone whenever you intend to do something hideous. Of course, you could always share the blame or drag each other by ear about it. But in the end, it makes for good memories and stories to recount. Having adventurous and experimental friends is actually the best. Asides getting into a lot of trouble, the adrenaline rush of trying new things and encountering different situations quite makes for a good bond between friends.

    It’s all nice and sweet, but I’m much more in love with friends who are always open to trying new things, as well as not minding how intense things could get immediately between us while we are alone in a room. Now, that kind of a friend is gold. And if you are a fan of open minded friendship, then you’ll be interested in this Reddit NSFW community I’m about to review. It’s called Reddit FunWithFriends, aka r/FunWithFriends! In this community, you’ll find pictures of friends being free and having fun with each other.

Momma Warned Against Bad Friends But On Reddit FunWithFriends We Friends Just Fuck Ourselves

    FunWithFriends is an NSFW community on Reddit that is centered around pictures and videos of two or more friends being silly, acting goofy or just having fun in a sexual manner. This includes and is not limited to women flashing a group of people, making out in public, or a threesome in which everyone is visibly having fun. What really matters is that every activity being carried out by persons in the content is unscripted. Which means, this subreddit is purely for amateurs, so only genuine contents are allowed on this subreddit.

    This community was created in Jan 31, 2015, for freaky, goofy, and fun loving friends like you and me. It has gained over 591k members since its creation and has got more than a hundred fun loving freaks online viewing and also sharing pictures and videos of them having a good time with friends. It’s all unscripted, so what you’ll get is genuine content. Other subs are recommended for professional contents from porn studios or websites, but such isn’t welcomed on this subreddit.

So Fucking Real And Unscripted

    True amateur, unscripted contents: FunWithFriends keeps it real, and do not accept any content that contains professional pornography gotten from porn studios or websites. So, every content you come across on there is unscripted and genuine. Just regular people having silly, goofy, sexy fun time with each other. Very often, you’ll find two or more female friends flashing their boobs or making out in public, or a couple of guys in the pool being goofy and having a good time. It’s wholesome. Trust me, these fuckers love to fool around. But who doesn’t love a good time? Pretty sure you’ll be getting some ideas once you peruse this community on Reddit.

    FunWithFriends is free to join and you can also share your contents as well. If you got pictures or videos of you and your friends getting freaky at any spot at all, feel free to contribute. The main focus is that you all are having fun. The fun element is most important. Pictures or videos of two girls just kissing, or just two people having sex does not cut it. So, take note of this when you feel like contributing to the community.

Possible Concerns With r/FunWithFriends

    Rarely active: the community seems like a building in progress that is only worked on occasionally. The activities on the community are pretty sluggish. There’s at most one post being added to the timeline in a day. And if you check out how long it takes before another post is featured, it takes almost eight days. So, in a month, you can get as much as seven post. It’s really that bad. Not sure if it’s the moderators or the community is on some kind of hiatus, but it does not look good. Perhaps the mods need to be reminded of the importance of keeping the community active.

What I Think Of FunWithFriends

    Notwithstanding the lack of activity, I believe Reddit FunWithFriends is a great place for friends to share pictures and videos of themselves having fun, or being goofy and silly. You can always scroll down the timeline to take in the wholesomeness of these contents. After all, like they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

    You should pay this community a visit, it could stimulate your passion for having freaky fun.

FunWithFriends, FunWithFriends

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