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Frolicme Review

~ Pros ~

Some videos are in 4K

Lots of content on the site

Lots of features to spice things up

~ Cons ~

❌ There is a monthly download limit

❌ No download option for 4K videos


    Something about the name of this site makes me have a sudden craving for a sexy woman with an Afro licking me clean until my humongous dick is as clean as the pussies and asses I like to devour with a napkin on and no restraints at all.

    If you wanna catch The Porn Guy frolicking on a porn site made for women then you’ll be interested in my Frolicme.com review. I gotta warn you though, this ride may be filled with bumps but we are all rooting for an Asian massage parlor-styled happy ending.

Patting Down Frolicme For Info!

    Froclicme was created to be a safe space for fapping women that don’t want to have to wade through thousands of porn videos that were made specifically for the male gaze. Yeah, it’s not every woman that will get turned on watching a Gokkun video where dudes get their jizz in a container and make the actress drink it like it’s a smoothie. Sometimes, women just wanna watch something more purer and easier on the eyes like watching a petite actress taking the largest BBC in her asshole.

    The site has a white-themed background that I would normally complain about if I didn’t notice how stylish the rest of the homepage looks. I’m starting to think women should be in charge of making porn sites since I’m getting info that they go as far as having women direct the porn videos that are here. I am fully expecting to be bursting more nuts than I have done in the past. If I don’t, this would be a great loss for the feminist cause.

    It feels like being in an online erotic magazine for women. They have moving slides and HD thumbnail pictures of what they offer. I can see that they have; Erotic Films, Erotic Stories, Erotic Audio, Sex Articles, Erotic Gallery, and, Anna Richards. I was a little curious who Anna Richards is since I know most decent porn actresses by even their middle names.

    Anna Richards is the brain behind this porn site for women and with how she looked in the Thumbnail I just assumed she was a Milf that gets her own section because her skills are out of this world.

    In that section, she writes a little about the site’s history. How it was started in 2015 and how every video here is produced by her Frolicme team. She may not be a Milf but she might be a sugar mommy because at the end of that section they say if you subscribe to her newsletter, you’ll receive a free porn film.

Porn For Women, Made By Women!

    For some reason, every video thumbnail shows videos that look like they were made for Hallmark Channel. It’s always some dude fucking these women in a cabin. I’m starting to think that either this is their only location for filming or this may be a kink of dear Anna Richards. This might not be the porn site for you if you like a good storyline to your fap but I’m almost at that point where I’ll check out what their video is like. So hold on tight to your pussy hairs.

    Loading the video was easy thankfully but the porn I chose seemed like the most interesting one here since it was a threesome but I was utterly disappointed after watching just a little bit. Sure it looks like a professional director shot the video with state-of-the-art tools but they spent too long doing random shit that seemed forced and when they got to the banging part, it was just some more time-wasting and dull sex.

    It’s starting to look like the site truly wasn’t made for guys, The Porn Girl would’ve been perfect to review this shit. It’s also clear that all that time wastage is what turns women on. That’s what gets their juices flowing as they use those time-wasting sequences to imagine themselves in the place of the actress while rubbing their clit like a DJ who is on crack. As a guy, I would’ve been happier if the dude was destroying the table and the pussy while the actress was on top of it.

    If you’re interested in their membership plans, they offer a week’s trial normally worth $16.10 but they’ll give it to you for $6.65. You can alternatively opt for their 1-month plan that will cost you $31. If you’re certain that you want to have a long-term relationship with the site then the only option is for you is to go for their yearly subscription plan which is worth $108. Apart from the week’s trial, all the plans include getting to download 6 videos a month.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Frolicme

    Frolicking through this site was a mixed bag of high-quality porn surfing and watching boring content. I only got to watch two videos so the rest of them are probably better than those two. But one thing is for sure, if you’re a horny lady that faps to those romantic novels that you hide from your guests and kids, then I’m pretty sure this site would have you cumming in bucketloads. It gets a recommendation from me for the ladies.

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