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Forumophilia Review

~ Pros ~

It’s a porn site packed with over a decade of experience

The site is very simple to use and works great with mobile

Has full movies, teen babe fan club, models and general chat etc

There are no ads to distract you if your on a mission to fap it out

~ Cons ~

❌ So many rules with some restrictions

❌ The site was built in 2004 and still definitely looks like it!


When they talk about dinosaurs and fossils, you could probably assume that they are discussing sites like Forumophilia. Forumophilia is an adult forum site where sexy males and females come together to tell outrageous lies, comment on whatever catches their fancy, share photos and videos of all types and arrange to meet somewhere for a very exhaustive fucking session or two! What a place!

So, the site began operations in 2005 and from what we can observe, the site design has not been updated since then. However, the fact that they have been around for so long must mean they are doing something right. What that something is what we will attempt to find out…. Better tune in to this review or we will have Thanos tan your backside!

Old Design Rules

    The Forumophilia.com homepage is right out of a movie about the early years of this  century. The layout is as basic as they come, with a background color of sky blue and marked out sections. There are Register, Login, Tags, Babes, Search and Donate tabs and you can click the latter if you just won a lottery ticket!

Perhaps the reason for its longevity might be because everything here is set up quite well. The forum, for example, has sections you won’t have any trouble memorizing and coming back later to for one thing or the other.

The first of these sections is devoted to teen babes and has photos and vids of them, both nude and non-nude. The second focuses on popular models, pornstars, and celebrities, with the third being about all categories of porn, from JAV to MILF, and amateur. Magazines, sex stories, anime, manga, erotic art and more are also included in this section.

The fourth section has full movies of lesbian, solo, JAV, ethnic and other porn types, while the fifth has images of a sexual and non-sexual nature. The last is the General Chat section. Here, folks talk about anything they want, from food, drink, games, cars, and books to news and politics.

Right on the site homepage, you can see how many topics each section and sub-section can boast of, as well as the total number of posts and when the last post was made and by whom. This can let you judge just how active or otherwise a thread is. More, once you click on a sub-section and hover a cursor on a thread, you get previews of it. That is neat.

Teen Babes Have The Pinkest Pussies!

    We have a noted weakness for teens, so who can blame us for spending an hour or so checking out images of the loveliest teens bending over and showing off their assets in the teen section. We saw all the tight teen holes and perky breasts that have been denied us this century and could do nothing but wish we were a worm and therefore able to crawl into the holes of these beauties and there live our best life! Sample titles in the Teen Babe Videos thread include beauties like Tiny Tits Blonde Elsa Fucked On Massage Table, Teen Girl Anal Creampied On Couch, Naked Beauty Teen In The Bathroom and Brutal Sex For Skinny Young Beauty.

While all vids have screenshots and tags, downloads are only possible by going off-site, as Forumophilia does not by itself host any content, from photos to vids and magazines. Most downloads happen at FileJoker and are painfully slow unless you cough out money for a premium account.

What We Think

    The site design is a drag, but stuff is so well arranged that this doesn’t matter at all. Things are so easy to find there that it is almost absurd. There’s so much on hand, from porn to softcore content, sex stories and the like. Should that bore you the many forum topics make it easy to yak away with anyone you care to on any subject under the sun. There are no ads too and overall we think Forumophilia aces it all and might be the top dog in the forum world

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