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FootStockings Review

~ Pros ~


Full HD videos galore

Daily updates

Some advanced search functions

Active community

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Occasional pop-up ads

❌ Site looks so lame


    It turns out that wet cunts, peachy booties, upstanding titties, fine faces, and long legs aren’t the only sexually arousing body parts. Yeah, there are fuckers out there who can be turned on by pretty much anything. Hell, I was once so very turned on by the slender, and elegant fingers of a tall chick that I took her to a hotel for the weekend and fucked her present and future out of her holes and she did have some very tight holes!

    Now, let’s talk about feet. Some find feet to be prime fapping material and after years of regular footjobs and foot rubs, I have to agree with that assessment!Anyway, here’s my FootStockings.com review, and yeah, it is a very foot-crazed site!

Get Your Feet In My Butt!

    Talking of butts, it bears noting that while FootStockings.com is primarily a foot fetish site, it also caters to other kinks. Like right on the homepage at the time of this review was a scat compilation video and stuff like that can put you in a foul mood if you are not prepared for it, so beware.

    Now, this fetish site has an extremely basic, colorless, and boring design. It has a drab black background color, plus tiny image thumbnails of a square shape. A beaut it most assuredly is not.

    The bottom of the page has a good selection of tags, plus a Show All Tags link that does what it says. Below these tags is extensive About Us and it is error-ridden enough to have been written by a perverted middle grader who should henceforth be put to work in a coal mine!

    Near the middle of the homepage is a pull-down menu that allows sorting for the latest, most viewed, top rated, longest, most commented, and most favorited content. The location of this menu is odder than getting a romantic dinner request from the Dalai Lama! For sure we all would be better served if this user option was nearer the top of the homepage.

    Footstockings.com site features are sufficient. There are links at the top left that directs you to a fetish site and a Reddit thread that appears to have been created by FootStockings. The thread only has 764 members though and was created last July.

    Sign up and Login links are at the top right of the page. It took me less than 20 seconds to register here, but after waiting endlessly for the confirmation link they were supposed to send to my mail to show up, I lost interest in being a member. And yes, I checked my spam folder and it was as bare as the mind of a vestal virgin who will never taste dick!

    Other site features include a basic search bar and a variety of tabs. New Porn, HD Porn, Most Viewed, Albums, Categories, Models, Playlists, Community, Upload, and ThePornDude are the tabs on show and these will be explored in turn.

    The New Porn tab gets you to the latest uploads here and yeah, multiple daily uploads are a thing on this fetish site. The HD Porn and Most Viewed tabs do what they say on the tin, with the Albums tab having 27 pages of image galleries, some of which go back like 3 years.

    And oh, you can use a pull-down menu to sort content in the Most Viewed tab by the number of views they have gotten today, this week, this month, and for all existence. The images in these galleries are hi-res and wallpaper-worthy and range from selfies to professional stuff. There’s even ecchi images for those of you that like to see little girls with women’s bodies acting sexy and sucking dick!

    Stinky Feet, Painted Toes, Oiled Feet, Goddess Feet, Foot Domination, Foot Sniffing, Foot Massage, and LegsJapan are a few of the 41 categories supported here. Sluts like Goddess Jessica, Young Goddess Kim, Bratty Bunny, and Queen Regina can be found in the Models tab and these bitches can be sorted alphabetically, by rating and the number of videos they have been in. A lucky few have detailed profile pages, while the rest make do without. There are however just 22 models in total and calling that a disappointment would be like saying the sky is blue!

    So, the Playlists tab has different collections of videos that hew to a theme and you can seek out members of this site with the community tab. Searching for feet lovers by age, country, sex, and the city is supported, or you can just look at who made the latest comments and decide if befriending them would do wonders for your sex life or not!

    It is also possible to sort members by newest, alphabetically, number of views, the popularity of the content they have posted so far, and the extent of their activity on this site. What WAS not featured on this tab is the total number of members and how many of them were online at the time of this review. And oh, members on this site can post private content that only specific individuals they approve of can watch and that’s neater than a shaven ball sack!

    Anyway, the Upload tab does what it says and only members can click on it on pain of death. As for the ThePornDude tab, the less said about that original wanker the better!

Let’s Play Footsie With Your Nuts!

    Well, I challenged a banshee to a tea-bagging contest, lost and got thrown head first into the Most Viewed videos section of FootStockings. Poor me!

    Sample titles in this section include the following: Traffic Jam Foot Job, Cassandra’s Foot Humiliation, Feet Tickle Fetish Compilation, Beautiful Foot Gagging, and Felicia’s Personal Footstool. The latter was uploaded 3 years ago and has a 90% approval rating. It is also 8 minutes plus long and Felicia is a leggy blonde who likes rubbing her feet on the mouth and faces of men who lie down before her. This video was interesting, but since Felicia never got nude or even flashed her tits, there wasn’t much to see.

    Do you love being tickled? Well, there sure does seem to be quite a few tickling videos on FootStockings.

    One tickling video grabbed my attention and I ended up watching avidly from start to finish. The video was titled Russian Fetish- Alla Disposes of Two Girls and is 20:50 minutes long. On show were 2 pretty girls with very long black hair who were tied up and gagged. They were sensuously tickled one at a time and together by another girl who didn’t look a day over 19. I sure wouldn’t mind being tied like that while Doja Cat tickles and licks me like I am her favorite brand of candy!

    Now, videos here typically have descriptions. Screenshots are available and the typical video duration is around 10 minutes.

    The playback options are okay but not exceptional and video quality can be adjusted from HD to full HD. No playback issues were detected during this review, though videos can take a few seconds to load if your data connection is busy goofing off. And oh, there are 588 pages of videos here and that’s sufficient for the needs of all but the most feet-addicted wankers on my list!

What I Think Of FootStockings

    This fetish site does not look like much but is solid regardless. It has tons of HD and Full HD content and that is the biggest reason I am giving it a full thumb up, with the other thumb reserved for pleasuring your cheeky sister-in-law!

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