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~ Pros ~


Copious updates

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Wack content playback options

❌ Occasional pop-up ads

❌ Bleh range of site features

❌ Shitty site design

❌ Meh video quality


Most porn sites are all about showing you the aftermaths of cosmic collisions between cocks and cunts, right? And both body parts are made of flesh, right? Well, in that case, I would say that Fleshed.com has a logical but not very attractive site name. And oh, those oak tree woody owners who want to tell me their boners are made of steel and not flesh better shut up before I tell them to go and fuck the dual steel exhaust on my truck!

So, Fleshed is in focus today. That means you better tune in to this Fleshed.com review of mine, or have yourself to blame when the local thots with toothy cunts withdraw their services from you and your friends because I told them to!

Fuck That Cunt In The Flesh and Be Mean About It!

    Are you in the market for consistent servings of fresh cunts? Then I suggest that you ignore the header above and treat all the cunts dumped in your lap and atop your dick with all the respect them slobbering slits deserve! Don’t do as I propose and the owners of them cumming valleys gonna be mad at ya and unleash a social media firestorm on your tender head!

Fleshed.com packs a rather normal homepage design and setup. I was expecting something far more lavish and lascivious, but what I am currently staring out could have been pumped out by a high schooler in 20 minutes or so and there’s nothing in view that’s novel or liable to make you weak-kneed. Plus the default background color is blackish, rather than the pussy red I was expecting it to be and there are no options to change this to a Light or any other mode. And for sure, you could knock me off a pecker with a feather if such an option existed on a bare bones site like this.

Now, it doesn’t take a second to browse from the top to the bottom of the homepage. Plus most of the screen real estate is filled up with content thumbnails arranged in rows of 4 and these thumbnails are kinda blurry. There are varied tags on the homepage bottom like Babe, Vagina Fuck, Hottest, Fucking, and Reverse Cowgirl, plus a Show All Tags link that will load a new page on which is a very comprehensive and alphabetical collection of tags.

Regarding site features and user options, Fleshed.com has a pretty enough site logo on the top left and the main user options in the top middle of the page. At the top far right is a basic search bar, plus an upload button, as well as sign up, and login links. And just beneath all these is a small and tastefully arranged list of porn sites and porn review sites.

It took me all of 15 seconds to register here and while they ask for an email, they still won’t send a confirmation link to it. Stuff like that is nice, as it prevents my SO from seeing all the porn sites I have been signing up to and wondering if I intend wanking this weekend till my right arm falls off and crawls up her asshole to seek refuge! And yeah, the biggest member benefit is being able to upload content, plus you can add videos to your list of favorites.

Anyway, the main user options are Featured, Latest, Trending, and Categories, and each does what it promises. I would say you gotta visit the Categories option more than the others, mainly because it has an alphabetical list of XXX categories, with the number of videos in each category being provided. You can also sort these categories by rating, number of views, and most videos and that’s pretty neat. The top-rated XXX categories here are PAWG, Squirting, Voyeur, and Group Sex, while Amateur, Teen, Blowjob, and Big Ass have the most content.

And by the way, should you click the Trending option, sorting options at the top right of the Trending Videos page will allow sorting by today, week, month, and all time. That is to say, you can look for the top trending stuff today, this week, month, and forever and I do love such thoughtful site features. That said, this amateur XXX site still has way fewer site and user options than most and you better keep that in mind if you do not want a BBC stamped with my logo to emerge from the darkness and accidentally fall into the cavern of your anus!

Flesh It And Stretch It!

    Fleshed.com at the time of this review had 16 ½ pages of uploads within the last 24 hours. For sure, that’s the kind of pace that can make a cunt stretch and crack! Yeah, daily uploads are a thing here, with hundreds if not a few thousand amateur XXX videos uploaded daily in the last one week alone. And by the way, amateur XXX apart, there's some professional porn on this site.

I would have loved to know the total video count on the site, but that seems impossible unless you have a mindless robot you wanna loan out. Fleshed makes it impossible to teleport from the first video page to the last, else I would have figured how many videos they packing. All you can do is move forward or backward by 4 pages when browsing videos and that is insufferable.

Wanna see some trending video titles? Here they are then ye hearty wankers: White Girl Wasn’t Ready For This Long Dick, Gotta Be Quiet When Her Brother Is Home, Going Raw With Escorts At A Bachelor Party, Don’t Tell Your Sister I Fucked Your Ass, Cumming Inside Another White Girl, I Busted A Huge Nut In This Hooter Waitress Pussy, and Fucked Her 19-Year Old Pussy Till It Tore. Given that Fleshed.com deals mostly in amateur XXX, you better don’t be to surprised to hear their videos are of low to average quality and less than 10 minutes long on average.

Anyway, the Cumming Inside A White Girl video was uploaded a month ago and is a 9-minute epic of an enormously fat man fucking a thin white chick on a bed. The video opened with the petite white chick who didn’t look older than 15 masturbating with a vibrator. The fat guy came, spread her legs wider, and buried his face in her snatch. He sucked her golden valley for a while, before bending her over for a doggy-style fuck and having her ride him. I guess we should be thankful he didn’t get on top of this girl for a missionary fuck and why he would opt to fuck a chick that weighs maybe 1/20th of what he does is beyond me.

Now, there are extremely few playback options on the site and often the video quality is neither stated nor user adjustable. Other times a gear icon will let you choose from 480p up to HD quality and HD porn has gotten dated these days.

What I Think Of Fleshed

Fleshed is all things average and functional. It will do for amateur XXX fans, but I don’t really like what I see there and would rather catch my fun on other XXX sites that are prettier and loaded to the gills with options that make me feel like a king with a dick a queen should pay to suck!

Fleshed, Fleshed

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