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Fleshbot Review

~ Pros ~

Good website design

Different Categories of articles Available

You won't notice the ads

~ Cons ~

❌ It can get overwhelming

❌ Contents deserve more love


    If I say flesh bot, let us assume you have never heard of this word before now—what comes to your mind? Probably a vibrator or something like that right? Or some bot programmed to suck your hardened shaft without a tongue, or perhaps eat your pussy like a grocery. But we gotta chill, fleshbot is none of those, it’s a blog with loads of information on the porn industry.

    And today, I will be taking you through fleshbot.com and discussing the basic things I like about the blog and a few things I disliked, well you know how this works yea? So gear up and take a sit in the front row while I read this Fleshbot review to you like a lullaby.

It should be called Fresh Butt instead

    Have you ever wondered about how the writers of your favorite porn blogs cool off after breezing through tens of porn resources just to bring you the best and the most porn content? Well, I for one sip on some natural juice from the missus after a long and hard session of in and out pumps… let’s keep that story for another day and focus on Fleshbot for now.

    Quick background check, this porn is the longest-running source of porn blogs, interviews, sexy photos, erotic stories, and porn DVDs—-hol’up, people still out here buying DVDs? Damn, y’all never discarded your stash? Damn fucking legends yo, I thought we all pop up to a porn site and say “show me the best ebony porn you got”. But every cock to itself… Fleshbot has been running since 2003 and it has no intention of slowing down, pumping fresh contents every now and then.

    The first time I heard about Fleshbot, I was reluctant to visit the site because, I mean, some of those erotic blogs out there are running around with some whack website design and bombarding you with ads like it’s WW2. But I was wrong! Fleshbot.com might just be one of the cleanest erotic blogs I have ever seen, even among other blogs in other industries—there are no screaming ads saying “come fuck this twat” at you, and there are no sudden videos loading on the side or shits like that.

    The moment you land on the homepage, you know you are in the right place, my friend. The homepage is full of snippets from the most recent articles the admins have published and from the image alone, you know they mean business—the most NSFW shit I have seen in a while. They don’t care about censoring, why the heck are you even going to come to a pump and dump reviewing blog if you are going to be scared to look at the big fat dick go up a large hole? This isn’t Japan.

    Another good thing I noticed on Fleshbot was the amazing navigation and smooth sailing between pages—probably because it is a big company that cares about how people surf and navigate through its website? I don't know, but what I do know is that the navigation is super clear, and reading articles on Fleshbot is as easy as kissing your missus, in and out in a jiffy!

If Johnny Sins had a Blog

    If our famous Astrounaut had a blog, it will be Fleshbot, I mean, this has to be one of the most diversified categories every—there are categories, and then there are sub-categories. You know what, Imma just start with the categories and discuss the qualities of the contents later on.

    How big and robust are the categories? Not big but it’s as wide as an ass that has just swallowed and puked a 10inch black cock from a guy from Tanzania—the first categories include pornstars, amateur, hardcore, porn galleries, editorial features, celebrities, TV/Movies, sponsored, podcast, and lesbian.

    That’s not all—but let’s discuss these first. What are these categories? They are basically categories for Fleshbot articles, if you choose pornstars, you will see different articles on different pornstars’ recent porn video releases, basically Fleshbot reviews the videos in the best way possible. Galleries show you the results of images from different porn-related events. But if you love some erotic stories and you are the type that reads and fantasizes, then the editorial features category is where you might want to look at—they’ve got some crazy stories up in there.

    Now that I have discussed the main categories, let’s talk about other things you can do on the flesh bot blog. You can visit the shop section to buy various porn DVDs, and videos you might not be able to come across on porn sites. And of course, this section has its own category as well—from schoolgirls to rimming and romance, down to yoga, knock yourself out with these, dude!

    If you would rather have an online subscription and don’t want a part in having one of those physical CDs in your house, then you should check out the porn deals section—this section lists loads of voucher codes on different porn networks out there, and they are quality networks! I’m talking about getting 40% off reality kings subscription fees or signing up on NaughtyAmerica and getting up to 44% off.

Fleshbotting The Hoe’s Butt

    Ha! I knew I have heard that term before now, a Fleshbot vibrator is a thingggg, I knew I saw some chick throw herself into some vibrations after getting a massive orgasm from using one of these sex toys, and that sex toy was made by Fleshbot. I’m not gonna sit here and discuss the sex toys, go check them out if you are interested.

Hands off the Pen(is)

    I am a super big fan of good content that is easy to read and digest, and when it comes to the contents on the Fleshbot blog, it doesn’t have that appeal—the paragraphs are too big and stacked together, and they are freaking hard to read and sometimes you might have to use extra brain juice to concentrate and not go back to a paragraph you had just finished… sad.

    Did I say there are no ads? I’m sorry—there are ads, but the beauty of it is that the ads don’t get in your way, so it is hard to notice… you might even think it is part of the contents on flesh bot, which is not a bad thing entirely, just a heads up to watch out for them.

What do I think about Fleshbot?

    I think it is a reliable porn blog to get loads of things. To read porn articles, erotic stories, get sex toys, and other things… it has been in business for a very long time and I believe its reliability has been one of its immortality pills.

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