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find tubes search engine

FindTubes Review

~ Pros ~

It covers a super broad variety of websites

It does not have annoying ads, What a blessing

It has an awesome mobile user experience

It is very functional in operation

It has some pretty wicked filters

 Shows all the good details for a video

~ Cons ~

❌ There is no image gallery

❌ No original content,

❌ Porn categories are not well organized


Wanna devote the rest of your life to finding XXX tubes and using these to demonstrate in practical terms the extreme cock-throttling abilities of your right hand? Well, there’s a site known as FindTubes that’s determined as hell to help you out as best as they can. Lucky you!

Them fuckers at FindTubes have a library of more than 52 million videos to search through for you and have been getting noticed, and that’s what made me decide to write a review of their activities. So, here’s my FindTubes.com review, and may it find you in good cheer, with enough Vaseline in stock to last a war and a zombie apocalypse both!

Time For Cumming!

    For me, every day is a time for cumming! Yeah, since the act gives me so much happiness, why not do it as much as possible and every day too? After all, the only one that can complain is my right hand and it has no power over me! Learn from this and go find your happiness, with your right hand showing you the way!

Now, the FindTubes.com homepage design reminds me a lot of that for PornMD. It is however not as clean as that site. The design on FindTubes follows a minimalist philosophy and the background color is white, though links, the site logo, and other stuff scattered here and there give it a somewhat colorful look.

The main tabs are arranged at the top right of the page, almost hidden away as it were, being treated like the teen daughter of the town pastor who found herself in the family way and is tempted to shout something about immaculate conception! The site logo I previously talked about is near the top of the page and it is both simple and colorful, with text near it indicating that there’s a library of more than 52 million videos whose content FindTubes wants to hook you up with.

The provided search bar is predictive but that does not give it advanced search functions. A button near it let you check out varied genres, like gay, trans and straight, as well as all of these at the same time or a mixture. A Dark Mode, options to change content thumbnail size and feature only free videos in the search results are also provided.

Popular categories like Teen, Mom, Perfect Boobs and Indian Teen are arranged in little rectangular boxes beneath the search bar, with the same boxes hosting the names of popular pornstars like Mia Khalifa, Kendra Lust, Johnny Sins, and Cory Chase available near the bottom of the homepage. All I gotta say to this is that someone better hook up Johnny Sins here with the little nympho who calls herself my ex!

The Thing About Tabs and Twats

    Think I forgot about the main tabs? Well, I didn’t and was saving them for later, just like your girl is getting regularly gang banged and telling you she’s saving herself for you to sample on your wedding  night! The main tabs are Home, Categories, Pornstars, Popular Videos, New Videos, Top Rated Videos, and Network, with the latter having a pull-down menu that grants access to all 8 sites on the network that FindTubes is on.

When you click on the tabs responsible for the Popular, New, and Top Rated content, user options at the left of the respective page will allow sorting according to date, source, popularity, duration, rating, quality, and VR. Options like these are standard fare on sites on the XXX network which FindTubes is a part. But that does not mean these options are useless. I am just saying that I see them all the time on other sites on the network and I have long since gotten bored the fuck out of my mind with them, mainly because they make each site look like a clone of the other. And that they mostly are.

So, there are no pornstar pages on this site and you can only sort these pornstars alphabetically. The categories in the Categories tab can also only be sorted alphabetically. That’s unimpressive. But there are numbers beside each listed category that spell out how many videos it has. It does seem sensible for there to have been category sorting by the number of videos, but maybe I am asking too much of such a relatively small operation like this.

Anyway, from the small collection of popular categories on the homepage I got to know that Amateur is one of the most popular categories around, with nearly 18 million videos. Titles in that niche include Their Evil Plan To Drain His Balls, Charming Student Gets Her Tight Ass Nailed With Special Toy, She’s A Screamer, First Time Anal Porn With Sexy Alisa Kim, and Strawberry Blonde Babe Gets Pumped To the Max. The latter is hosted on XHand, a site I can’t really remember hearing about. I tried to watch it there, but got a Video not Found notification and gave up. Yeah. not all videos on FindTubes are available for view, as there’s something wrong with a few that makes playback impossible.

What I Think of FindTubes

FindTubes is just not it. It is basically a clone of other sites on its network and does nothing to mark it out as being serious about its line of business. Like this porn search engine is extremely forgettable, to the point where it bored me up to my eyeballs and I had to smoke some joints to get through this review.

I am not saying this porn search engine needs to be thrown into the trash and then fed to wild pigs. But what I am definitely saying is that it needs a good makeover, plus loads of features and options that other sites on its network do not have, and a concerted effort to remove unplayable videos. That’s the kind of thing that would give this site a fighting chance in the modern world.

As it stands right now, FindTubes is a very average creation that does okay but could be so much better than it is.

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