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FikFap Review

~ Pros ~


High-quality content

Clean and simple site design

Good range of site features

~ Cons ~

❌ Update schedule unclear

❌ Too mobile optimized

❌ Possible piracy issues

❌ Takes some getting used to if you are accessing it from a PC


    FikFap. That sounds like a snack. Yeah, the ones that when chewed make more noise than a column of Russian tanks rumbling through the gloomy streets of Ukraine!

    But if you are an OG in the game, then you already know that FikFap is a TikTok leak site where cocks see a lot of sweet stuff that gets them all leaky! Here’s my FikFap.com review. Read it and shoot your artillery piece anywhere but near my eyes and ears!

Fapping Made Easy On FikFap!

     You can never fap too much! Yeah, giving your cock a good workout will make you live longer. It can even put you in such a good mood that you buy a lottery ticket and win millions you will refuse to share with yours truly!

    Now, let's talk about FikFap. See, this TikTok leak site is about the oddest of the bunch. When you access it on your PC, it mimics the look and feel of a mobile device. Like the site is designed to look like an app or something and that takes some getting used to.

    So, the action here is focused on a small strip in the middle of the FikFap homepage, with both sides having thick black borders. The first time you log in here, there will be a TikTok video playing on a loop in the middle of the homepage. At the top of it are the Hot and Following options, with the latter showing you content belonging to those you are following and the former hosting a pull-down menu that allows access to both Hot and New content.

    The top right of the playing video also has 3 vertical buttons. Clicking on this will open another pull-down menu and from there you can enable the fullscreen mode, check out the PornDude, add videos to your collection, open videos in a new tab, report videos, check out the site About Us, and copy the video URL.

    From the site About Us, it is made clear that FikFap is meant as a mobile-optimized to the fullest. That explains why it looks like it does on PC. And by the way, the site looks awesome on mobile and that is my recommended medium for accessing it.

    Other options in the aforementioned playing TikTok nude video and any other video lets you watch high or low-quality videos, add videos to your collection, turn off or turn on the sound, see where the video was obtained from, -RedGifs- sign up, check out the feed, and your collection -your liked videos and the stuff you have been watching- and search for content.

    Clicking the search bar uploads a new page filled with suggested hashtags like Double Penetration, Breeding Material, Busty Petite, Celebrity Butts, and Oral Creampie. You can either go with these hashtags or input your own and search away.

    As I said, this is not your usual TikTok XXX site and that takes some getting used to.

The Fap Is With Us!

    Fapping is a way of life and a lifesaver too! Like it is hard to stay angry or depressed once your cock is lying all turgid and expectant in your right hand and so eager to help out that it fills your fist with enough liquid to douse an oil fire! So, fap all you can when you can, and don’t worry if your right hand gets so overworked that it grows long enough to reach your toes!

    Where was I? Oh yes, FikFap. Mobile-optimized is it and better accessed on that medium. And it sure is packed with the kind of authentic and X-rated content that boners are triggered by.

    Content here is in a form you might not expect. As I said, once you visit the site on PC or mobile, there will be a TikTok XXX video automatically playing. You can scroll down for more content, or use the varied sorting options on display to find the fap-perfect video you seek.

    I clicked the Hot option and then the Newest option. Titles in the Newest category include: Looking For A Bigger Stick To Climb On, I Hope My Chest Will Make u A Little Harder, So Wet His BWC Slides Right In and What Position Do You Prefer?

    The latter was uploaded on TikTok by a chick named Alice_or-Alice. In this video, she’s kneeling over a windowsill, while wearing cut-out lingerie and spreading her butt cheeks wide enough for her picture-perfect cunt to be seen and admired. I would rather nut in her asshole though, because she looks like one of those clingy sluts that think they own you body and soul once you put your woody in their cunts and smash that hole till it's red and bleeding with jism!

    Another video in the New video section was titled Juicy Pussy. Shown was a nude chick seated on a table while a motorized dildo went in and out of her fat and slick cunt. She’s cute, thicc and pretty and has apple-sized titties that are too small for her frame, but these have no dealings with gravity! Sassygrill is her TikTok handle and she just gained a follow. Damn, I could sit up all night just to watch this chick moan!

    Anyway, I have no idea how much content is on this site and what the content update frequency is. Yeah, there are no dates on show here and that makes guessing the content size and upload frequency a very imprecise affair.

What I Think of FikFap

    For your sanity, only access FikFap on a mobile. The experience is much better there and content is displayed in fullscreen by default.

    On the whole, FikFap is better than most, especially in regards to content quality, and is thus worth a look and a dive into with all possible ardor!

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