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FetLife Review

~ Pros ~

A very bubbly and active place

The go-to place for pervs and kinky fappers

Guaranteed anonymity

Tons of amateur videos and pictures

Group meetups are possible and encouraged

~ Cons ~

❌ Shitty customer support

❌ Bots and fake profiles galore

❌ Gotta shell out for the best features, like better privacy and event access

❌ The site won’t help you out if you are sexually or physically assaulted in real life by a member


    You know, after a while, sex gets kind of boring and you start looking for the next best thing. And that next best thing does not have to be sticking a sponge into the poon of your favorite thot so that you can soak up her cum juices and use the liquid to whip up a martini or something!

    When sex gets boring, what you do is aim to widen your horizon as it relates to how sexual pleasures can be experienced. In short, get a dom or slave and get whipped to within an inch of your life while your cock is being sucked like the lonely, scared, and ungrateful orphan that it is!

    Wanna explore the fetish and BDSM side of life? Then go the FetLife route. But before you do that, better check out this FetLife.com review and prosper like a dom that has a sweet pair of balls in a grip so tight it looks like a crime!

Beat Da Booty, Loot Da Cunty!

    Never heard of FetLife? Well, they sure have a lot of explanatory text on their homepage that should do an excellent job of cluing in on what this BDSM and fetish-focused social media site is all about. And talking of social media sites, FetLife has a very classy and colorful homepage, and calling it a thing of beauty would be like saying the goddess Venus has a smelly cunt!

    Now, to do anything here, you gotta register for free. The registration process should take a minute and you will be required to input your sex, sexual identity, location, and that kind of stuff. What they will not do is ask for your mother’s maiden name and the nationality of that duck that the PornDude fella has been dipping his wick into since his balls descended!

    Anyway, the folks that run FetLife will send a verification link to the email you used to register. This email though has a fun habit of being invisible and you might have to wait a long time before you can clap your doe-lickin’ eyes on it. It is also possible to verify yourself via phone call.

Fap Da Word to the World!

    So, FetLife is like a community where the horny and fetish/BDSM-loving can hang out. Once in, you can meet a lot of interesting and non-interesting characters and some of these will have their hand out asking you to pay for their pictures, panties and what have you. Hell, I stumbled across a few profiles with OnlyFans links. Not saying that is bad. But y’all better keep your eyes peeled, because sites like this have a lot of scams running on them on the daily and not everything is as it seems to be.

    Now, FetLife is a pretty big place, and there are like 10 million registered users here. A search feature is present that lets you get in touch with pervs near you, or you can simply search for folks with the same interests as yours. Also featured are events and meetups during which you can get in touch with fellow FetLife members who wanna chit chat with you and others.

    Once you are all comfortable and have an active account, you can follow folks, add them as your friends, and send them messages. And talking of accounts, while there are free accounts here, there are also paid versions that come with more options. But is not that simple. FetLife insists that everything on its site is free and if you want to show your appreciation, then you are free to pony up some change in the form of $5 monthly, or $240 just once.

    Ponying up money will enable access to more premium features and options, like the opportunity to view current most loved pictures and videos. Plus there will be an ISupportFetLife badge on your profile that you can use to show off with. And there's a 7-day no-question money-back guarantee for those of you who suddenly don't feel like propping up FetLife with your money.

    You got every reason to treat your profile page as a canvas of sorts. Like you can post pictures, videos, stories, and more on your profile and these can be as hardcore or sedate as you want. Your profile has 6 tabs that you can fill at leisure with website links, pictures, and videos, plus details of you and your kissing cousin, sexual fantasy, relationship status, and that sort of thing.

    Seen some gnarly stuff on some profiles and the idea behind that is that FetLife members are allowed to use the stuff on their profiles to announce their deepest and darkest fetish and BDSM-related fantasies, wet dreams, and endeavors, with no judgement and that kind of stuff. But for sure I am gonna judge you if all you wanna do is get me tied up so you can empty my cum bucket and bank account!

    Friends apart, there are lots of active groups here that you and anyone else can join up at. Don’t fancy the current crop of groups in existence? Then you can simply create yours.

    I spent a few hours on FetLife, even confessing to some extreme thoughts that turned my PC into a smokey crybaby! In general, the folks here are very understanding and nothing seems to phase them. Often, it’s like they are in a competition to say the most outlandish stuff or something. And oh, there’s quite a bunch of videos here and if you are interested in that kind of stuff, then FetLife offers a way for you to get your hands on amateur content that might well not be available on most porn sites.

What I Think of FetLife

    Well, for one, this is not really an adult classified site. It’s more like a more extreme form of Facebook.

    FetLife has a lot of good and bad sides and is a very imperfect but extremely entertaining place that can give meaning to the life of a wide swath of the wide-eyed pervs and ball-munchers/smashers out there. This is a hardcore site and not for all. But I sure would recommend it.

FetLife, FetLife

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