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FappeningBook Review

~ Pros ~


Lots of celebs covered

Free downloads

Reasonable update policy

~ Cons ~

❌ Very dated and colorless site design

❌ An almost criminal lack of user options

❌ Images only, with videos not supported

❌ Pop-up ads


    Being a celeb has enough advantages to make Zeus on his throne jealous. If you are a celeb, people tend to hang on to your every word, want to be seen with you, and are likely to buy whatever you promote, shitty or not. But there’s a con in every pro and thus, being a celeb also means there are folks who want to see you nude, and are willing to pay through the nose for that. There will also be some who are likely to dedicate a lot of their waking moments to wondering what it would be like to fuck you deaf and dumb or have you fuck them straight into a wheelchair!

    I was on the way to becoming a celeb till I had a look at sites dedicated to the exposure of celeb nude leaks and decided that the celeb life was not for me! These celeb nude leak sites do what their name implies and their only purpose of being is to show off all the celeb nude pictures and sex tapes they managed to get their grubby hands on.

    FappeningBook com is one of the celeb leak sites I am talking about and it has no relationship to TheFappening that I know about. Here’s my FappeningBook.com review. Check it out and get to wank one out for a slutty celeb who cares not how many gallons of cum her shaven pussy and perky tits will drive out of your system!

It’s Fappening!

    For a celeb leak site, FappeningBook is too far too lackluster. The website design is dated, lacking class, style, color, and vision. I can probably do better while blindfolded and with my two hands fisting a dwarf where the sun doesn’t shine!

    White is the homepage background color and most of the homepage is filled with selfie celeb photos arranged according to date. At the bottom are links to the site blog and contact details. The latest blog entry is from September 28, 2021, and is titled Sexed Chat Review. Other blog titles are 7,000 Pornstars and Amateur Performers Live Now At Anacams, Steaming Hot Playboy Girl, and Free Adult Tube With Webcam Porn Movies In HD. The blogs are okay, but not all that well-written.

    Main tabs consist of Popular, Updates, Free Sex Dating, and Live Sex Cams and there’s a search bar at the far right of the homepage and beneath this is a small list of live cam sites, review sites, and discount sites. A more impressive list of popular celebs is vertically pasted at the right side of the page and among these chicks are Emily Ratajkowski, Rita Ora, Bella Thorne, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez. Underneath this list of popular celebs is a shorter list of friends of FappeningBook.com and they all seem to be sites engaged in the lucrative business of celeb nude leaking.

    Overall, the homepage here simply makes little sense and a very deep update is warranted soonest. Let’s hope we see that happen before we precipitously depart from this sinful world after mistakenly having sex with a silverback gorilla!

Tabs And Content

    I mentioned the Live Sex Cams and Free Sex Dating tabs a while ago, right? Well, do well to leave them alone and just focus on the other two tabs. These are the Popular and Updates tabs and both seem to do what they say. When you click the Popular tab, for example, you can sort content by how popular they were by week, month, and day. Content sorting by all-time popularity and last hour popularity is supported too.

    I opted to go the all-time route and the top 8 sluts there are Bella Thorne, Miley Cyrus, Emily Ratajkowski, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lawrence, Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora, and Kim Kardashian. To access content you just click on the image of the lass you want to see and get a new page filled with her bio, plus her content. Whether these are wankable though will depend on how desperate you are to get your cum out of your system!

    Know what? There were 169 pages of content relating to Kim Kardashian on FappeningBook. In these photos, she can be seen dressed in undies and going about her day. There are some screen grabs of her famous sex tape, as well as a few nude images. And my, what hefty bazungas she has!

    Karrueche Tran is also represented here. Her content fills 35 pages and around half of them are of her dressed in everyday outfits. In others, she’s in a bikini, and in a couple of these she’s bent over as if begging you to spear her panties-clad ass with your oak tree woody! There are even one or two in which she’s pictured inside a car with her pussy almost visible, as well as screen grabs of a movie in which she appears to be nude. And in case you don’t know this lady, then you really should follow pop culture more closely!

    Now, there are no videos in evidence on this celeb leak site. But photos can be zoomed in, shared and downloaded with a single click. More, most if not all these photos are the kind you can easily find on Instagram or social media. Ratings and comments are not supported, however.

What I Think of FappeningBook

    The FappeningBook does not impress in any area worth mentioning. Its content is not that fapping good and I am pretty sure you can get ahold of all or most of them by signing up to the social media account of the celeb in question. More, the website is a pain in the ass and eyeballs and has no single redeeming feature.

    There’s no point in recommending the FappeningBook and if you are horny you are almost better off boiling your dick in gasoline than visiting the site!

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