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FapBar Review

~ Pros ~

Daily updates

Good list of supported categories

Convincingly mimics a few of the most popular social media sites

~ Cons ~

❌ Can be hella confusing

❌ Wack user options

❌ Basic search only

❌ Overwhelmingly mobile optimized


    Folks these days look at me funny when I take out my dick and urgently use my right fist to make it confess its sins with full cumming fervor. Perhaps they are mad at the size of my artillery piece, which is incidentally big enough to shell New York with from 50 miles away. Or maybe they feel a fucker like me gonna be all up in the cunts of their sisters, wives, mothers, and mothers-in-law before long and assuredly do not want me claiming all the pussies to be had in their area. Can’t say I blame them.

    Now, if regular fapping is a motto you religiously abide by, a place like Fap Bar sounds like it’s heaven-made for you. Unfortunately though, Fap.Bar is a porn site, not an actual fap location and for now, the only legal place you can publicly beat your meat is in the toilets of the local theaters and restaurants.
Here is my Fap.Bar review. Read it and weep, fellas, or I will raise the bar so high that the only place y’all can comfortably fap is in your dreams!

Take Your Pecker Out and Welcome To The Bar!

    Fap.Bar is set up to look like an app and the site is so new its shrink wrap can be tied around your dick and used as an emergency contraceptive! But unlike most other sites that ape the look and feel of mobile apps, Fap.Bar fills up your PC screen and that’s something that gets them a high five from ThePornGuy and his porn-loving, right-leaning fist of wonder!

    Like I said, things here work like apps do and that means you scroll up and down to watch videos. That sort of thing should be familiar to y’all who are used to browsing one-handed on your mobile devices and in fact, Fap.Bar is more mobile optimized than it is PC optimized and that has good and bad sides, just like you fucking the local thots raw has its good and bad sides. So it all balances out in the end, righto? But what is notable is that accessing this site on mobile is a much more immersive experience and gets you more options than you would otherwise enjoy on PC.

    User options on Fap.Bar is for some reason extremely limited. I would even go so far as to say that they are an insult. The main user option is at the top right and it is represented by a trio of horizontal bars. Clicking on it allows access to the accounts and posts of a small selection of stars. There’s also a very basic search bar, plus a trio of main categories- TikTok, Snapchat, and OnlyFans. The other categories range from 15 seconds, anal, Asian, booty, chubby, public, teen, and toy to hentai and rule 34 and there are nearly 50 of them.

    As for where Fap.Bar gets its stuff from. That’s easy- Reddit. Click on the aforementioned trio of bars at the top right of the homepage and there’s a link to all the subreddits that this site scoops up its smut from.

Cum By A Slut!

    See, Fap.Bar is set up like an app, right? Well, that means that videos here are of the very short type. To wank to this kind of content, you better be willing to set a speed record or something and that could give you erectile dysfunction before the day is out! Yeah, imagine showing up at the house of your crush for only the second genital meet and greet. But then you cum once your woody is in her punani and have the unpleasant task of explaining to her that it’s all due to your moving your right fist fast enough up and down your woody to bend light and create a localized black hole!

    Anyway, the first video I saw on this site was titled Do You Like Goth Girls With Natural Fat Ass. In the 6-7 seconds long video was a fat booty chick walking up a staircase. She’s dressed in a dark gown and fishnet stockings and as she walks up, she takes the time to lift her gown so that you can see the fab moons that are her ass cheeks. Lemme tell you, fellas, seeing them booties jiggling and bouncing is gonna put a spring-loaded extension in your cock that you will be thankful for in the years to come!

    Love big booty chicks? MiniLoona is a member of that clan and one of her content that I happened to come across had a title that said Oh I Love Being Soapy With Another Hot Girl. Shown was a photograph in which two hotties dressed in their birthday suits are displaying their booties to the camera. There’s lather on their bodies and one of them booties is parted ever so slightly that the fat cunt it hosts is visible. And may the saints chain me to a palm tree out in the desert if that cunt is not fat enough to permit entry to a 2 feet long BBC!

    Now, this site is assuredly not the easiest to use and there’s stuff that doesn't make sense. Browsing through the media on offer can be a chore and all you can do is switch between HD and SD quality, with one-click content downloads not being supported. And talking of content, what’s on the site was taken from the accounts of social media and amateur sluts, but you won’t have to look long before you see a pornstar spreading it and looking like the cum doctor recently put her on a strict diet of cock gobbling!

What I Think of Fap.Bar

    Fap.Bar ranges from average to disappointing and all those reviewers who praise it online must have their heads so far up their ass their gullet can serve as a temporary rectum! This is not an XXX site I can recommend or encourage anyone with two working brain cells to visit and that’s on Mary had a little lamb whose mother sucked my dick with many a bleat!

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