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Fapality Review

~ Pros ~

Simple site design

Thumbnails and videos load quickly

Good filtering options

Good number of cum worthy videos

Lots of channels to pick from

~ Cons ~

❌ The homepage and subsequent pages are crowded

❌ The page showing all the available categories can be overwhelming


    Call it whatever you want but it's essentially the same thing. Some call it jerking off, while to others it's stroking your dick but here on Fapality.com, they want you to fap. They have made their site free for all but expect you to fap in return. Now that's a good bargain if you ask me. Grabbing your lube covered dick as you enjoy good porn. That's what I hope Fapality can deliver. It's more than just asking me to fap, you have to provide good enough porn to fap to.

    Well, I can't vouch for Fapality until I explore it myself. So in these few minutes, you will be reading about my experience using Fapality.com. Grab your lube if you have one. If you don't have lubes, I guess vaseline should do the job. Get yourself comfortable and ready to fap. This is my Fapality review.

Pull Your Dick Out

    I would expect you to still have your dick in your pants while you wank. If that's your style, then please go ahead. But most masturbators I know of, liberate their cocks from all obstacles when they grab their all-horny sex instruments. Giving that little man the freedom to express himself. From the looks of things, your dick will be very busy during your stay on this site. Fapality is in no way lacking in content to help you bust a nut as many times as you please.

    All over the homepage are beautiful bitches getting fucked hard. Right now I can see a thumbnail showing Gina Valentina sucking a white cock. The page like many porn sites is crammed with a little too many thumbnails. Unless you find something really interesting here, I would advise that you use the search box or other tools placed to help you filter your page result. One thing I'm impressed with is the speed with which the site loads. Many sites having this many thumbnails usually take time to load but Fapality is different.

    On the homepage are different types of porn to pick from. For people like me who are specific with what they want to see,look at the top of the page to select from the buttons presented. Clicking on the categories button here takes you to a page showing all the different categories of porn you can find here. The structure of the page you are directed to is disappointing. You would expect that the categories will be listed in an easy to comprehend manner. Instead you are greeted by a gallery of thumbnails representing categories. Like the homepage, this page is equally confusing.

Cock Sucking Bitches

    I believe foreplay is really important in sex and an integral part of foreplay is getting your wood blown. While writing this review I saw a few porn scenes that caught my eyes. With the amount of content available here, you couldn't possibly watch all of it in one day. I noticed that before they proceeded to fucking, the girls took out time to worship the dude's dick with their tongue. Well, all of these bad bitches love to suck cock.

    On every video you can see the percentage of people that liked it. You also get a Brief description of the scene you are about to watch by clicking on the info icon. Tags matching the video content are also provided under. This will help you find similar videos. The site also uses these tags to filter results when you insert a keyword into the search box. You also get to see the studio that produced the content, with a link to direct you to their own official website for more. Understand that most of the content here is in their shortened version. Full versions are on the official website of the production studio.

    You can click on the more button at the top of the page to see the list of available pornstars. Well if you have a favorite, you will definitely find her personal collections here on her profile.On average I can boldly say that Fapality has good quality content and an easy to navigate site. Apart from how crammed most of its pages are, Fapality isn't such a bad site to help you cum.

What I think

    Up late at night trying to bust a nut, visiting Fapality wouldn’t be such a bad idea. The site has enough content to cater for the different tastes different perverts may have. Content quality is also good enough. The filtering options available will help ensure that you find what you want as fast as you want it.You just need to have an idea of what you are looking for. If you don't, click on any video and fap to it.

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