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Eros escorts

Eros Review

~ Pros ~

Classy site

A-class and verified escorts

Detailed escort profiles

No ads

Good range of site features

~ Cons ~

❌ Mostly focuses on the USA


    If romance isn’t your thing and all you want is escort pussy you can merrily drill to bits without catching feelings, then you are in luck because there are a lot of escort sites out there catering to this niche. These escort sites have girls from all over the planet, with these chicks being trained on all matters of sex and for sure they can spread their legs wider than the thots on your street and will gobble your dick so deeply it will protrude from their assholes!

    Interested in escort XXX sites full of fine chicks with sweet snatches and perky tits? There’s a very classy one known as Eros.com that I intend to review this very day. Here’s my Eros.com review and there’s a free boner in it for y’all to take a bite out of!

Erotic Loving Meets No-Holds-Barred Fuckathons!

    Eros is an escort site that hosts classy escorts in North America, Britain, and Italy, and a significant number of these sluts have VIP and verified tags and possess premium cunts I sure would love to eat with caviar spoons! If that is not possible, winning the lottery and paying these VIP sluts to squat over my face all day and make sure their snatches drip honey into my mouth is something of a priority!

    Did I mention that Eros is a top-class escort site with top-class talent? Well, because of that fact, the escorts here are hella expensive and most of them do not even list their charges on their profiles. I guess that’s a good way of saying if you don’t have tens of thousands of smackeroos in your bank account, then you better not bother them, or dare wet-dream about them!

    So, there’s petite ebony named Ayanna Moore on this escorts US site. She’s slim and curvy and her eyes readily tell you how prepared she is to fuck you to bits, or at least till your cock breaks off in her! This chick is in the San Diego area and her arch game is fire. She’s 24 years old, 5’1”, and wears 32DD bras. Ayanna charges $300 for a 30-minute introduction, $600 for 60 minutes to get her full attention, $1,200 for 2 hours of her time, and $3,000 for an overnight stay at your place or hers.

    Don’t like ebony chocolates for breakfast? Then what about a blonde cougar like Madison Malone?

    She’s 40 years old, pretty, busty, and equipped with the kind of excellently rounded bubble butt that should be worshiped day and night by the biggest BBCs in their most hardcore take-no-prisoner mode! Madison has a rather well-preserved body, and is as tight as a teen thot. This Arizona native charges $600 for an hour, $900 for 90 minutes, $1,200 for 2 hours, and $3,000 for a lunch or dinner date. Couples pay slightly more though.

    Care for another drop-dead gorgeous cougar? Well then keep some money aside for Nirvana and she’s one of those blonde beauties who’s born to model and shake their bubble butts on the runway! Nirvana lives in San Diego, says she’s as natural as a cup of fresh orange juice, and is an adventurous and fun college grad. Wanna put it into this blonde goddess? Well, she charges $700 for an hour, $900 for 90 minutes, $1,300 for 2 hours, $1,900 for 3 hours, $2,500 for 4 hours and $3,000 for 5 hours.

    In case you didn’t notice, the escorts on Eros.com are hella expensive and their prices are far above the $100 to $150 you can pay to pick up an escort from the streets and shag her till her clit falls off. But then you are paying for quality here and Eros seems to have a policy of only fielding the best-looking escorts on the planet. So, while the chicks on Eros are rather pricey, they do seem worth it if you are loaded and in the mood to splurge some Benjamins on a classy babe with more style in her asshole than most chicks on your street can dream of!

Bouncy Booty VIP Babes!

    Eros is not your usual escort site. It is for those with influence and quite a lot of money. I can see trust fund kids making the site their haunt and who can blame them when the escort pussy on this escorts US site seems perfect and perfectly orgasmic! And yeah, the quality of these escorts is far above average.

    Now, there are a lot of VIPs, verified escorts, and other escort classes here and that means fewer fake escorts than on other escort sites. The US is the main country in focus, though Eros also covers a few other countries, but does so far less thoroughly than it does the United States of Ass Fucking!

    The way stuff works here, you just take your horny self to the main page and there click on the list of countries. Your click will take you to different cities and it is from these cities that you can choose the escort you wanna cum inside of and breed like you own majority shares in her pussy!

    So, Eros.com has more sorting options than most. Let’s say you click the Florida and Miami options on the homepage and a new page loaded with escorts in that city shows up. At the top of this new page will be sorting options like ethnicity, hair color, body type, and the type of client each escort caters to.

    The top of this new page also usually has an image thumbnail of a diamond escort. Yeah, apart from VIP and verified escorts, there are diamond and platinum escorts on this escort US site and there seems to be no discernible difference in the different categories of escorts.

    Anyway, the escort profile pages here are well-crafted. There’s a slideshow at the top of these profiles and above that is the email of the escort. A little way down is an About Me that might be empty or filled with compelling text and to the right is the statistics of the escort, plus more contact details like a phone number and social media handles.

    What I love most about these escort profiles is just how uncrowded they are. You don’t feel overwhelmed with information and everything there has space so you can take in stuff at your own pace. Plus the social media handles of these thots come in useful in that you can check these handles and see if the escort you want to hire is the same as the one shown in her Eros.com image gallery or another person entirely.

    And oh, if there’s good material on these social handles, there’s no one to stop you from wanking to these. Doing that sure is far cheaper than paying hundreds of dollars for the escort in question to come to visit your humble abode and fuck your brains out through your pee-pee!

Praise The Rod and Fuck Them Sweet Slits!

    If you are visiting Eros.com for the first time, you will be greeted by an image of a scantily clad chick who looks like she’s being given a pussy lick at the exact moment her picture was taken. Also on that welcome page is text that lets you know this is an adult site and Eros will not be responsible if you lose your head over one or two of its escorts!

    Now, the site homepage is a very classy affair. Black is the background color, with a world map visible. There’s a Switch To Map view button at the top right of the page and when you click this, a map of the United States is shown and a click on each state on the map will bring up the number of escorts available in that specific location.

    At the very top of this escorts US homepage are varied tabs that direct you to escorts offering different services like erotic dancing and kinks, with a search bar and a Post Ad button located at the top right. The search bar is basic though, with the Post Ad button letting you login so you can pay for ads on the site while allowing the creation of new accounts. Registration is complicated though and will take a few minutes.

    So, Eros.com offers its services in North America, the UK, and Italy. But like I said, the US is where it is most active. It has no escorts in Italy, and so clicking the country will bring nothing up. Escorts are available in London though and only that city is covered in the whole of the UK. Canada enjoys better coverage than the UK, but the US is king here, with escorts in every state including Alaska.

    As befits a classy site, Eros lacks spam and has an adequate number of site features. Browsing is easy and stress-free and everything works as it should.

What I Think Of Eros.com

    Eros is the real deal and you gotta go down to the sub-basement level to find something about them that’s worth complaining about. I am hella impressed with the whole site and its escorts and yeah, it’s a recommended visit.

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