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EmpressLeak Review

~ Pros ~

Simple site design

Easy to navigate

Lots of amateur content

Videos play smoothly

Site has language options

~ Cons ~

❌ Too many redirects

❌ There are a good deal of Spam


    Sometimes you don't feel like wàtching the same type of porn. If you are a frequent porn watcher you will know that many of the scenes from popular networks are very similar. Networks try to be creative with their stories but how many different storylines can you come up with in porn. Eventually the actors will end up fucking and many times you can't tell if the moans are real or not. The desire for real and unscripted porn has driven up the search for amateur content.

    Content made by non professionals who just enjoy videoing themselves while they fuck. Most of them don't expect that these videos will get to the public space but when they leak we are always ready to watch and jerk off to it. Wàtching leaked videos of ordinary people can be a big turn on. My search for amateur leaks led me to Empressleak.biz. This is essentially me telling you about my experience using Empressleak.biz, so chill on my Empressleak review.

Ready Your Spy Cam

    Watching unsuspecting people fuck can feel a little like spying. They don't know that you can see all the dirty things they do in secret. But here you are, watching and wanking to real porn. Personally the moans are a big turn on. Listening to amateur girls moan deeply as their pussy is penetrated will make any dick get an erection.

    Structurally the site is decent. It is divided into two sections with the first being the videos being watched at the moment of your visit. The next section is a collection of the most recent videos added to the sites. The pictures used for thumbnails here are not that appealing to the eyes. But that's understandable, these videos are amateur and nobody does a photoshoot to promote amateur porn content.

    Important icons are listed at the top of the page. Categories icon to show you the type of porn here. There aren't too many categories here. I was surprised when I saw a category named music videos but it's content which isn't much is still porn leaks. The category named other videos contains normal mainstream porn videos. These videos and even better can be found in other porn websites so I didn't watch any. My aim here is amateur leaks. If you also came for amateur content then you should click on the leaked videos and trending videos categories.

    One thing I struggled with while using this site is the number of times I was redirected to other porn websites when I clicked on something here. I didn't also enjoy the distracting pop ups that came out of nowhere while I was trying to find my way around. Being redirected this many times can really be annoying.

Good Amateur Content

    When looking for amateur porn, you can't be too critical of the picture quality and the camera angles. While the more intentional content creators have access to good cameras, others simply use their mobile phones and may not capture good angles. That notwithstanding, the quality of the videos here is impressive. These pictures make being a peeping tom really exciting. You will find many videos with particular focus on penetration as the men involved try to film what is happening.

    Empressleak.biz is filled with mostly African leaks from Nigeria and Ghana. Lots of chocolate flavor goodies are available here for you to wank to. Dark skinned girls with tight pussies being fucked hard. Videos of naked girls masturbating are also very common here. The picture category has full body pictures of these girls placed side by side with their raunchy photos. Maybe seeing how they look with their clothes on can make looking at their nudes even more juicy. I don't know about you, but for me this system works perfectly.

    The timeline icon allows you to select videos based on when they were uploaded. Regular users will appreciate new content and with your ability to decide the timeline, you can see the latest videos anytime you visit. Ignore the community icon because it is basically inactive. I guess they wanted to build a community but people who come here are not really interested in each other. If you however, have any video you want to upload, feel free to do so by clicking on the upload icon at the top of the page. Who said you can't source and upload sexy amateur content for other perverts to enjoy freely.

What I Think

    Very few websites are dedicated to only leaks. What you’ll see here is real unscripted porn. You will also find naughty girls masturbating to their camera. The videos might not have the best camera angles or picture quality but the porn you find here is worth your time. Wank off to these ebony goodness as much as you want.

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