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Free Site

EAsianPorn Review

~ Pros ~

Free content

Mostly full length content

No ads

Great assortment of categories

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Theres not enough content

❌ Quality of the vids are moderate

❌ Downloads aren't supported


    What kind of nonsensical name is Easian? I just hate stuff that’s intentionally misspelled just to make a statement. Yeah, I can be something of a grammar Nazi, and you can go complain to my tight-assed high school English teacher if you are feeling up to the task.

    Now that we are here, Easian is merely Asian with an E tacked on the front and ready to give up its virginity! Easian is a website where you can see Chinese, Korean, Cambodian, and other Asian chicks spreading their legs like they mean to bring unconquerable joy into your life. These lithe and beautiful babes receive all manner of penises in pussies that are so tight and tiny you couldn’t slip a finger through without breaking into a sweat and cumming till your innards are dryer than a week-old chicken bone left in an oven!

    Horny yet? Well better chain down that anaconda that’s waking up in your groin area. Once you are done, read my Easian review and get to know all about this Asian XXX site.

Asian Pussies Make Me Hot!

    Asian pussies have a special kind of flavor and it is my wish to die atop one! Easian has a choice selection of these cum-milkers and checking them out is the right and duty of every fella who has a cock so stiff it could go through two inches of armor plating!

    So, Easian has a homepage design that looks sweet and proper. It follows the standard format, with a black background color and a search bar at the top right. The page is filled with porn image thumbnails, with no titles. These show just the runtime and categories they belong to.

    There’s also a pull-down category tab on the top left of the homepage. Click on this for an alphabetical list, ranging from 69, Amateur and Anal, to Webcam, Wife, and Wrestling. Here, the number of content in each category is helpfully indicated.

    Yet another alphabetical list of XXX categories is on the bottom of the page. It feels a bit redundant.

Content Sorting And Content Supported

    There’s really nothing outstanding about Easian, but I love the fact that the site is helpfully designed, free, and easy to use. Even better, a fair proportion of content appears to be full-length.

    Content sorting categories are available and appear at the top left of the homepage. These filters let you see the newest, most popular, and longest videos and work as designed. The longest videos on the site fill a single page and range from 238 hours to 83 minutes, which is amazing. Both the Newest and Most Popular video categories fill a page apiece as well, but there’s no indication as to when videos are uploaded, nor how they came to be popular.

    More, videos cannot be downloaded, and while of decent quality have no adjustable display settings. All that can be done on the provided video player is to press Play or Pause and to opt into and out of the fullscreen mode. That’s a poor showing.

    Now, once you click on a video or a category tab, it opens in a fresh tab. Videos in the Most Popular category section had these sorts of titles: Surprise Stepmom Fisting Pinay, Cute 18th, Zarina and Eva Threesome, and Sony Lueny Fucking and can be very entertaining. More, the title of some videos does not appear to make sense, at least to a non-Asian like me. Also, a few video links appear to be broken.

What I Think

    To be frank, I am both surprised and delighted by the fact that most content here appears to be full length or at least significantly long. That coupled with the fact that everything is free makes Easian.com an excellent deal for folks who love seeing Asian pussy being slid into by cocks large and small!

    Still, I would have appreciated being able to download content for offline viewing and the basic video player is disappointing. If you are willing to spend endless hours watching moderate-quality Asian porn, I feel certain that Easian is excellently positioned to serve your boner well!

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