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dr tuber porn site

DrTuber Review

~ Pros ~

In the top 100 porn sites in the world

“Channels" category to pick a studio

Nice and sleek website design

Little to no ad's on the home page

~ Cons ~

❌ Limited VR, full HD and/or 4K content

❌ Videos don't label the screen resolution

❌ Cant select preferred video length

❌ Very unclear content update schedule


I’ve never heard of DrTuber before this review and just saying the name out loud brings up pictures of African dudes with yam tubers where their cocks should be! I pity the girls who have these tubers fed to their privates! For sure, they will be walking bow-legged for the rest of their lives!

Well, here’s my DrTuber.com review. Read it and weep or I am coming after you with my whip and it’s not gonna be pretty!

Find Your Porn And Get To Wanking!

    DrTuber’s motto is “Find Your Porn”. I like it. It is almost like telling an addict to find his addiction and knock himself out! So, never hesitate to find your brand of porn and put your Vaseline to the use it was conceived for!

Doctor or not, DrTuber.com has a very standard homepage design and layout. If I gave 100 of my readers a commission to design a porn website, around 99 of them would come out with designs very similar to the one on DrTuber.

I am not saying the site design is crap. But it is just too ordinary and far too many other XXX sites use it. I just wish that smut sites took more seriously the job of being unique and looking unique, but it sadly does not seem to be as much of a priority to them as it is to me.

Now, DrTuber has a black homepage color and there’s no switching this to a Light mode. The homepage is crowded, with a long list of XXX categories like Amateur, Anal, Vintage, and Voyeur running down the left part. The very top left has a green Live Sex button that when clicked opens a cam site page, plus options to switch the XXX you are watching from straight to either gay or trans porn.

The top far right has login and sign-up tabs, with registration being a free affair that takes 15 seconds at the max. Signing up means privileges like being able to rate, upload and subscribe to content, add stuff to your list of favorites, and chit-chat with members.

So, it’s time we talked about the main tabs. These comprise Videos, Live Sex, Categories, Channels, Photos, Community, Mobile, More, and Upload. The site logo is at the far left of these tabs and it looks like a Swiss flag or something. And at the far right is an Upload button, plus a search bar without advanced search functions.

The More tab has a pull-down menu and with this, you can access the Live Sex, Pornstars, and Premium function. The second of these has a comprehensive and alphabetical list of XXX stars, with a short bio and a list of their works that can be had on DrTuber. Both male and female XXX stars are featured, rather than just the latter. Lexington Steele, Rocco Siffredi, and a few other well-hung male XXX stars are represented here. I tried clicking on the Premium option, only for my PC to refuse loading the page, citing security concerns. Be sure to let me know if you ever get the Premium option to load.

The Mobile tab takes you to the mobile version of the site. The Community tab does what it says and you can search for members by age, sex, active status, recentness, country of origin, and more and either subscribe to their feed or send them messages.

2079 pages of image galleries. That’s what is waiting for you when you click the Photo tab. Almost all of these are amateur shots, but they are still erotic in their way. Direct image downloads are not possible unless you right-click and these aren’t the most hi-res images I’ve seen. Ratings, comments, and sharing of these images are allowed and you can even print them out if you have a printer hooked up to your PC. Rad!

JAVHD, Brazzers, Cam4Free, The Habib Show, and Reality Kings are just a tiny sample of the 25 pages of channels on DrTuber. You can subscribe to as many of these channels as your cock needs to cum to and that takes no time at all.

Then you have Babe, Uniform, Upskirt, Granny, Indian, Fat, and more in the Categories tab. Part of what I like about this tab is that it has a pull-down menu and you can hover your cursor on this and choose from straight, gay, or trans porn, with the categories that are presented changing according to the kind of porn genre that is selected.

The other two tabs do what they say and yes, there is a DrTuber live cam site where fine ladies spread it and take it for your amusement.

Find Your Cum

Yeah, better be always prepared to go find your cum. Like no one is going to abandon what they are doing and do that for you! So, go get your hands dirty!

Now, I previously mentioned finding the DrTuber.com homepage too crowded for my taste and that still stands. Most of the crowding is because there are too many video image thumbnails on the homepage and the fact that there are two vertical columns of categories at the left of the page does not help matters. Still, these categories are there for content sorting and because of that some of you will find their location on the homepage to be useful and time-saving.

There are 20,279 pages of videos on DrTuber, and that’s not too shabby! Video image thumbnails play previews when a cursor hovers above them and have information relating to their duration, rating, title, and quality. Just above the main video page are sorting options you can use to check out the newest, longest, and top-rated videos of all time, this week, this month, or today, plus all or just HD porn. You can also sort videos by comments made.

In case you were wondering, the longest videos on this platform are over 8 hours long, while the shortest is 0 seconds long. Most videos, especially the newest are quite short, with 6 minutes being the average. Videos lack dates, which means the content upload frequency is essentially a state secret!

A few of the newest video titles at the time of this review are: MILF Gets Fucked By Teen, Sheena MILF Fucked Her Roommate Dick, Chubby Girl With Amazing Breasts, and Heavenly Brunette Tanya Flirts With A Fellow. Some titles make little or no sense or refer to sex acts not featured in that particular video and that’s so infuriating. Plus in some videos, the quality is fixed and cannot be toggled up or down as per user needs, while in others you can choose from 320p to 720p. And yeah, the embedded video player is very basic. But one-click video downloads are supported.

So, after all my exertions reviewing DrTuber, figured I was due a wank. So I took myself to the category tab, selected Ass, and clicked on a 3 minutes plus video titled Bubble Butt Black Fucked Anal By BBC. This is a BlackFuckTour production. Shown was a chick lying on a bed and facing the camera with her legs open, while a fella fucked her butthole from the back. Eventually, she bent over and took it there, before riding the guy in a cowgirl style. Seconds later she got paid with a facial.
It wasn’t a bad video, but it was still shorter than sin.

What I Think of DrTuber

Ten years ago I would have unhesitatingly recommended DrTuber, but it is presently too dated, without a single distinguishing feature you could sell to a sex-starved cockroach! Visit if you will, but it’s just not worth it.

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