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DrTuber Review

~ Pros ~

drtuber, DrTuberWithin the top 100 free porn tube sites in the world

drtuber, DrTuber“Channels" category,  so you can pick clips from a porn network 

drtuber, DrTuberNice and sleek website design

drtuber, DrTuber Little to no ad’s on the home page, except for the bottom

~ Cons ~ 

drtuber, DrTuberSuper limited VR content

drtuber, DrTuberThe videos don’t label the screen resolution

drtuber, DrTuber Your not able to select preferred video length

drtuber, DrTuber Pretty slow mobile user page speed score 66/100


    Whenever we got a physical or mental problem, we go to visit the doctor. But what about our mental and physical needs, which doctor is going to solve that! Luckily, there is a doctor in the town of the internet and he is good at work. I am speaking about DrTuber. 

    Drtuber.com is a free porn provider who constantly supporting us by uploading free videos. The videos are somehow in high quality like the premium websites. 

    To visit the website, you need to type www drtuber com in your browser, and you are good to go. However, if your ISP blocks the website, then you need a VPN to unblock drtuber website and watch the videos.

    The dark color used for designing the website makes it easy and pleasant to operate the website. It may not have the night mode, but the color they are using is better for human eyes, including their videos, which are maximum HD. So, they should be better for you too.

    They really have a massive amount of videos, which are classified in many niches and categories. Some popular drtuber categories are drtuber teacher, lesbian, doctor, defloration, amateur, live cam, lady boy, japanese, webcam, etc.

    On the main website page, you can find the recent uploads, and when you scroll down, you will get popular videos according to their choice. You can go with them or search according to your choice. 

    For the deep search, the search bar is placed on the top. You can use any related keywords to find a suitable video for yourself. 

    But browsing the website will return a better experience when you have a free account with them. The account will allow you may things that you won’t be able to do without an account.

    If you are not satisfied with this website, you always search for more sites like drtuber. But I think that’s not needed. You can also download the videos without any special drtuber video downloader. To perform the drtuber download or downloading drtuber HD videos, you just need a browser plugin that saves online video, and you are done. 

    As I am writing the drtube review, I can assure you, there is nothing wrong with this website. That statement is true if you do not consider the ads. Yes, you will find a few ads on the website. But when you are watching drtuber free videos and paying them nothing from your pocket, it’s a little thing you need to tolerate.