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DreamGF Review

~ Pros ~

Nice website design with a modern look

Customize your virtual girlfriend

Can be used for role play and fantasies

Rewards for regular use

Ai porn creator

~ Cons ~

❌ There are pop up Ads

❌ Requires subscription


    Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a great innovation which has changed the course of human history since it's inception. Of course its innovative ways were also incorporated into helping you deebs know what its like to have a girlfriend. Well, without actually smashing her but you could always jerk it to her nudes.

    This virtual girlfriend experience is what has led me to dreamgf.ai, an AI based site providing a customizable virtual girlfriend. With this review let's see if this innovation is worth any horny pervs time or should be tossed down the drain. Here's my dreamgf review below.

Hoping To Meet Your Wet Dreamgf?

    We all fantasize of what the perfect partner could be like but the future is here with Ai powered platforms to give you the chance to create and interact with a personalized Ai generated virtual girlfriend created and customized by you.

    On dreamgf.ai you can customize your virtual girlfriend's appearance. I know you perverted degenerates are already licking your lips thinking about the size of super double D's you wanna give your broad while sexting and jerking off to them, I dont blame you, I'm also doing the same.

    To make chatting more smooth and streamlined for your fap worthy experience you can also customize your virtual girlfriend's interests, personality, photos, hobbies and even occupation to make her the coolest chick you're talking to. That is, if you're even talking to any chicks or you’re too busy in your basement beating that meat to the sluttiest hoe you can find on the internet.

    For the appearance which we all know is what gets all the cum juices flowing, you can customize your virtual gf's look by selecting her visual charateristics like body type, style, ethnicity, hair color, and even her clothes to give you an even more immersive experience while your interacting with her and also blowing hot loads as you’re sexting.

Investigating Dreamgf with a long rod!

    It only makes sense that a futuristic innovative site like this comes with a modern look. It has a simple layout and the homepage is well designed with a color scheme that gives the site this look like it's something from a star wars movie while also setting the mood to encourage jizzing your pants while talking to your AI slut.

    You can navigate through the site easily and access the menu at the bottom of your screen. Scrolling from the top of the homepage you can see different user generated AI sluts showcasing their pictures and profile allowing you jump right on their ass and start chatting without having to create your own.

    While scrolling down you can also start the free trial to get a feel of the experience and see if its got what it takes to make a pervert like yourself jizz uncontrollably even when youre in a church’s rest room.

    But the free trial is limited though you only get about five to ten messages daily. This obviously isn't enough to build any form of connection with your ai virtual girlfriend, if you want to go all the way with her you certainly can't do this for free.

    Which takes us to the next part of this review the pricing aspect, you can't expect all this futuristic and modern innovation to come for free.

Even AI girls need your money!

    Before we go into the pricing proper you should take note that the payments aren’t made directly on the website but through patreons. Here are the available plans below;

    The cheapest bundle on dreamgf is the BRONZE PLAN going for $9.99 a month. The package provides features of being able to send up one thousand messages monthly, create and customize up to 20 virtual girlfriends, 500 credits for voice messages, custom name for the Ai girls and access to most of the nude photo options when generating pictures for the Ai girls.

    Next up is the SILVER PLAN costing $19.9 a month. The package features 2500 messages a month, 1500 credits for voice messages, create up to 50 different girls, unlocks more customizable options, you can set your contents to private on the site.

    According to the site, GOLD PLAN costing $49.99 a month is the most popular package on the site. It features 10,000 messages a month, 4000 credits for voice messages, create up to 150 girls, unlocks more customizable options.

    Then the highest package is the DIAMOND PLAN costing $99.99 a month. It features 25,000 messages a month, 10,000 credits for voice messages, can create up to 500 girls, all customizable options and all the Ai girls will send you nudes.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Dreamgf.ai

    Dreamgf.ai really helps with loneliness and builds up confidence to talk with the opposite sex, even though it can never replace real humans, you could really turn your game up for getting females. The site has a lot of features that could make your wetdreams come through atleast while you're wanking hard to this ai sluts, but it comes at a price you have to be ready to pay to get the pleasures of this site and unlock it's full fun potential so clearly not for cheapskates but definitely worth a try.

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