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DoubleList Review

~ Pros ~

Clean site design

User options in spades

No spam or ads

Daily updates

Gay, trans, couple, lesbian, and straight XXX, plus relationships, and fuckathons are supported.

Adult classifieds by the ton

~ Cons ~

❌ Membership is required

❌ US-only site


    A site like Doublelist sounds like it promises to be dealing out double the fun that can be gained from similar sites. And for sure, a promise like that should be enough to make you sign up, get the admin’s number and find ways to gratefully gape his/her asshole in double time!

    Doublelist is the kind of place to visit whenever the hornies get ahold of you and a cum eruption into assholes, pussies, and gullets must occur. Yeah, it has something for singles, married couples, gay folks, and everyone else who needs to fuck like they plan on doing permanent damage to a set of privates that’s not theirs!

    Here’s my Doublelist.com review and may it double your chances of getting a face-sitting this weekend!

Double Or Nothing Ye Frigging Fuckers!

    Doublelist.com is an adult classified site. Like it is the kind of place where folks go to search for fuck mates, sex freaks, soul mates and what have you. Virtually every sexual need can be met there, and if you are the type to wear a clown costume and need someone to slap your booty while telling dirty jokes and farting up your nose, there’s a good chance that particular fantasy is something that someone on the site is dying to fulfill!

    So, Doublelist looks hella good, at least for an adult classified site. There’s space, style, and class on its homepage and that’s not something you see very often in this line of business. Hell, it is like most adult classified sites have taken a covenant not to look pretty or they don’t want eye candy on their pages, lest you stare at that too much you forgot you came online to find holes you can stretch, tear and poke joyfully into!

    You can sign up here for free, or just head to any of the supported cities to look for whatever you have in mind. Yeah, you don’t need to sign up to view adult classifieds on this site, but getting a membership card still has its benefits. And one main benefit is that you cannot have a detailed look at any adult classified unless there’s a membership card sitting pretty in the crack of your butt!

    According to DoubleList, they are active in 248 locations and this encompasses cities and states in the US. The site has software that can discover where you are at and load up adult classifieds in that area. But you are of course free to seek out classifieds in other areas and get to see what fuckers in other locales are up to. And they better not be snacking on the kind of cunts you seldom run across in your neck of woods!

Here’s A Fresh Delivery of A Double Or Nothing Morning Fuck!

    Like I said, you can check out guys, girls, couples, gays, and more near you or do that anywhere else in the US that Doublelist.com is supported. I opted to see what was going on in Savannah, Georgia and got facefuls of content that had been nicely divided by age.

    Clicking the Women for Guys option brought me to classifieds with titles like Looking for BWC or BBC, Cougar Hunters, One Time Thing, Visitor With Big Titties, and Come Eat My Pucci In The Empty House. The latter is from a 24-year-old chick and yeah, she does want her coochie sucked and then calmed down for bed by a very thorough banging via an oak tree woody. Can’t say I blame her though and can’t say I would shed tears if she ends up being fucked so massively that her cunt gets pushed into her chest!

    And by the way, there’s a serious matter I gotta talk to y’all about. See, Doublelist.com is basically useless if you don’t register for free. Without registration, you cannot see the contact and other details of the adult classifieds here.

    Getting a free membership card is a convoluted process though and you gotta jump through some hoops. First, you input your email and get a verification email in return. From that email, you are taken to a page where you can enter your username and password, and agree to the terms and conditions. These include no escort work and no spam. And last but not least, you gotta enter a valid phone number so you can get called and your account verified and without that happening, the odds of your becoming a site member are as slim as Beyonce bequeathing her left tit to my capable mouth for all of eternity!

    Think that’s too much? Maybe so. But rules like that are necessary for sanity and they are why Doublelist is almost devoid of spam and that kind of nonsense.

    Anyway, if you are in New York, the chicks there do sound rather lonesome! Classifieds in that locale have titles like Come and Have an Unforgettable Experience With Me, 32DD Needs Some Attention Over Here, I’m Excited to Open My Heart To New Possibilities, Ass Looking to Get Worshiped, Rough Night Equals Rough Fun, and that kind of thing. Hell, you could call these chicks desperate and that they are. So, if you aren’t in New York at the moment, merrily fucking the stuffing out of the sluts that are offering it for free, then you deserve to be arrested and fed to a lion with a single testicle!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Doublelist

    Doublelist is clean and option-filled, and classifieds here are uploaded on the daily. It should be the dream destination of any fella with a wandering dick that needs bathing in different cunt juices each night!

    However, this adult classified site somehow feels incomplete and too sanitized. Despite that, I would willingly recommend it to every merry fucker who wants to give his right hand a well-deserved rest and perhaps repurpose it as a fisting tool!

DoubleList, DoubleList

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