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DinoTube Review

~ Pros ~

Lit site design

Site features and user options galore

Millions and millions of content

Daily updates

Cheeky logo

No Ads

~ Cons ~

❌ Does not host content

❌ Basic search is wack


    Who in hell names their porn site after dinosaurs? Like I don’t see anything sexy about them. With that being the case, I am prepared to wager all of my loose cash that the DinoTube owner or admin has a closet full of stuffed dinos that they regularly do the nasty with. Also wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he hires teen thots to dress up in dino suits and ride him like they are escaping the next ice age!

    Y’all think dinos are sexy and can spend a couple of minutes wondering what a dino pussy might look and smell like? It is off to the loony bin for any of you that do! But better check out this DinoTube.com review before y’all embark on your one-way trip to endless mind fucks!

I Dunno Anything About Dino Fucks!

    Whoever put DinoTube together has his ass locked down tight. I mean, he’s really slick and has some talent for sure.

    There’s a dino theme in play, but it is never overpowering and is tastefully layered on. In the looks department, I would give this porn center like 9/10, and the fact that I just got my dick sucked by a teen thot that just had a chili sandwich has nothing to do with my marking generosity!

    Now, the background color here is black. But there are nice green elements everywhere that make you think of a jungle overrun with dinosaurs who want nothing more than to chop off your cock and condemn you to a lifetime of trying to fuck them hood rats with your big toe!

    The top right of the DinoTube homepage has a nice-looking but basic search bar that gladly announces the fact that there are 55 million plus videos on hand for wankers to fap themselves into the crazy zone with. Also on the right are language options, plus other options that allow changing the default straight orientation of the porn on show to gay, trans, or a select combo of these. There’s also a gear icon that lets you see all content, free content only or premium content. You can also use options at the top right of the homepage to adjust content thumbnail sizes.

    To the left of the homepage is the site logo and this is a silhouetted image of a dino whose horns seem well capable of giving you a second asshole if that is your wish in life! Below the site logo is the main user options and tabs. These are Home, Categories, Pornstars, Popular Videos, New Videos, Top Rated Videos, and Our Network. And yeah, DinoTube.com is part of a network, with her sister networks being sites like ForHerTube, FUQ, and GayMaleTube.

    Care to see what a page filled with at least a thousand green-flecked XXX categories look like? Well then tap the Category tab and you will be on your way! While they are listed alphabetically, the categories in the Categories tab lack options that will let you sort them by popularity, rating, and that kind of stuff. However, each category has a number next to it that indicates how many videos it can boast of.

    Given the ostensible caliber of this site, I was expecting the pornstars in the Pornstars tab to have well-written profile pages filled with facts and figures plus thirst traps and the like. That’s not the case though. While there might be up to 5K pornstars in that tab, there’s nothing like a profile page. Still, when you click on the name of any slut, the porn she’s been in will load up on a new page, and on that page will be a wide range of user options that allow content sorting by date, duration, popularity, rating, quality, source, and VR. These options are also made available when you click the Popular Videos, New Videos, and Top Rated Videos tabs.

    Aight. Time for a short break and another fresh spoonful of invigorating cunt juice!

A Cock To Make A Dino Weep!

    I sure would like to have a peep at the kind of cock that would make a dino weep! It better be longer than that RV parked in my backyard and bonus points are on order if its erecting ability can be seen from space!

    Now, on the normal, the most popular XXX category thumbnails are pasted on the DinoTube homepage, along with information as to how many videos are in each. African has 213K videos, Big Ass has 6.32 million videos, Cum Inside has 2.59 million videos, Asian has 4.73 million videos Teen Big Ass has 1.47 million videos and Threesome has 3.58 million videos.

    Around two-thirds of the site homepage real estate is filled with category image thumbnails, with the rest having an alphabetical listing of categories. Getting to the bottom of the site homepage you will see the usual Contact Us, Terms of Use, Link Removal, and FAQ links, but there’s nothing about your ex wanting to take you back and eager to once again use her cunt to give your dick face a scrubbing!

    As some of you might have guessed by now, DinoTube.com is not a porn site. It is a porn aggregator site and it looks better than similar sites and does its job better than most. Every video thumbnail here rocks a title and the name of the site it is hosted on and that comes in useful in case some of you have porn sites you are boycotting for one reason or the other. And by the way, once you have watched a video on the site it was hosted on, you can come back to DinoTube and rate that video, and yeah, that’s a sweet feature.

    Does anyone here fancy some pregnant XXX? There are slightly less than 200K videos of that specific category, with sample titles like the following being available: Big Boobs Pregnant Ebony, Photographer Fucks Preggo Booty, Pregnant Big Tits, 8 Guys Get Waitress Pregnant and Hot Pregnant Sex With Cumshot. The latter is hosted on Eporner and the pregnant bitch is pretty enough. In the video, she strips and touches herself with enough hunger and moaning to advertise the fact that being pregnant has not stopped her slut meter from running and a good dick-thrashing might be in order soonest!

    So, DinoTube is serious about content updates, with loads of stuff added daily. I didn’t expect otherwise and it is nice to be proved right.

What I Think Of DinoTube

    DinoTube has it all, and there’s not much that I would change about it. It does excellent work as a porn aggregator site, and if that is the kind of site you are on the cum market for, then DinoTube has all that’s needed to fuck your brains out the dino way!

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