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DeepFucks Review

~ Pros ~

Multiple language support


Videos look good

~ Cons ~

❌ Undated content

❌ Shitty-looking site

❌ Wack user options

❌ No direct downloads

❌ Only 26 pages of content


    Deep fucks are the kind of fucks that move cervixes out of alignment and disconnect the nerves that connect the brains to the legs! After such a fuck, the women on the receiving end gotta crawl around from place to place, wear diapers for the next few days, sit in ice baths for weeks, and flee from any erect cock they see for the next few years at least!

    Ever delivered a deep fuck to a crush of yours? Well then, I am willing to bet that made her coochie so holey she involuntarily pees if she as much as blinks! Congrats, big guy!

    So, here is my Deepfucks.com review. Read it and weep in anticipation of delivering your own deep fuck of the crippling and pussy-wringing type to that your knock-kneed kissing cousin!

Express Deep Fuck Delivery Service Wanted! Apply Within!

    It is usually the unemployed, shiftless, restless, and unmotivated that deliver the deepest level of deep fucks! These kinds of fellas have nothing to do all day, other than wet dream and play with their nuts, and the resentment they feel towards society and their status in life is what they try to transfer via relentless and ultra-savage pelvic thrusts! Yeah, fucking is all they know, all they are good for and all they are capable of and God have mercy on the cunt that thinks it can survive their onslaught!

    Deepfucks.com is a deep fake XXX site where you can see the hottest and sweetest celebs being hoisted into the air and penetrated by some of the hardest cocks in the porn industry. Nothing is sacred on sites like these, with the faces of stars like Beyonce, Amber Heard, Celine Dion, and any other female chick you can think of being pasted onto the faces of professional pornstars. The whole thing is performed so expertly that you can barely perceive that what you are watching is not real and that your favorite celeb is not secretly a porn star whose cunt can’t live without the attention of boners on the fastest thrusting mission of their lives!

    So, Deepfucks.com has a very standard and boring homepage design. The background color is a deep black and there’s no Light mode to liven things up. The homepage is too filled with video thumbnails to look good and for some reason, the bottom half of the homepage is blank, save for a few K-Pop thumbnails on the bottom right. I would say that this place feels like it was designed in a rush and there’s no real rhyme or logic in its construction.

    Anyway, the top left of the homepage has a few social media links, plus a Language menu with 8 languages supported. Over on the top right are the Sign-Up and Login options. Anyone can supposedly register for free here, but when I tried to do that, I got a “Session token has expired, please reload the page and try again” notice. Repeatedly reloading the page failed to work and neither did accessing this site via VPN.

    The main site features are a basic search bar and main tabs like Celebrities, Actresses, K-Pop, Pop Stars, Models, Pornstars, Creators, Tags and ThePornDude. You can expect to see a hundred or so tags in the Tags tab, while the Creators tab has a quartet of the top deep fake creators on Deepfucks.com. The Pornstars tab has actual XXX stars, like Lana Rhoades, Gina Valentina, Emily Willis, and Veronica Rodriguez, with the intent being your clicking on any pornstar image thumbnail to see which celeb slut she has been transformed into.

    Adriana Lima, Kate Beckinsale, Aishwarya Rai, and Kendall Jenner are the only chicks in the Models tab. I frankly do not see the need to give them a tab of their own, especially when their videos aren’t in any way special. Celebrities, Actresses, K-Pop, Pop Stars, and Models tabs all have famous chicks and actresses. You can click on any image thumbnail you like there and go see what videos of the chick are available.

    And yeah, there are far too many tabs than needed and that’s very confusing, while looking rather amateurish. The whole thing is just messy, like an ass crack full of dingleberries.

A Deep Fuck For A Bad Bitch!

    There are 26 pages of deep fakes on Deepfucks.com and y’all can bring out your painting materials and color me unimpressed! 26 pages is something that can be explored in a day or less and the cost of that can be easily borne by any halfway decent Vaseline stash!

    Now, the longest video on this site is 54 minutes long and it is titled Zendaya Deep Fake Dad Crush. The deep fake on this video is very nicely done and there’s nothing you can do or say to convince me that the chick I am looking at is not the same Zendaya who for the last few years has been brushing her teeth with Tom Holland’s little prick! In the video, the fake Zendaya sits on a glass table and kindly spreads her legs so that her dad could fish out the goodness from her sweet twat. Soon enough, she was lying on the table with her legs at the same level as her shoulders, as the guy with her thumbed away furiously and she even got to taste her coochie.

    A while later, this bitch got on a bed pantyless and began touching herself. Her supposed dad came over, spread them pins, and ate both her snatch and ass. Deep fucks with a long cock followed. And by the way, this video seemed to be a compilation of several videos, not that I am complaining.

    Daisy Ridley and Emma Watson's Deepfake Threesome, Ana De Amas Deepfake Rough Fuck, Anne Hathaway's Deepfake Hookup Hotshot, and Allison Brie's Deepfake Superhero Slut were some of the latest titles on Deepfucks.com at the time of this review. I checked out Ariana Grande's Deepfake Blacked, with this a work of art boasting a 14-minute runtime. Show this particular video to the real Ariana Grande’s hubby and he would probably divorce her on the morrow and sell me her used panties at a discount!

    The Blacked video had an Ariana Grande lookalike playing with herself and teasing like a pro. After some minutes, a fella with a shaved head joined her, took off her clothes, and made her pick her teeth with his BBC. He then bade her a fond adieu and prayed for her! Or not! Actually, this fucker bent this chick over and fucked her like she was fully responsible for all the ills of society and Steve Irwin’s death! Kindly light a candle for her cunt anytime you make your sinful way to church!

    The doggy drilling was followed by a missionary extravaganza, with another BBC slurping and side fuck happening a bit later. The Ariana Grande bitch was smiling at the end though, and I sure was disappointed she had not been pounded more than any mortal could bear and was subsequently leaking more than any slit should leak!

    Anyway, the videos on Deepfucks are not dated and there are nearly zero playback options. No playback issues were experienced, and the videos look good, but the quality is neither stated nor adjustable. Needless to say, there’s nothing like direct downloads here.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Deepfucks

    Deepfucks has a very interesting name, plus good-looking videos. It is not the kind of place to praise to the skies, or bookmark. But I believe frequent visits would not be out of place.

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