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DeepFakesPorn Review

~ Pros ~


Plentiful downloads

Daily updates

~ Cons ~

❌ Shitty site design

❌ Shitty user options and site features

❌ Plentiful pop-up ads

❌ Piss-poor quality videos

❌ Not much full-length stuff


    Deep fakes are what happens when human ingenuity meets planetary-level horniness! It is basically a way to jerk off to chicks who are not actual porn stars and will never be. Never mind that some of these chicks are famous as sin, in the habit of shaking their pantyless butts on camera, and that everyone bar the pope and his choir of cherubs has seen them nude! With deep fake, you put the face of a known or unknown chick or dude over that of an actual pornstar and deep fake tech has gotten so good that we currently have trouble telling deep fake videos from the real stuff. That means, if your chick is a porn star and has been spreading her legs for Johnny Sins to examine and you happen to come across one of her videos, she could say what you are looking at is a deep fake and how dare your sorry ass accuse her of signing up for the kind of cunt demolition that Johnny Sins and co have been handing out for eons!

    Anyway, here is my DeepFakesPorn.com review. Read it and weep once you make cousin cunt bleed and reek!

Fuck Being Merciful and Go Deep!

    DeepFakesPorn scores around 4 out of 10 in site design, layout, and color. The main thing I hate here is just how crowded with content the homepage is. Plus the video thumbnails in use are not as big and glossy as they should be and the whole thing looks amateurish. A color other than black would have been better for a background, and if you are looking for eye candy porn sites, you can be assured that DeepFakesPorn.com is on a mission to disappoint!

    Now, almost all of the homepage is taken up by videos being watched, trending, and new video thumbnails and there are nearly a thousand pages of deep fakes here. Tags and popular search terms like a tear, cowgirl, sex, big tits, K-Pop, Chinese, creampie, joy, and Irene fill up the bottom of the page.

    Up top is a search bar that can be used to look for videos, models, or users and it is as advanced as my grandma’s tattered hymnbook. Sign Up, Log In and language options are over on the top right of the page, and 6 languages are supported, English included of course. But if you choose a language other than English, you can be sure that not everything you see will be translated into that language. And oh, signing up is free and lets you comment on stuff, and upload content.

    I guess it is time to dig into the tabs here. They are Videos, Playlists, Categories, Celebrity, K-Pop Idol, Hollywood Idol, Chinese Idol, Japan Idol, JAV, AI Porn, and ThePornDude. The Playlists tab has 150 pages of playlists and these can be organized by rating, number of views, recentness, and favorites, and this can happen over a period that ranges from today to the dawn of time. Only a dozen categories are featured though and these are all about Asian and Western celebs. The JAV and AI Porn tabs take you to other porn sites, with the rest of the tabs doing what they promise. That said, the range of options and features is decidedly amateurish and that’s a bit concerning.

Big Titted Cock Chewers Aplenty!

    DeepFakesPorn.com has just a single page of big tit content. Rather than use the search bar to look for that kind of stuff, I took myself to the bottom of the homepage and clicked the Big Titted tag I found there. Most of the Big Titted video titles do not make real sense though and I dunno the language they were translated from, but my guess would be Asian.

    Scarlett Johansson's Solo Bed Dildo Masturbation has an 11:53 runtime and has been viewed over 20 thousand times. This particular video was uploaded 4 years ago and shows a slim, blonde, and pretty chick who rocks disconcertingly like the real Scarlett Johansson. This babe plays around on a bed, takes off her bra and her panties, and pounds her cooch with a glass dildo. She’s quite the moaner too and her cunt is a small slit like the mouth of a sour puss of a bitch in her 70s!

    I took myself to the Celebrities tab and there can be found a trio of pages filled with celeb thumbnails. These are like 95% Asian though and most of these chicks are sluts I have never heard of. I did see Ariana Grande in the Celebrity section and the 8 deep fake videos of her have garnered a collective total of 170,104 views. A bio page here lists Ariana’s date of birth as 1 January 1970 and that’s fake as fuck.

    Ariana Grande Hot Anal Deepfake, Ariana Grande Curious About Stepfather Deepfake, Ariana Grande Deepfake Interracial Hardcore Sex, Ariana Grande Bunny Fucked Deepfake, and Ariana Grande Outdoor Sex Deepfake are some of the featured video titles. Ariana Grande's Naughty Tease Deepfake had the highest rating at 92% and I decided to check it out. This particular video seems to have been taken from Tiny4K and modified and is 13 minutes long.

    It begins with an Ariana Grande lookalike walking into what’s made up to look like a classroom. This bitch is petite, pretty, and slutty, and 2 minutes in, she pulls up her top, spreads her legs, and begins masturbating with a vibrator. Before long she was eating hard cock and a while later was on a table with legs spread, while her coochie was undergoing some determined eating. A variety of sex in different styles, from cowgirl to missionary followed, with the whole thing ending when the guy came in her mouth.

    Now, direct downloads are supported here and they seem to be limitless. No issues were encountered during video playback, but playback options are very limited. Uploads happen daily too and most new videos seem to have less than 5 minutes runtimes.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of DeepFakesPorn

    DeepFakesPorn is that 3-day-old slice of pizza that you eat because there’s nothing else that’s edible in your kitchen. What I am basically saying is that this place would never be my first, second, or even twentieth choice, but if it is the only deep fake site whose name I can remember offhand, then it should be good enough for the purpose. But I would actually rather scoop out my brains through my nose with the handle of a ladle, than remember the name of a place like this, but that’s just me!

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