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dbNaked Review

~ Pros ~

There is a lot of content available

~ Cons ~

❌ Boring as shit content

❌ Ugly site design

❌ Low-quality videos and pictures uploaded


    If you’re searching for porn stars on a directory like Dbnaked.com, it can only mean that you haven’t touched grass in eons and all your household items are caked with your dried jizz.

    I’m not judging you of course, as the saying goes; information is power, and with great power comes a mind-blowing wank that could make you curl your toes while shedding a tear for the first time in years. My Dbnaked.com review is here to explore if this site would give you that exact sensation.

Skinny Dipping Into Dbnaked’s Waters!

    In all my years reviewing sites like these, I haven’t seen a homepage uglier than the one Dbnaked has. At first, I thought I was starting to be color-blind since everything was white and black but after looking at the thumbnails that have color I can see that the guys that created this site wanted a background color theme that hasn’t been used by anyone else. And for good reason too!

    I took another look at the design and now I wanna give up on porn and go join a monastery since there would be more excitement and color over there than on this site. At the top of the site are options for you to choose from so they’ll display your choice of smut. General, Shemale, Gay, and BDSM are the options given. That is a random mix but I’m not gonna judge them too harshly since I’m still pretty distracted with the lack of color.

    Videos here are divided based on; Popularity, Rating, Views, and Latest. You’re also allowed to choose whether you wanna watch videos or view pictures. The pictures that I am currently viewing happen to be the most popular this week but you have options to see the most popular pictures of the Day, Yesterday, and Month as well. Since this part is based on what other people are into you’re gonna see a lot of weird shit that you’re not into.

    These xxx pictures are taken from professional porn videos so if you expect to see some Onlyfans-style of nude pictures, you’ll be wanking and crying in disappointment at the same time here. You can rate the pictures and even drop a comment if you’re the type of guys that like a leave a digital footprint of your cumming activities wherever you go with your heavy ball sacks.

Stripping Dbnaked For Full A View!

    In the section named channels, I expected to be taken to the part of the site where I’ll get to see live videos or something but it turns out that this is just where they keep their content made by different studios. I clicked on “8th Street Latinas" and I was amazed to see that they have a lot of video content and up to 5 pages filled with smut related to that. This is the most impressive thing I’ve seen on this site because I’m constantly disappointed with what I see here such as the quality of the pictures and videos.

    All galleries and links are provided by 3rd parties so that would explain why there is so much content here. Left to the owners of this site they would drown us in mediocre porn and features that are about as exciting as a discharge. I have gone back to being disappointed by everything I see here since the site seems like it is permanently under construction even though it’s probably older than the tortoise the site runner’s fuck for inspiration.

    Since content on this site is divided into porn pictures and videos, some of the content displayed in the Channels section has no pictures but hundreds of videos, or no videos but lots of pictures. Sometimes they are balanced. I also can’t get over how low-quality both the videos and thumbnails look. It’s almost like I time-traveled to the past and I am witnessing the birth of a mediocre smut site that isn’t worth a single fapping session.

    I went for the channel named “All Japanese Pass" because I know that Japanese porn is always mostly shot in HD. Immediately after the video started I had to go find some glasses because the video was more grainy than the inside of the site owner’s asshole. I choose this video because the thumbnail shows an actress being pounded in all her holes but I’d rather sniff glue than continue to watch this shit.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Dbnaked

    After getting this site naked I could see that it has the ugliest body. Its titties can be stretched all the way to the back and its ass is as flat as my ironing board. I was not impressed at all with the site. I could accept the ugly homepage design but I will never stand for the low-quality videos and pictures that my eyes had to see. There is almost no effort made to improve the site and that is why it won’t be getting any recommendation from me.

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