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DarkNaija Review

~ Pros ~

Ostensibly free and limitless downloads

Regular updates

Clean site design

~ Cons ~

❌ Wack site features

❌ Ads

❌ Very short videos

❌ No advanced search


    Wanna learn something new? Well then, the slang name for Nigeria is Naija and you better don’t ask me how I know that. So yeah, DarkNaija is a Nigerian porn site, and those of you who thought it might be run by a ninja in Japan need to have your brains examined, starting from your buttholes!

    DarkNaija has been around for a while and it focuses on Nigerian XXX, and dabbles in African XXX with these in the main being gotten from leaks and hacks. Here’s my DarkNaija review. Read it and weep, or be condemned to sitting on pointy-ended cocks for all of eternity!

Greet The Erect Rod Of Darkness!

    I must confess to being a frequent DarkNaija.com visitor. I go there whenever I wanna see whose leaks are out and make bets with friends on how bushy the cunts of the sluts in the videos will be. Plus the titles of some of the porn there can be hella funny and good for reading out loud after very stressful days.

    Now, as far as I know, the DarkNaija site design hasn’t changed much in years. It works though and has become something approaching a trademark.

    The design uses milk white as the background color, with a strip of black at the top. Content image thumbnails are arranged 4 per row and there’s plenty of space between them. These thumbnails however lack preview functions and you won’t find information on them that has to do with when they were uploaded and their rating. Click on any content thumbnail though to play it and the upload date, plus options to share that video on social media will be made available.

    The bottom of the site homepage hosts About Us and Contact Us links, plus a phone number to which you can send content that you want leaked. Yeah, that means if you have something against your Nigerian or African ex and her nudes happen to be on your phone, you can send the stuff to the DarkNaija admin and he will publicize it if he’s in the mood. But I am pretty sure that fella holds on to leaks he’s sent for at least a week, just so he can say he’s among the first to wank to that kind of stuff!

    Main site options are in the black -blue-black actually- header at the top of the page. That motherfucker hosts the main tabs plus a basic search bar. The tabs are Home, Videos, Nudes, Send, Contact, Pornsites, and Ebony Sex Cams, with the latter two being direct ad links. As for the Contact tab, it does its advertised job of enabling access to the contact details of the avowed wankster in charge of a leak site like this. The Send tab is however superfluous and doesn’t let you directly upload content as its title might suggest.

    So, the Nudes tab is confusingly misnamed and it runs to 52 pages. It houses nude pictures with titles like Sexy Naija Babe Just Posted Her Nudes On Twitter, Nudes of Blessing Okoye Leaked, Pussy So Fresh and Red, Leaks of Teta From Rwanda Posted In Whatsapp Group and University of Cape Town Student Quincy Leak Nudes. Such a tab would be better off being renamed Pictures or Nude Pictures.

    Anyway, the rest of the main tabs do what they say and so should they if they do not want to get on my bad side.

Fuck The Darkness and Ride That Pink Slit!

    Already slapped Vaseline into your right hand and wanna milk that dangling howitzer between your legs till it can’t rise within the next fortnight? Then let me be quickly done with this review before you unleash your load and shoot out my eye!

    Look, as sweet to amateur XXX fans as DarkNaija can be, it is grossly deficient in sorting options and features. You can’t sort videos by upload date, popularity, length, genre, or any of that. The only sorting option here is the basic search bar and it can only do so much. A massive lack of sorting options like I am talking about here is an indication of amateurishness, stupidity, and unseriousness, all conditions that might have been triggered by excessive daily wankings and consequent leakage of the brain matter through the cock on its way to the sewer!

    Anyway, I suspect that the latest videos are presented first on the homepage by default, and here are some sample titles: Munachi Showing Off Her Huge Ass, Chopping Ex-girlfriend In Enugu State, Huge Dick Filling Up Her Pussy, Nice Backside of Kumasi Babe, Closed Legs Penetration Making Her Moan, Leak Video of Naija Guy Fucking Married Lawyer In Office and Penetrating Matured Accra Lady. I checked out the latter and it was a less than a minute-long video of a plump lady with a phat pussy being fucked missionary style on a bed. The cock in her was no BBC, but it sure was an impressive sight.

    After the above, the Trending Leak Video of Charles and Girlfriend Amara caught my attention. It too was under a minute and showed a slim young chick and her boyfriend posing before the camera in the buff. The bitch couldn’t be more than 20 years old and her boyfriend was no older. She sucked his cock in the video and I do wish that a video like that could later be played at her wedding or something!

    Now, there are 214 pages of content on DarkNaija going back to 2017. The average video runtime is a minute or less and playback options are very limited. Featured videos and pictures are not of the best quality, but they are most definitely authentically amateur and that contributes to their charm. Direct video downloads are available here and there does not seem to be any download limit. Pictures can be right-clicked to be saved on your PC. Images are however bookmarked with the DarkNaija logo and that’s disappointing but understandable.

    Also, no playback issues were experienced at the time of this review.

What I Think Of DarkNaija

    Placed side by side with the likes of XVideos or Pornhub, DarkNaija would stand zero chance. However, it does have possibly the best collection of amateur African content that I have ever come across and while there are limited sorting options to access this to the fullest, that does not detract much from the overall punchiness of this site.

    Go ahead and bookmark DarkNaija y’all and let it play a wondrously dark and cumming role in your life!

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