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DaftPorn Review

~ Pros ~

daftporn, DaftPornIt’s easy to use the site with a simple site set up

daftporn, DaftPornPretty awesome content for funny and bizarre porn

daftporn, DaftPornTags like cumshot, fail, masturbater, caught, sluts, compilation etc

daftporn, DaftPornRegularly updated porn content

daftporn, DaftPornPretty cool gallery’s section for messed up pics

~ Cons ~

daftporn, DaftPornSome annoying gif ads around the site

daftporn, DaftPornA few misleading links


    We have been hearing good things about DaftPorn for a while. So, it felt a little like Christmas came early when we were told to review it this week or be transported to a penal colony in the wilds of Australia!

    From our research, we learned that DaftPorn has an impressive and growing collection of some bizarre porn and we are talking stuff that could either make you puck or convince you to see a priest and confess all your sins! There’s some funny XXX action here too and we are sure a visit could teach you a few things you might be eager to try out with your lady love or XXX toy! Here’s our DaftPorn review.

Daft And Sexy!

    DaftPorn.com needs to be known as WackyPorn.com. That’s right, it is packed to the bursting point with all manner of wacky sex acts that you might not even think were possible.

    Sadly, DaftPorn has a homepage that does not do justice to its reputation. It could have been designed by an elephant or a horny squirrel! The site looks unattractive but is still effective at helping you find the kind of wacky porn you like and serving this to you.

    The top middle of the homepage has an ad showing a female eagerly sucking a BBC. At the right is a search bar and to the left are tab options that let you choose from videos, pictures, and more. Clicking the video option will fill the screen with video categories like Amputee, Balls, Rough, Scat, Thai, WTF, Torture, Hairy, Anal and Blooper.

    Just beneath the search bar are what appear to be search categories. They are actually links to hardcore XXX sites and review sites like CrazyShit.com and Inhumanity.com

Cumming And Weeping And Praising The Lord!

    On the homepage are thumbnails to some of the content that calls this site home. Titles include The Jealous Friend, I Am Not A Hooker, How To Use A Drunk Slut, Experimenting With A Teen and She Doesn’t Like Anal Sex. Apart from their title, each video on the homepage shows the category -like Weird, Boobs or Naked- they belong to, as well as the date they were added. You can click on these categories and get loads of similar content.

    It appears a few contents are hosted off-site. We clicked on a video whose title was Real Tribal Girl Initiation. Rather than the video playing, it directed us to Xrares.com, a porn site. We also clicked Play on a video titled Popping An 18 Yo Anal Cherry and it played on DaftPorn itself, as did the other video links we reviewed.

    Video playback is smooth enough and a widescreen mode is enabled. Video quality is however sub par.

    We checked out pictures too, including one titled Weird Nipples. Truly, the nipples we saw were weird as fuck! Another was titled Too Much Cum. Click on it and you can expect to see a blonde with a cock in her mouth and cum coming out of her nose. How that happens we have no idea and do not want to know, thank you very much!

    Lest we forget, we also checked out a pic titled Biggest Nipple Ever. We are prepared to swear on our two balls that those were the longest nipples ever. They have to be two inches long at least and we can’t help but envy the guy who gets to suck on these on the regular!

What We Think

    This site has lots and lots of ads, plus the homepage is as pretty as the ass end of a pig. However, its amateur-focused content is fiendishly freaky, diverse and amazing and that alone is why it is worth bookmarking and cumming onto!

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