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r/CumCoveredFucking Review

~ Pros ~

Cum covered girls

Free to join

Large community

Lots of content with girls covered in cum to fap to

~ Cons ~

❌ Scarcely active


    Not to shade men whose dicks shrink or literally pass out after cumming the first time, but have you ever had a sex so great, your dick stays hard even after cumming the first time? It’s a huge flex during intercourse, and you are definitely gonna have that girl coming back for more. You know how almost insatiable these girls are in bed. Bonus points for the motherfuckers that can go hours, y’all should probably sign up for shooting legit porn scenes.

    It is believed one can last a little longer after the first cum, but I’ve always disputed within myself about some things. Is it after “pre-cum” or after literally cumming the first time while fucking? ‘cause these are not the same things. The former isn’t usually as plentiful as the latter with respect to quantity, yeah? But in either case, staying hard after it and still pushing with the sex would depend on the man in question. Still, it begs an even more deeper question: between pre-cum and actual cumming during sex, which would one last longer from?

    In any case, covering a slut in your cum is quite satisfying. Whether you are cumming on her face or on any other part of her body, it sure is satisfying having a body to release all your load on. Well, let me be the first to bring to your fapping quest, a Reddit NSFW community that posts clips of girls with cum on their bodies or faces while still being fucked. Yep. You read it right, and in that order. You thought you’ve seen it all? Chille. I am going to serve you the tea on this reddit NSFW community called CumCoveredFucking, aka r/cumcoveredfucking!

Cum-Covered Female Anatomies On Reddit CumCoveredFucking

    Reddit CumCoveredFucking is a reddit NSFW community where NSFW gifs and pictures of girls being fucked with cum on their bodies or faces are posted. The first cumshot might not necessarily be shown in the content, but the result of it — which is cum on their faces or bodies during intercourse — will be seen. This very well defines the term associated with the theme of this NSFW community.

    CumCoveredFucking has so far gained over 634k members since its creation on August 29, 2012. Last I checked, it was 625k members, meaning over 9k members have joined since then. Yeah, a lot of people love to watch bitches being fucked continuously even after being cummed on. And you love the sight of that too, then you wanna be part of this reddit NSFW community. It's a special kind of faptastic I tell you.

Lovely And Clothed In White On r/CumCoveredFucking

    Cum covered girls: this reddit NSFW community is for cum covered girls only, and the moderators keep it a buck. And nothing short of that content is being posted on their timeline. Not cum covered sucking, or none of that shit. Every piece of content on this sub is on girls being continuously fucked with cum on their bodies or faces. This is surely guaranteed to give you a good solid boner. Grab a lotion while you are at it. There are more short video clips than pictures on this subreddit, and that means more porn for you to fap to.

    Free to join: it takes no verification to be a part of this whoresome community. And if you must also share the content of you fucking a slut with cum on her face or body, then nothing must stop you. Because that’s exactly what this community needs—more cum covered fucking content. As long as your content does not break Reddit’s site rules, you are good to go.


    Low number of posts per day: it’s safe to say the community is scarcely active due to the shortage of contents that are featured on the timeline daily. There’s at most 9+posts being made per day and that really slows it down for people who have been in the community for a while and are looking for new content. This is quite a concern as it stifles the growth of the community.

What I Think Of CumCoveredFucking

    I think this Reddit NSFW community can be better, with regards content posting. But that notwithstanding, there is still potential in its already established platform. Being that it is open to posters, and that its theme is pretty interesting.

    I love the idea of not stopping after the first cumshot. Sometimes, it could be like challenging your body to see how far it can go during intercourse. This subreddit sure gives you an insight, and of course more reason to whip your dick out and have a good fap.
Surely, that sounds like a plan, doesn't it? Do check it out.

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