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r/Cuckold Review

~ Pros ~

Massive community

Very active community

Lots of good quality videos

Members are free to contribute

Hardcore porn

~ Cons ~

❌ None


While some people want to fuck all the bitches, some men enjoy watching their women get fucked by others with giant cocks. Men whose weenies no longer satisfy their cum hungry lovers. They would rather sit, watch and wank off to their wives getting fucked. For me, I'll rather be the one fucking other people's wives. Not to boast but I'm blessed with an incredibly huge and functional Woody. One every woman would love to sit on.

Well, enough talk about my big cock even though I know you want to hear about it. I intend to talk about the r/cuckold subreddit today. If you are familiar with Reddit you Know what to expect when it comes to Reddit and Porn. But if you are new to Reddit, I'm glad to announce to you that Reddit allows pornographic content. Reddit isn't a boring social media app where you can't find content to fap to. Now, this should put a smile on the faces of all my late-night fap lovers, but if you prefer mornings or noon, then please go ahead to beat your meat. Before heading off to stroke your dick in the dark, this is my r/cuckold review.

On Reddit Cuckold, Every Slut Deserves A Big Cock

    If you have got a tiny cock and a sexy wife, I think it's only right that you allow men with bigger cocks to pound her often. Beautiful and sexy women deserve the best kind of cocks, and thankfully, they know it. That's what this community is all about. It is a collection of photos and videos showing cuckold men watching their wives being pounded while they watch. This subreddit has 1,305,123 members. That could easily be the population size of a country. Just imagine a million fuck-loving people sharing cuckold content and interacting with each other in the oneness of Cuckold brotherhood. Splendid!

It's also a very active subreddit. At the time of writing this, 1853 members were actively online. I bet you, about half of them were men, busy beating up their meats. Any adult can join the subreddit and enjoy the constant supply of hardcore content as well as contribute. As long as it is a cuckold content, the moderators of the subreddit will approve it.

Size Matters

    It's every woman's dream to fuck a big cuck. So you have to feel sorry for those whose husbands have small cocks. Some of these women are lucky enough to be married to husbands who understand this. These husbands enjoy watching their wives fucked by other men with larger cocks. Judging by how active this community is, it is clear that size does matter. Lots of wank worthy cuckold videos and even pictures are uploaded often.

Subreddits are quite easy to navigate. All you need to do is scroll down till you find what you like. I can assure you that in this subreddit you will find what you like. There are more than enough top-quality cuckold videos and a few pictures. Be rest assured that this is a pool of hardcore fucking content. It's definitely not a softcore porn community. You will agree with me that sometimes softcore porn doesn't do the job. It doesn't provide enough to make your task of wanking satisfactorily any easier.

There Is Love In Sharing

    I know that this subreddit is all about men sharing their wives, but another thing being shared here is great content to fap to. Most of the videos here are provided by the members of the community. There are however rules which must be adhered before your videos are approved. I know how it feels when people love the videos you share so much that they jerk off to it. It can be disappointing if your submission doesn't make the cut. The rules of the community are not so difficult that you can't play by them. It's all so easy. Share content that doesn't have any copyright issues and you are good to go. Also share cuckold contents only with giant Eiffel tower cocks in nasty wives and you’ll have all the moderators’ dicks upvoting for you.

As you enjoy all the sweet content being shared by others, be active enough to interact with the content. Community members from my observation are very active so I expect you to be. But in all you do, remember to keep your cock satisfied by beating it up till it is drained.

Might Get Lucky On r/Cuckold With Your Fat Woody

    Most cuckold videos have two men involved. I hope that you are the one doing the fucking. The lucky dick pounding the sexy slut. I don't know about you but that's much better than being the one with the tiny cock watching his wife get pounded. Maybe one day we will get to watch your nasty dick fucking someone else's wife in his presence. But that's only if you have a big cock. No woman will replace a small cock with another small one. These bad bitches love it big and bold!!

What I Think Of Cuckold

This is one Reddit community I would encourage you to be a part of. Huge dicks and sweet pussies are a combination that never go wrong.

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