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ConfessionStories Review

~ Pros ~

The site is very easy to understand

You’ll appreciate the lack of many Ads

Interactive options are available online

~ Cons ~

❌ Some stories would put you to sleep


    My confessionstories.org review is just what you need if you are thinking about getting into sites for sex stories. If you are tired of wanking to porn videos till your hand looks like it has been through both World Wars then you’ll like to know what I think about this site.

    We all know how steamy it can get to hear sex stories, it is almost like poetry at some point. That’s why, the site’s creators all came together with the power of their privates to create a site that is meant to take your sexual lives to the public.

An Open Invitation To Kiss And Tell!

    I would admit that I’m the type of guy who would rather watch hot women taking dick and making those faces that belong in a museum for pleasure but once in a while it is good to be all cultured and shit. Reading porn sounds a lot more classier than watching it. And that’s why today we are all gonna be seeing some sexual confessions while keeping a classy lotion nearby. I was fully ready for this path and my dick was born ready!

    I got on the site’s homepage and saw lots of writing. Some part of me was screaming out for the thumbnails of hot women like I am used to. Instead what I saw after their logo was a cheeky writing saying “I have to confess, Please forgive me for I have sinned”. I was starting to think I’ve gotten on a site that is for the wankers here to role-play as Catholics. They claimed that whatever you wanted to confess didn’t matter, you would be supported by their community of fappers.

    I confessed that I wasn’t feeling the site too much. I am sure they have an army of people waiting for you to tell your stories and they’ll support you by beating the shit out of their meat while imagining themselves in your story like the cuckold husband who stands in the corner of the room jerking off silently while his wife is getting her pussy drilled and explored by the biggest BBC ever. That was the vibe I was getting from the site but I had to confirm by exploring deeper like that BBC I mentioned.

    The first confession they tried to lure me with was one about a girl saying that she fucked her boyfriend’s dad and how it wasn’t weird. The story seemed a little too convenient and that is what had me thinking about if the owners of the site weren’t just sitting on their toilet seats writing fake stories. That would be hilarious as fuck. But I also saw that there were stories of people asking for advice because of one personal reason or the other. Perhaps the site could be wholesome as well.

Cum And Confess All Your Misdeeds!

    It didn’t surprise me to see that in the menu there was an option for registering an account. That was necessary because almost every online community works that way. I went for the registration option and they showed me that I could use my Email to register. All I had to do was put in my Email address, choose a nickname, choose a password, and agree to their terms and conditions. It wasn’t a super complicated process and that’s a plus to me.

    There were options to sort out the stories by; New, Best, Random, and where to see options like; Tags, Categories, and Search. They even had their TikTok account linked so you could their stories there. I noticed that they claimed they had up to 8669 confessions. If it was true and you tried to read all of them then your brain might possibly explode in your head because of too much info. I was finally ready to read one of their stories to see what the hype was about.

    It was in the section for their best stories that I found a story about some chick and her boyfriend who fantasizes about fucking her 18-year little sister who was beautiful. The part of the story that made me raise my eyebrows was where she was describing her sister as blond, beautiful, “C cups with nice small teen nipples”. Which big sister except in a porn video would begin describing their sis in those terms. I’m starting to believe my theory about the creators of the site writing from their toilet seats.

    There were about 26 comments on the post from the horniest people in our society. Almost all the comments were from male cheerleaders telling her to let her boyfriend have a taste of her sister. Thousands of people had liked the story and more than 12 thousand people had read it already. They had some tags at the bottom so you’ll know the key points of the post. It didn’t even matter if the post was based on a real story, it was real enough to make thousands of people horny.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Confessionstories

    Confessionstories may not be for everybody but I found the site to be decent. If you’re one of those people who get off to hearing the sexual escapades of strangers then you won’t want to make this site a stranger to your privates. There was a lot of kissing and telling going on and thankfully there were not many Ads to ruin my experience on the site. I would recommend the site to everyone who wants to try to get their confessions off their chest and get off to naughty stories that would make Santa see red.

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