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r/CollegeSluts Review

~ Pros ~

Lit to the gills with content

Great to use

Nice place to be

Authentic amateur smut

~ Cons ~

❌ Not a very flashy place

❌ Average upload pace


    Life begins when you have a college girl who’s mad about you and perpetually in the mood to spread it and get a hella shellacking in that tireless cunt of hers! Are college girls hornier than the thots on the street? I would say yes! It’s like all that nonsense they stuff their heads with in school, plus the stress of college and student debt triggers an endless ache between their legs that not even a tireless BBC can plug or quench! Doubt what I am saying? Then try to fuck a college chick into the ground and I will pony up a hundred smackeroos if you accomplish that impossible feat!

    Okay, guys, here’s my College Sluts review. Read it and weep, or I will send over a sharp booty slut who will dice, quarter, and swallow you while I watch, cackle and applaud!

Reddit College Sluts Wanna Get Propped Up For Lectures On Your Dick!

    What happens when chicks go to college? Why, the urge to get fucked by jocks becomes overwhelming and if you were to put yourself amid all that pussy flying around in college, some for sure are bound to land on you hard enough to leave your cock with a permanent bend to it!

    Anyway, r/College Sluts has the customized subreddit look down pat. Atop the page is what looks like a cheerleader banner and it spells out the name of this subreddit in blue and yellow letters. Images of nude college chicks are not immediately obvious though and you gotta click on content to access that kind of stuff.

    Found at the right of this subreddit is a brief About Community box that explains what r/College Sluts is all about. This warns that not all content here is nude as fuck. All that’s needed for any content to be posted here is that it show a hot and freaky chick and whether she’s in her birthday clothes or not is irrelevant. Not to worry, a lot of content on this subreddit is of the nude and nasty type that makes a cock go vertical and start calculating the odds of getting cum smeared on the ceiling!

    Reddit College Sluts dates back to December 2009 and that’s not bad. I reckon it was Santa that thought up this subreddit as a means of satisfying the needs of fellas in colleges who kept asking for the worn panties and nudes of their classmates!

    There are 2.6 million members here, of whom 1.8K opted to be online at the time of this review, probably so that they could give me a proper fapping welcome! That’s so fucking good of them and since that makes me feel so gooey inside, I pledge a truckload of Vaseline to be given to the mods of this subreddit for onward distribution to every r/College Sluts fapper on the eastern seaboard!

    Now, there’s a list of rules on the right, plus a selection of related subreddits that are all about barely legal or tiny-titted freaks. You can join these subreddits with just a click, or tap the name of any listed mod and tell the perennial ass eater to suck your nuts like he’s chewing some jalapenos!

Sluts In Fuckistan!

    On every subreddit, there’s hot, new, and top content. For sure, r/College Sluts is not an exception just because it got hot and nasty pictures of coeds that some BangBros actors, directors, extras and producers have probably fondled and fed with cum in air conditioned studios!

    The content update pace here is average. But given that this subreddit has been open since 2009, you can bet your hairy ass that there’s more content to gawk at than you can get it up for the rest of your life. The newest content have titles like Sometimes I Feel Shy Flashing My Small Nipples, College Is My Time To Shine, It Turns Me On Knowing How Many Redditors Have Seen Me Ride My Fav Dildo, How Much Fun Are You Having With My Body, What Would You Do If I Went To Your Gym, Awesome Body, I Am Waiting For My Personal Trainer and Drop Your Hot Cum On My Tits Before I Go To Class. The latter had an image of a really hot brunette with pierced nipples and she looked the type to tie you down and beat you half to death with the fab booty that I didn’t see but feel pretty confident is in her possession!

    And the Shy Small Nipple post contains a GIF of a thin chick with the kind of gravity-defying tits that look shockingly ready to pop into your mouth and get lodged between your teeth! The chick that owns them titties is blonde and pretty and if she’s a college slut, I better find out her school and have her educate me on the facts of life with that hot body of hers and tiny titties on her chest! Hell, she could sit on my face all week and I would cheerfully hand over my Bitcoin stash!

    Should you be interested in Hot content on Reddit College Sluts, there’s one you need to check out that’s titled Would You Fuck Me Before Heading For Work. This is a GIF of a nude chick touching herself down there while moaning to beat Cane and Jupiter! I didn’t get a good look at her cunt, but her titties on the other hand were right in my face so to speak and a more shapely pair that’s regularly giving gravity the middle finger can’t be imagined!

What ThePornGuy Thinks Of r/College Sluts

    This subreddit doesn’t really have the oomph I was expecting. But it is nice and the content is punchy enough to get you filling a cum bucket in under an hour!

    Yeah, I can recommend Reddit College Sluts and if you find your kissing cousin there, busily slutting her way through rangy, angry, and veiny jock dick, that’s your business. But be nice enough to tell me about the situation, so I can see if she’s hot enough to take my dick to the milking school she got down her throat!

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