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CnnAmador Review

~ Pros ~

Good site design

English language support

Has very plentiful amateur porn

Plenty of tags and categories

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Content quality is generally not impressive

❌ Videos can be infuriatingly short

❌ Speak Portuguese? I dont….


    What’s in a name? Plenty if you ask me! Take CNNAmador for instance. I actually thought it was a version of the famed news network meant for folks in Latin America. A trip to the site quickly disabused me of such a notion, with my eyeballs coming across enough nude chicks to make my woody sputter, tremble and try to work up the courage for the long-distance wanking session it knew was ahead of it!

    So, CNNAmador is one of those XXX sites that focuses on Latina porn, Brazilian porn to be exact. There are only amateurs to be seen on the site and what horny skanks they are!…. Here’s my CNNAmador review.

Horny In Brazil!

    Unsurprisingly there’s nothing revolutionary about the CNNAmador homepage or site design. It follows the usual format, with a white background color, image thumbnails all over the place, tabs, and categories. Portuguese is the default language here, but you can change this to English by clicking the language tab at the top of the page.

    Once the site language is changed to English, the default page background transforms to a deep black. Anyway, even with the language change, most of what’s on the screen will not be translated to English, so you are better off having a translating software handy when on this site.

    Now, let’s focus on some serious shit. The top of the page rocks a search bar, login and registration options, and the aforementioned language options. Signing up here is free, with your email being required. Don’t have an email? Then leave your cock alone for a minute and create one!

    The main tabs are the Home, Videos, Photos, Categories, Profiles, and Upload. Uploading content without being a member is not possible. Color me surprised! The Profiles tab is where to check out site member profiles and there are many of these, running to nearly 5K pages.

    Both the Photos and Videos tab have pull-down menus that let you sort their respective content by the newest, most popular, and the top-rated. As for the Home tab, I will need to bury my oak tree deep in your ass before I let you know what it does!

    Did I forget the Categories tab? Oh lordy! Well, the content in this tab runs to 3 pages, with categories like Ana, Amateur, Lesbian, Masturbation, and Fetish showing up.

A Homepage Full Of Dreams!

    I still got loads to talk about the CNNAmador homepage, so keep listening. Near the top of the page are a hefty listing of the most recent trending porn categories and figures. To the right of these are content sorting options that let you choose from straight, gay or lesbian porn, as well as the latest, most commented, top-rated, longest, and most popular content.

    Normally, the newest videos fill the homepage, followed by the newest photo galleries. Videos have a title and if you hover your cursor on them you get a preview and see how many views they have had so far. Should you scroll to the bottom of the page you can see porn categories with the most content, with Tasty, Hot Sex, and MILF leading the pack.

    Care to see nude amateurs? There sure are enough of these on CNNAmador to make concentration on other more productive tasks a hard job! You get to see impossibly firm asses and bubble butts, plus pussies that look like a bomb detonated in them!

    As for videos, video quality and runtime varies, though most are brief. Some videos are in HD, but most boast a lower resolution. All content have a brief description, and an assortment of tags and category links, plus details as to when they were uploaded. They can be ranked, rated, shared, and more.

    And lest I forget, ads are present in some videos and the homepage itself.

What I Think

    CNNAmador does a good enough job but is unspectacular for the most part. English language support is spotty at best, and content can be very short and of mediocre quality, which is to be expected of amateur porn. Overall, I would recommend it, but not very gladly!

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