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ClassicPornScenes Review

~ Pros ~

ClassicPornScenes, ClassicPornScenesClassic porn from the 60s-90s

ClassicPornScenes, ClassicPornScenesOffers a trial access

ClassicPornScenes, ClassicPornScenesMembers can download unlimited amount of porn

ClassicPornScenes, ClassicPornScenesContent from over 200 porn stars

ClassicPornScenes, ClassicPornScenesHas videos in lots of versions

ClassicPornScenes, ClassicPornScenes Members have access to two other sites

~ Cons ~ 

ClassicPornScenes, ClassicPornScenesNo advanced search feature


    It might seem hard to believe, but there sure was a lot of porn back in the days. The only thing that has changed is that smut is now far more accessible than it once was, with anyone regardless of age getting access to any kind of porn he/she feels obliged to wank to.

    If you have been wondering how they were doing it during most of the last century, ClassicPornScenes.com is there to ensure you don’t have to wonder anymore. The site is a storehouse for all things vintage porn and has enough vintage porn scenes to make your cock or cunt believe in the cumming hereafter! … Interested are you? Then better get a load of our ClassicPornScenes review!

Classics Never Die!

    ClassicPornScenes is a site that refuses to deal with nothing that is not vintage porn. It is like a throwback to the past, with this being made clear with the site graphics. There’s a picture of a vinyl record, an old radio and a disco dazzler catching feelings atop the homepage, with a topless blonde keeping them company and trying her best to eye-fuck the bejesus out of viewers!

    We like the homepage design here, which is both classy and understated. About the only thing missing is an image of Audrey Hepburn having a cock lodged so far down her throat it is within kissing distance of her spleen. And if you don’t know who that babe is then you deserve to be flogged from one end of your street to the other!

    Now, the main tabs on show are the Home, Movies, Pornstars, Members and Join Now. There’s no category tab that we can see, but on the right is a nice listing of tags like Anal, Brunette, Cheerleading, Hairy, Rope, and Tattoo, complete with a number indicating how many of videos in each tag are available and their overall rating.

    The right of the page also has a Top 10 Vintage movie list, plus a few of the most viewed vintage stars. There are names like Angela Summers, Christy Canyon, Kay Parker, Hyapatia Lee, and Vanessa Del Rio.

    Hyapatia Lee has a saucy look and boobs of the type we have been looking for all our lives! We clicked on her link and found a very short bio, plus enough links to her vids to make us horny bastards fap like it is an Olympic event!

The Classic Side Of Life!

    Like any XXX homepage, ClassicPornScenes.com has vids aplenty on its page, plus pornstar images. Information as to the actors in each movie, tags, rating and more are made available right on the thumbnail.

    For some reason, video titles are extremely unimaginative. You get stuff like Vintage Porn Group Scene With BJ And Lesbian Action, Classic Pornstar Shows Off Skills In XXX Movie, Female Classic Porn Stars Act Out Lesbian Love and Brandi Wine In White Lacy Pantie Takes Part In Orgy. How lame!

    Videos can only be accessed by members. Not even a free trial option is available. Costs range from $1 for a day’s access, $34.95 for 30 days access and $59.95 for 90 days access. Paying this moolah grants members free access to two other vintage XXX sites, which sounds like a great deal.

    If you can’t afford this or simply don’t want to pay for fapping action, you can always visit the Pornstar tab and fantasize about stuffing your throbbing salami into the faces of these vintage porn stars and teaching them how we fuck in this modern era!

What We Think

    ClassicPornScenes has a good looking homepage, but that’s the best we can say about it. Its pornstar tab only runs to 6 pages and its movie tab only runs to 25 pages and for this folks are expected to cough up nearly 40 bucks a month? Sure, registering comes with access to two other sites, but we don’t feel that is much of a good deal.

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