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CityXGuide's #1 Alternative (highly recommended) I have to give this site the #1 Position for the top CityXGuide alternative. This isn't necessarily an escort site, but it feels pretty damn close. This site is all about meeting up and fucking. This is where horny chicks, married women, milf's, nympho's and sugarbabies go for low key casual sex.  Visit Ashley Madison I have banged a few chicks off this site, The only real difference from an escort site is that it didn't cost me to pump them (Except booze) I'd say its totally worth checking out

Old CityXGuide Review

~ Cons ~ 

cityxguide, CityXGuide

Headquarters raided and shut down by homeland security

cityxguide, CityXGuide

Spammy fake ad's everywhere

cityxguide, CityXGuideNumerous John catching stings

cityxguide, CityXGuide

There is no search function to find a specific type of escort

cityxguide, CityXGuide

The escort listings dont show pics unless you click the ad

cityxguide, CityXGuide

All the top menu icons are links to other sites


cityxguide, CityXGuide

Within the top 5 escort sites in the United States

cityxguide, CityXGuide

CityXGuide “Verified" option. Escorts can prove they are real

cityxguide, CityXGuide

A pretty sweet strip club function, see lap dance & drink prices

This site does not exist anymore!! Scroll down for sites similar to CityXGuide!

Old CityXGuide Review

    Getting horny, are you? Then dive into the world of CityXGuide. This is not really a city guide. Well, it is and it isn’t.

CityXGuide.com is a directory where some of the hottest escorts register. You and other horny fellas can then go online, search through these escorts and book as many as you care to put it into.

At CityXGuide you can search for escorts by country and even by continent. All escorts profiles on the site have pics, bios, and stats that make it possible for you or anyone else to make an informed decision before picking up these babes. You can pick from blondes and brunettes, big booty and small booty babes, Latinas and Asians, petite and BBWs and loads more… Here’s our site review.

The City Guide Of Pussy!

    Entering CityXGuide can be a little intimidating. The site is big and girls from all over the world are represented. All US states and some of their more prominent cities are listed right on the homepage. Also listed is Canada and its cities, plus countries and cities in South and Latin America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Antarctica seems to be the only continent not listed, but that is not much of a loss, unless you have been dreaming of drilling a frozen penguin and letting a walrus bone you in the ass with its tusk!

The top of the CityXGuide page has various links to cam sites and XXX porn sites. Click and cum if you have the time for that!

As befits its reach and reputation, CityXGuide has a very advanced search function. You can use this to search for male, female or trans escorts who can perform a variety of sexual services, from phone sex and body rubs to domination, stripping and actual sex.

A Guide To X Fun!

    CityXGuide has to have hundreds of thousands of hookers and escorts on its page. Just thinking that over gives us the kind of boner we could spear a fish with!

For some reason, our fingers wandered over to the Asian section on the homepage. From there we picked cities in the Chinese mainland, perhaps in the hope of finding a petite escort we could fuck some coronavirus out of!

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be that many Chinese escorts. We did find one named Luccy who said she was in Chicago and could give the most splendid Nuru massages. Her pictures showed that she had a top-class body, with full boobs and ass and a cute face. Her account was last updated in 2018, so we think she is no longer active.

Another Chinese escort we found by exploring the escort options in Shangai went by the name of Zhanjing. Her profiles boasted that she was the most accomplished massage artist and enjoyed pleasing people. She’s in China though and we are not going there anytime soon!

In contrast to the scarcity of escorts in China, the pages of escorts in US cities are rather full. You can see some naked pics in their profile images and even fap to this if you are feeling desperate.

What We Think

    CityXGuide has a long gained a reputation for being among the most trustworthy escort hunting sites on the globe. There’s an immense amount of fresh pussy here and an equally immense array of fun to get caught up in. The site is very easy to use, ads are minimal and the advanced search function makes sure you can always find the kind of escorts you want to spray juice on.

We surely recommend CityXGuide.com for those looking for beautiful cumming times!

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SkipTheGames is in position #1 for the most active escort site in the USA. This Huuuuge site had over 250,000,000 visitors last year  Review

Getting the silver medal in position #2 of the most active Escort sites in the US is AdultSearch. This site launched in '97 and is still going strong bringing you all the most popular rub and tugs, stripclubs and escorts all around the United States!. Review

BedPage is now USA's third most bumping escort site. They make the bold claim that they are the new backpage. Bed Page has definitely made a solid debut with getting super popular, Even though they just started up the site in late 2017. The site looks pretty damn close to backpage with other classified categories like “Automotive" or “Rentals", but dont get it twisted cause 99.8% of the visitors just want to get laid. Review

EroticMonkey is Numero 4 in the States when it comes to finding a escort. Erotic Monkey is a bit different because it only focuses on people in the United States, Which is pretty sweet in my opinion. I hate escort sites that have like 1 chick posting for your entire city. . It also has a neat forum on the site, People use that if they want to look for a specific type of experience, Foot worship, dressup, roleplay, Use your imagination!. Review 

AdultLook comes in at lucky #5 in the US. It has a higher end feel with their “Platinum and Featured" profiles along with numerous reviews.It's kinda nice to get a higher end escort site feel with still tons of posting and traffic. AdultLook does a damn decent job doing what it does. I like how detailed the profiles are along with posted hourly rates. Review

RubMaps is number 6 for most popular escort site in the US. Finally!! A site dedicated to rub & tugs! What a great addition to a escort list, am i right ? The truth is ton's of dudes are too sketched out to get a escort and they just rather walk into a store front rub&tug. If thats you then check this site out! Review


WARNING!! Listcrawler is shut down in the USA – ListCrawler is Americas #1 Escort site. This site is dominating the escort space. Its super simple to use to crawl through the different categories of escorts. This site is a real winner!

Sex Messenger

Here's another site that is not a escort site, But hey... remember MSN messenger? Its pretty much the same idea but with lists and lists of local chicks that wanna connect just to bang! Its around 35$ a month to talk to unlimited down women who just want sex. It's definitely worth checking out!   Visit Sex Messenger Now!

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