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CityXGuide Review

~ Pros ~

cityxguide, CityXGuide

Within the top 5 escort sites in the United states

cityxguide, CityXGuide

CityXGuide “Verified" option. Escorts can prove they are real

cityxguide, CityXGuideA pretty sweet strip club search function, see dance & drink prices

~ Cons ~ 

cityxguide, CityXGuideThere is no search function to find a specific type of escort

cityxguide, CityXGuideThe escort listings don’t show pics unless you click the ad

cityxguide, CityXGuideAll the top menu icons are links to other sites

    Certainly, we all love to travel and when we are on a different continent or place, we always feel alone if we don’t have a companion. With this in mind, cityxguide is your reliable city x guide to help you find local escorts, thus you have a great time when you are ‘far from home’!

    The is a free classified website for escorts. No matter which place you are now, you can sure count of this classified service to find a better girl for you using their services.

    The homepage is well designed, and you can see the list of the places, where you need to click, if you want to book an escort from that specific place.

     You not only getting individual escort girls, but you can also find massage parlors, where it’s the happy ending they relay on. Choose any and have fun. You will find a girl of your choice because there are more and more girls with different ethnicity and price points.

    Like, if you are in boston, you need to click on the – cityxguide boston, or click on the cityxguide los angeles if you are in LA. But make sure you are visiting a place that’s safe for you, or you may fall in a trap and your life or money will be gone. Go with your gut when you are picking a chick, usually if it seems too good to be true. It usually is. I really recommend going on the site for a few weeks and getting familiar with the faces before you go and see one. 

    The members are also can be verified by the website. It’s recommended that you always use a service from a verified user. Then the chances of getting scammed will be less. I am saying this because i also noted a few fake girls’ accounts.

    Except for these issues, there is another issue regarding ads. The website pushes many ads and unwanted popups. Who wants to see an ad, when we are going to pay for a service. I understand the website is free to use, that does not mean they have to serve so many fucking ads. They can do it another way, like other similar sites like cityxguide are doing.

    The best part is, you will get example photos and the real phone number of that specific girl or the parlor. That way, you can be 120% sure about the service. Also, the verified accounts with decent reviews will serve you better.

    For, cityxguide review I can say its a better ads provider for escorts service. The chances of getting scammed are less due to the presence of the verification process. This website is recommended for them, who are traveling alone or who like to get pleasure without any painful process!